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Yemi Tunde
Name Yemi Tunde
Gender Male
Country Nigeria
Occupation Roman Catholic Priest
Family Brother - Eko Tunde
Episode(s) The 23rd Psalm, ?, The Cost of Living
Played By Adetokumboh M'Cormack (adult)
Olekan Obileye (child)

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Yemi was the younger brother of Eko, and served as a Roman Catholic priest in Nigeria. After Yemi's death, he later appeared as a vision on the island that his brother crashed on.

Life in NigeriaEdit

When Yemi was a child, he was playing soccer outside of a local church when a band of warlords began to terrorize his village. When an old man was grabbed out of the crowd, Yemi was selected to murder the old man. Yemi was given and handgun by the lead warrior and was demanded to shoot him. After hesitating, Yemi’s older brother Eko took the shot for him. As the leader reveled in Eko’s actions, he removes Eko’s crucifix necklace, and took him along with him. As Yemi watched as his brother left him, he grabbed his necklace and claimed it as his own.

As the two entered adulthood, Yemi and Eko’s lives would turn in opposite directions. Eko’s would be based are crime and villainy, whereas Yemi's would take a more dignified role in his community and he became a priest. After having not seen his brother for 3 years, Yemi was suddenly visited by Eko outside the church where their lives parted so many years before. Yemi chuckled at Eko’s request of a confession claiming that Eko did not posses the penitent heart required for such a task. It was then that Eko informed Yemi of a deal he had created that would be beneficial for the village. For allowing Eko the use of a Catholic Missionary Plane to smuggle heroin out of the country so it would not be used by those in the village, Eko would purchase Virgin Mary statues to hide the heroin inside, and then the money that paid for the statues would be used to purchase polio vaccines for the village. Seeing it as a great disgrace to the church, Yemi refused the request and dismissed Eko.

When Eko returned to the church with his associates Goldie and Olu, he presented an ultimatum to Yemi stating that if he did not sign the ordination documents necessary for them to gain access to the plane, Goldie and Olu would burn the church to the ground. Yemi signed the documents and was presented with the money. As they left, Yemi stated that his signing of the documents did not make Eko a priest, and that he could never be a priest. When Eko mentioned that they were both sinners, Yemi stated that while it was true, God would forgive him.

Attempting to save his brother, Yemi contacted the Nigerian Army and warned them of what was happening. As Yemi approached the Beechcraft plane that was being loaded by Eko and his men, he pleaded with Eko not to go and that he would do anything to keep him from leaving. Just then the military arrived, and Eko’s men opened fire. As the military fired back, Eko’s friend Olu was hit twice in the chest. As Yemi attempted to halt their return fire, he too was shot in the chest. Acting fast, Eko and Goldie loaded the injured Yemi on to the plane and prepared for takeoff, however; before they could do so, Goldie kicked Eko to the outside of the plane and took off without him. As the plane made its way to the South Pacific, it crashed on an island when their instruments malfunctioned. Yemi may have died during the crash, but the gunshot injury is the likely cause of his death.

Yemi's body remained in the Beechcraft, and was discovered by Boone when he climbed into the plane to see what was inside. Yemi's body would again be found by his brother Eko, who took the crucifix from around his neck, and burned the plane in his honour, reciting Psalm: 23 while doing so.

On-Island VisionsEdit

Eko had seen various visions of Yemi, the first occurrence was in a dream he had. While walking through the hatch, Yemi appeared sitting at the computer telling Eko that he must help John, and that he must take him to the 'question mark'. The alarm begins to sound, and the timer turns to red with question marks instead of numbers or hieroglyphics. Yemi types something into the computer, and the hatch begins to shake. Before the dream ends, Yemi tells Eko to bring the axe.

As John and Eko make their way across the island, Locke himself has a vision of Eko who appears to him also in a dream. Locke envisions Eko waking up to find Yemi who wakes him up and gets him to climb the same cliff that Boone did. Once at the top, Eko finds Yemi in a wheelchair and says "Wake up, John", at which time Locke wakes up and explains the ordeal. Eko climbs to the top of the cliff, and discovers a question mark in the grass, underneath which was the Pearl Station.

After being rescued by Locke after being attacked by a Polar Bear, Eko receives yet another vision from his brother in his tent telling him that it is time to confess, to be judged, and that when the time comes, Eko would know where to find Yemi waiting. When Locke finally finds Yemi in the jungle, Eko states that he has no sins to confess and that he did what he did for survival. Eko goes on to say that a small boy once asked him if he was a bad man, and that if he could answer him now, he would tell him that when he was a young boy, he killed a man to save my brother's life and that he was not sorry for this, but rather he was proud of this! Yemi then, in disgust, says "You speak to me as if I were your brother". In confusion, Eko follows the vision of Yemi asking who he was, and then suddenly, Eko was in the grasp of the Monster, and was killed upon the impact of the attack.