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Name Widmore
Country United Kingdom
Introduced In Fire + Water
Type Industrial

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The Widmore Corporation is an conglomeration of umbrella companies with ranging fields. The company is owned by Charles Widmore, and is headquartered out of the United Kingdom. The Widmore Corporation appears to have ties with the Hanso Foundation, as well as Paik Heavy Industries.

Widmore DivisionsEdit

Widmore ConstructionEdit


A CGI model of Battersea Power Station appears in the background with a banner reading "Widmore Construction."

Battersea Power Station

While the band Drive Shaft was filming their promotional commercial for Butties Diapers, they filmed in a studio which was located next to the River Thames. On the opposite side of the river was the Battersea Power Station. The exterior of the station bore a sign displaying the text "Widmore Construction".

Widmore LabsEdit

Pregnancy Test
Sun-Hwa Kwon

Widmore Labs first appeared when Sun believed that she was pregnant, and sought out Sawyer for a pregnancy test as he had all of the medical supplies from the plane which he had taken from the hatch when he returned to the camp. The test which he provided her with, was made by "Widmore Labs".

Henry Gale's Balloon

When Ana-Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie headed into the jungle following Benjamin Linus' map, the balloon was exactly where the map said it would be. A Widmore Labs sticker appears on the balloon, and was flown by a man named Henry Gale who attempted to cross the Pacific in, and later ended up on the island.

I Do - Widmore Test
Kate Austen

When Kate believed that she and Kevin were pregnant, she used a Widmore labs pregnancy test, which revealed that she was not. It was after this revelation, that Kate became frightened about the prospect of becoming pregnant, and as a result, drugged Kevin and ran away from her marriage.

Not In Portland - Widmore Test
Rachel Carlson

Juliet's sister Rachel purchased a Widmore Labs pregnancy test to see if the tests that Juliet was conducting had actually worked and if she was pregnant or not. the tests turned out to be successful and she was in fact pregnant.

Widmore IndustriesEdit

Desmond's Interview

Desmond has previously interviewed for a job with Charles Widmore at Widmore Industries, however, during the interview, he revealed the ulterior motive of requesting his permission to take his daughter Penny's hand in marriage. When Charles stated blatantly that Desmond would never be a great man, Desmond walked out of Widmore Industries.

Find 815 - Widmore Industries
The Maxwell Group

Oscar Talbot is working for a company named The Maxwell Group, which Sam discovers is a division of Widmore Industries. Oscar was hired to oversee a salvage vessel searching for the Black Rock, however, they inadvertently discover Oceanic Flight 815.


Various characters have been involved with the Widmore Corporation in a number of capacities. These characters are listed below.


Charles Widmore

Charles Widmore is the father of Penelope Widmore and was also an industrialist, philanthropist, and the owner of the Widmore Corporation. Charles has a long-standing rivalry with Benjamin Linus, and hired a crew of mercenaries to head to the island, for the extraction of Ben.



She was the receptionist at Widmore Industries and met with Desmond when he was preparing for his meeting with Charles Widmore. She allowed Desmond access to see Mr. Widmore, and also signed for a package when a delivery man arrived.

Rachel Blake

Rachel Blake was a previous employee of the Widmore Corporation. Although her position within the company is unknown, she stated that she used a Hillis Teraflop computer in the basement of a Widmore Corporation building, and described it as "badass".

Gault and the Kahana Crew

After Naomi Dorrit parachuted onto the island, and helped the Flight 815 survivors successfully make contact with the freighter, Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, and Frank arrived on the island. Martin Keamy and his mercenary crew arrived shortly after with the intent of extraditing Benjamin Linus, however, Keamy has hinted that "torching the island" may be part of the agenda, despite Gault only being hired for an extraction mission.


Penny Widmore
Penny Widmore

Penelope Widmore is the daughter of industrialist and philanthropist Charles Widmore, owner of the Widmore Corporation. She was formerly the lover of Desmond Hume, however, their relationship was cut short when Desmond was sent to a military prison for not following orders.

Henry Gale Real
Henry Gale

Henry Gale was a man who had arrived on the island an unspecified amount of time ago, and was buried underneath the balloon which he has traveled in. The balloon in which Henry was traveling in, had a sticker on the side for Widmore Labs.

Prospective EmployeesEdit

Flashes Before Your Eyes - Desmond
Desmond Hume

Desmond and Penny date for two years prior to meeting her father, wealthy industrialist Charles Widmore, who was apparently unaware of their relationship. When he finally meets Charles to ask for permission to marry Penny, he bluntly tells Desmond that he is not good enough for Penny and does not want him to even be with her.