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Name Whistle
Introduced In Tabula Rasa
Last Seen In Special
Owned By John Locke

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Was the whistle Locke originally created to find Vincent during the first days after the crash.

Finding VincentEdit

Locke created the whistle as a way to lure an absent Vincent back to the crash site on the first days after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Locke constructed the whistle out of wood. When Charlie inquired as to what he was making, Locke simply stated "a whistle", to which Charlie informed him that he once used some tribal flutes in a recording session for his band.

The whistle was eventually successful and Vincent was brought back. Locke informed Michael that he had found Walt's dog and that he thought Michael should be the one to give it to him.

Finding ClaireEdit

While out in the jungle looking for Vincent once again, Locke uses the whistle to try his luck a second time. When Boone comments that he doesn't think the whistle is working, Locke states that Boone can't hear everything. Just then, Claire emerges from the bushes after having been missing for several days after being kidnapped by Ethan.