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What Kate Does
What Kate Does
Season 6
Episode 3
Air Date February 9, 2010
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director Paul Edwards
Flash-Sideways Kate Austen

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Following Sayid's miraculous resurrection, Jack and company are left at the mercy of the Others, and left clueless to the island inhabitants' true intentions.



In the "flashsideways" timeline created by the hydrogen bomb detonation, Kate Austen escapes from Edward Mars' custody, and flees the Los Angeles International airport in a taxicab she has hijacked. The taxi also contains a pregnant Claire Littleton as a passenger. Kate pressures the driver of the taxi to leave the area as quickly as possible, and to avoid stopping for anything. However, the driver escapes from the vehicle shortly after leaving LAX, and Kate is forced to take the wheel. In doing so, she releases Claire from the car, but refuses to allow her to take her belongings with her. Kate then approaches an auto repair shop, where she has her handcuffs removed by the mechanic employed there. Inside the shop's bathroom, Kate rummages through Claire's luggage, looking for clothing that will help disguise her. However, inside the bag, Kate finds nothing but baby supplies and toys, and realizes she has just robbed an expecting mother. Distraught at this thought, Kate takes the taxi and returns to the area where she left Claire, and offers the pregnant woman a ride to wherever she was heading. Reluctantly, Claire accepts, and informs Kate that she was heading to a couple's home to proceed further with the adoption of her unborn baby. However, when the two arrive at the house, Claire is informed that the couple would not be adopting the baby, as the husband had recently abandoned the wife, and she could no longer conceivably raise the child. Upset at the notion that the couple did not inform her of this before she boarded a flight to America, Claire begins to voice her frustration before she suffers a painful contraction, and begins to go into labor.

Kate takes Claire to the hospital, and accompanies her inside. Once inside, Claire is informed by Ethan Goodspeed, now a doctor at the hospital, that the conditions are right for her to deliver the baby on that day. However, should she choose to, Claire has the option of stalling the birth for a later date. Claire chooses the latter, but before Ethan can prepare the medication needed, the unborn child's vital signs flatline. Investigating, Ethan discovers that the child had just moved in the womb. It is at this point that Claire announces the child's name is Aaron, a name that she felt she just knew in her heart. Following this, the police later come to the hospital room looking for Kate, but Claire differs their attention by stating that she was brought to the hospital by her cab driver, nothing more. As the police leave, Kate returns from the next room to thank Claire, and tell Claire that she believes the child should not be given up for adoption. Claire proceeds to give Kate her credit card in gratitude for what Kate did for her, and Kate leaves the hospital.


Following the events of the previous episode, "LA X", Sayid Jarrah has miraculously come back to life after apparently dying from his gunshot wounds. The Others, led by Dogen and his translator Lennon, are apparently startled by this fact, and ask to take Sayid in private for questioning. Jack, refusing to allow the situation get further out of his control, refuses, and attempts to physically prevent the men from taking Sayid. As the Others battle with Sayid and the other survivors, Sawyer takes the opportunity to covertly steal a gun and force the Others to relent and allow him to leave the Temple. As Kate attempts to persuade him to stay, Sawyer steadfastly refuses, and tells Kate not to follow him. Lennon and the Others are adamant that Sawyer return to the confines of the Temple, and allow Kate and Jin to track Sawyer, accompanied by two Others. Meanwhile, Dogen takes Sayid, who is still recuperating from the shock of his ordeal, to a separate room, and has Sayid strapped to an examination table. Without speaking a word to his captor, begins to perform a number of conspicious procedures, including blowing an unknown powder across Sayid. Dogen then inserts a number of prods into Sayid's skin, and proceeds to shock him with a manual electric generator. As Sayid pleads for mercy, Dogen then takes a glowing hot poker, and places it on Sayid's skin. Sayid screams in agony, and is then taken off the table as Lennon apologizes for the necessity of the "test", but asserts that Sayid had passed. However, after Sayid had left the room, Lennon asks Dogen if he had just lied to the man, to which Dogen confirms. When Sayid is returned to his friends, he informs Jack that he was tortured, but was not asked any questions. Enraged by this, Jack rushes into Dogen's chamber, which Dogen had expected. Dogen explains to Jack that Sayid has been infected with an unknown ailment, despite not showing any traditional signs. Jack is then given a pill crafted by Dogen, which is said to be medicine for the sickness. Jack approaches Sayid with the pill, which Sayid says he will take if Jack believes he should. However, Jack returns to Dogen's chamber without having given Sayid the pill. When Dogen asks why he did not give Sayid the medicine, Jack replies that he can't trust himself, so he has no reason to trust the Others. Dogen offers the medicine as a chance for Jack to redeem himself for all the people he has led to harm or death. However, Jack chooses to test Dogen's honesty, and takes the pill himself. Dogen quickly and violently forces Jack to regurgitate the pill, and informs Jack that the pill is poison. Dogen goes on to explain that Sayid has been "claimed", and has a darkness growing inside him, that, once it reaches his heart, will remove any trace of the man he once was. When asked how he could know this, Dogen informs Jack that it has already happened once to his sister, Claire.

In the jungle, Kate, Jin and the Others follow Sawyer's trail. Along the way, the team come across a trap, which one of the Others states is not one of Rousseau's traps, as she had been dead for years. Using the distraction, Kate activates the trap and disarms the Others. Kate continues on her path to follow Sawyer, while Jin uses the opportunity to search for his wife, Sun. Kate locates Sawyer at the abandoned barracks inside the home Sawyer once lived in with Juliet. Kate comes across Sawyer just as he retrieves an engagement ring from beneath a floorboard. Speaking with Kate at the DHARMA docks, Sawyer informs her that he planned to propose to Juliet, and blames only himself for her death, as he convinced her to stay with him on the island when she was prepared to finally leave. Back in the jungle, Jin is overtaken and captured by the Others, who argue about executing him, before they are shot and killed by an unknown attacker. Jin is shocked to see that his rescuer is a long-missing Claire.

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"What's that?"

- Jack

"It's a baseball..."

- Dogen

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