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What Kate Did
Season 2
Episode 9
Air Date November 30, 2005
Writer(s) Steven Maeda
Craig Wright
Director Paul Edwards
Flashback Kate Austen

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Kate's original crime is uncovered, and secrets from her past cause her trouble while tending to Sawyer.


As another day dawns on the island we see Jin and Sun sharing an intimate moment that is long overdue. For them the sunrise represents a new beginning—a second chance at love. And we get the feeling that they're not going to let this one slip through their fingers.

We find Kate high up in a tree picking fruit from the tall branches. As she slides back down the trunk, she slips, almost falling and spilling several mangoes to the jungle floor. As she crouches to collect them, she hears something behind her and turns to see a magnificent black horse standing in the morning mist. But that's not possible…is it?

In FLASHBACK we see a younger version of Kate as she waits on the stairs of her modest house. When a pickup truck swerves down the dirt road and stops in front we get our first look at her mother's choice for a father -- "Wayne." He's happy to let Kate help him to bed, as long as it affords him another chance to lay his drunken hands on her. So when Kate tells him goodnight, she really means it. We see her go outside and ride off on her motorcycle as the house behind her explodes into a giant fireball.

In the Hatch, Sawyer is still delirious with fever as a result of his blood infection. As Jack checks his wounds Sawyer calls out for Kate. When Jack leans in a little closer he hears Sawyer say something that makes him a little dizzy himself. "I love her." And before he has time to process what that means, there is Kate herself anxious to take over Sawyer's care once more.

Jack attends the funeral services for Shannon and it's very difficult for everyone to keep a dry eye as Sayid says a final goodbye to the woman he loved. Meanwhile, back in the hatch, Sawyer seems to gain consciousness, and starts to strangle Kate. This scary episode shakes Kate to her core, and she runs off. When Locke and Jack finally return to the hatch they find Sawyer unattended and the clock on the computer dangerously close to zero. Later on, Jack goes into the jungle to find Kate. When he does, Kate shouts, "I'm sorry I'm not as perfect as you. I'm sorry that I'm not as good!" She tries to run away, but Jack grabs her forearm and pulls her back. With emotions reaching a fever pitch, Jack pulls Kate close and holds her. Without warning, Kate kisses Jack passionately and, seemingly shocked by her actions, runs off into the jungle.

Back in FLASHBACK, we get to see the beginning of Kate's "relationship" with the Marshal when he arrests her at the bus station after trying to flee the area. While transporting her back to Iowa, in the thick of a brutal rainstorm, they swerve off the road and crash into a telephone pole, allowing Kate her first chance at escape. After pushing the unconscious Marshal out into the rain, Kate looks to see what it was that forced them off the road. And standing there in the middle of the road is a very familiar-looking black horse.

Back at the hatch Micheal and John try to figure out the secret of the film. John points out that nothing can be typed into the computer until 4 minutes are left on the clock. Mr. Eko then begins to tell the story of how the Old Testament was discovered only to reveal a book that they had found on the other side of the island, a book containing a section of the film.

In FLASHBACK we see young kate visiting an army recruitment officer who turns out to be her father. He is taken aback by her arrival; she asks why he lied to her, why he never told her he was not her real father and that Wayne, the man she murdered was. He says he didn't tell because he knew she would kill him and that he could never kill him because he was not a murderer. Her dad gives her an hour to run before he will call the police.

In the hatch, Kate goes to Sawyer's side but calls out Wayne thinking that he is haunting her through Sawyer. She talks to Sawyer as if he were Wayne admiting that she killed him because she hated how he was part of her. Sawyer then wakes up whispering sarcastic remarks Kate's way.

John attaches the new film segment to the film talking of fate as bringing the pieces together, however Mr.Eko warns him not to mistake coincidence for fate. Kate takes Sawyer out to breathe fresh air when they both see a black horse. Kate walks up to it and begins to pet it. The horse then walks away.

Jack then walks up to Ana Lucia as she sits sulking over what she did to Shannon. He offers her alcohol and friendship.

John watches the new part of the film; the asian man warns the viewer to not use the computer for any purpose other than entering the numbers for contact with the outside world could lead to another incident. Michael sees someone on the computer saying hello. He responds back with hello and his name. The stranger then sends "dad?".

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Because I knew you'd kill him."

- SGM. Sam Austen

"I'm sorry that I'm not as perfect as you, I'm sorry that I'm not as good."

- Kate

"Don't mistake coincidence for fate."

- Eko

Background InformationEdit

  • When Kate visits her father at the Army Base, Sayid can be seen on the TV in the room.

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