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Watership Down
Name Watership Down
Appears In White Rabbit, Confidence Man, Left Behind
Author Richard Adams

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Watership Down tells the story of a group of rabbits who leave their warren after a "seer" among them foresees an impending doom coming down upon their home. They leave against the judgement of their Chief Rabbit, who dismissed the vision as folly, abandoned their home, and set off on their own for a better life. They have many near-fatal experiences as the travel across the English countryside and come upon a new home where they feel safe: Watership Down. They believe it was destined for them, but soon realize that getting there is only half the battle. The book has created its own mythology and language for rabbits, and is one of the greatest novels of the modern world. Wikipedia


The book originally belonged to Boone, but ended up in Sawyer's possession when it washed up onto the shore.

Sawyer was reading this book when he was approached by Shannon who was bargaining with Sawyer for something to keep off sand fleas. When Kate noticed his copy of the book lying on the beach, Sawyer explained the book by simply stating “It’s about bunnies”.

The book later became the main piece of evidence Boone used to claim that Sawyer had Shannon’s asthma medicine as the book was in his luggage that he checked.

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