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Walt Lloyd
Name Walt Lloyd
Gender Male
Country New York, NY, USA
Amsterdam, Holland
Rome, Italy
Sydney, Australia
Occupation Elementary School Student
Family Father - Michael Dawson
Adoptive Father - Brian Porter
Mother - Susan Lloyd-Porter
Grandfather - Walter Dawson
Grandmother - Mrs. Dawson
Episode(s) Pilot - Part 1
Flashback(s) Special
Played By Malcolm David Kelley

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Walt Lloyd was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after his mother had passed away and his adoptive father had relinquished his paternal rights to Walt’s biological father. The two were returning to the US when the plane crashed and marooned them on the island. Walt had moved all his life, and was previously a student in Sydney, Australia.

Life Before Flight 815

Walt Lloyd was born in New York, NY and is the son of Michael Dawson and Susan Lloyd. Walt was named after Michael's father. Walt moved with his mother to Amsterdam, when she was offered a chance to practice international law. While there, Susan met a man named Brian Porter whom she eventually married, and would become Walt’s step-father. (Special)

Fourteen Months after he saw his biological father, Michael filed an injunction on Susan in the hopes of preventing her from leaving for Rome with Walt. When Michael decided it was best for Walt to leave, he said his goodbyes and presented Walt with a stuffed polar bear. (Adrift)

Years later, Walt would move to Sydney, Australia and while there his step-father noticed Walt possessing abilities that he described as making him “different”. When Susan developed a blood disorder, she passed away, and Brian feeling he was unfit to be father, transferred custody of Walt back to his biological father. When Walt finally met his father, he was resistant to the idea of leaving with him. Walt was given Brian’s dog Vincent to take with him to New York. (Special)

While at the Sydney Airport, Walt ignored Michael until overhearing a phone call Michael placed where he heard him say that he couldn’t be his father and he wasn’t supposed to be his, Walt then masked his feelings and requested batteries for his hand held games console. The two would later board Oceanic Flight 815. (Exodus - Part 2)

On-Island Life

Walt and John Locke establish a friendship shortly after arriving on the island. Locke sees something special in the boy, and tells his father: "Maybe you haven't spent enough time with him to see it, but he's different... As long as we're here, I think Walt should be allowed to realize his potential." This leads to Michael mistrusting Locke's intentions with the boy.

When Walt has been looking through a comic book with a picture of a polar bear rather than listening to his father, Michael takes it away from him. Later, in anger, Michael throws the comic into the fire, and Walt runs off, only to be attacked shortly afterwards by a polar bear in the jungle. During the encounter, one can hear the polar bear say "Walter" in its roar. (Special)

Walt secretly sets fire to the initial raft that Michael has been building. Locke is the only person on the island who realizes this. (...In Translation)

Without having any apparent knowledge of "the hatch," Walt appears to exhibit some form of psychometric clairvoyance: after touching Locke's arm, he tells him ominously: "Don't open it. Don't open that thing." (Born to Run)

The day before the second raft is set to be launched, Walt confesses to his father that he was responsible for burning the first raft, because he didn't want to leave the island. With a sudden realization, Michael tells him that they don't have to go, but Walt replies solemnly, "Yes, we do." (Born to Run)

Before leaving the island on the raft, Walt gives Vincent to Shannon, to help her to cope with the loss of her step-brother Boone. (Exodus - Part 1)

While on the raft, Walt and his companions run into another boat. The crew of this boat were members of "the Others" captained by Tom. Instead of rescuing them, however, the crew of the other boat kidnap Walt, destroy the raft and leave Michael, Jin, and Sawyer in the sea.

A water-drenched Walt appears before Shannon, and whispers incomprehensibly, which has been ascribed to reversed speech. What Walt's backwards speech translates to is "Don't press the button, the button is bad". (Man of Science, Man of Faith)

Later, Walt is seen again, twice by Shannon. The first time, he again speaks in reversed speech, saying "They're coming and they're close". When he appears a second time, he puts his index finger to his mouth and made a "sshhh" sound. Then, he turns around and walks back into the jungle, only to be chased by Shannon and Sayid. When asked, Sayid claims he also saw Walt. (Abandoned)

Michael receives a message on the Swan's computer with a message from someone claiming to be Walt. (What Kate Did) / (The 23rd Psalm) This individual eventually gives Michael directions to where they are being kept, and pleads with Michael to rescue him. (The Hunting Party) / (Three Minutes) It is later revealed to be a ruse created by Benjamin Linus in the hopes of luring Michael to the camp so that they can kidnap him to coerce him into brining Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley back with him. (Exposé)

It is revealed that Walt is still alive and has been living among The Others. They had taken Michael prisoner while he was trying to save his son and were holding him in solitary confinement in a tent. An Other by the name of Ms. Klugh proposes a deal: if Michael brings them Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley, they will let Michael and Walt go free. In order to be sure that they hold up their end of the bargain, Michael demands to see his son, if for no other reason than to make sure he's still alive. Ms. Klugh shouts for an Other by the name of Pickett to bring him inside, telling Michael that they will have three minutes together. Walt enters in the grip of a large man, looking relatively healthy - he inquires about Vincent's health and tells Michael that The Others have been making him "take tests" and they are "pretending." Ms. Klugh becomes agitated that the conversation is moving in this direction and tells him to leave. Walt breaks free, hugs his father, and tells him repeatedly that he loves him before being carried out. (Three Minutes)

After Michael leads Kate, Hurley, Jack and Sawyer to the Others to complete his deal for Walt, Ben happily returns the boy as promised, commenting that he was "more than [they] bargained for." Michael is also given a boat and coordinates to an apparent rescue. Walt and Michael both leave the island. (Live Together, Die Alone)

Walt appears to Locke, when he was in the pit after being shot by Ben, and he appeared paralyzed again. Locke is about to shoot himself when Walt appears, and Walt tells him that Locke still has work to do. (Through the Looking Glass)

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