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Virgin Mary Statue
Virgin Mary Statue
Name Virgin Mary Statue
Introduced In Deus Ex Machina
Last Seen In Three Minutes
Owned By Eko, Goldie and Olu
Found By Boone and Locke

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The Virgin Mary Statues were aboard Yemi and Goldie's Beechcraft and are filled with heroin.


After visiting his brother Yemi in the village where he used to live, Eko stated that he needed to get some "merchandise" out of the country and he needed to use a Catholic missionary plane to do so. Yemi initially denied the use of the plane, so Eko returned with his men Goldie and Olu and said that Yemi could sign the document, and make them priests and they would fly the drugs out themselves, if he refused they would burn the church to the ground. Yemi regretfully signed the document.

At the airstrip where Eko was about to take off in the Beechcraft, Yemi arrived begging him to stop, however, the Nigerian Army arrived and killed Olu as well as Yemi, and Goldie took off with the plane and the drugs by himself, leaving Eko in Nigeria.

Later on the island, While searching for the Beechcraft in the jungle after Locke had a vision of it, they arrived at the plane and Locke hoping for a sign from the island, was disappointed when Boone revealed that there were Virgin Mary Statues filled with heroin inside.

Locke brought Sayid back to the plane to gather electronics to build for the raft's radar emitter. It was there he concluded that the substance was indeed heroin.

After Aaron was kidnapped by Danielle in "Exodus - Part 2", Sayid and Charlie went after her and ended up at the Beechcraft and Sayid informed Charlie that the statues were filled with heroin, and Charlie kept one of the statues with him.

Claire eventually found the statue in "Adrift", and Charlie stated that he found it in the jungle, and that it would be a good thing to have around because it might come in handy.

It was Eko later showed Claire what was inside when he smashed it open to reveal the heroin. This was a crucial breaking point for Claire and Charlie and she believed Charlie was dangerous and did not want her near her child.Locke eventually took the statues from Charlie and placed them inside the hatch.

After Libby was shot by Michael in the hatch, Jack decided to use the heroin for medicinal purposes to ease the pain of Libby's death.

Charlie was later shown the source of the remaining Virgin Mary statues by Vincent and Charlie hurled them into the ocean, with Locke looking on.

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