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Name Vincent
Country Sydney, Australia
Owner(s) Brian Porter, Walt Lloyd, Shannon Rutherford
Breed Yellow Labrador Retriever
Episode(s) Pilot - Part 1, Tabula Rasa, Walkabout, White Rabbit, House of the Rising Sun, The Moth, All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, Whatever the Case May Be, Hearts and Minds, Special, Homecoming, Outlaws, ...In Translation, Do No Harm, Exodus - Part 1, Exodus - Part 2, Man of Science, Man of Faith, Orientation, Everybody Hates Hugo, ...And Found, Abandoned, Collision, The Hunting Party, The Long Con, Maternity Leave, S.O.S., Three Minutes, Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, Exposé, Greatest Hits, Through the Looking Glass, Confirmed Dead
Played By Madison female yellow Lab born 1999; and Pono male yellow Lab born 2005

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Vincent is a Labrador Retriever that was traveling aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after moving to the United States with Walt and Michael.

Pre-Island LifeEdit

Vincent was previously the pet of Brian Porter in Sydney, Australia, who also lived with Brian's wife Susan, and his adoptive son, Walt. After the death of Walt's mother, Vincent became very important to Walt as he served as a companion that Walt could talk to.

When Michael, Walt's biological father, arrived in Australia to bring Walt back to New York with him, he stated that Brian said Walt could have Vincent. Whether or not Brian actually stated that Walt could have Vincent, or if Michael took it upon himself to get even with Brian by doing so, is unknown.

When the three went to the Sydney Airport to board their flight, Vincent was placed in the luggage compartment.

On-Island lifeEdit

After the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Vincent became missing for the first few days. He was first spotted directly after the crash by Jack in the jungle, who later notified Michael that Vincent was still alive. Locke carved a whistle to try and locate Vincent and was successful in doing so. Locke presented Michael with the location of Vincent and stated that since Walt just lost his mother, he felt it should be Michael who presented him with Vincent.

When Vincent wandered into the jungle in Special, Walt ran after him and inadvertently found himself under the attack of a polar bear.

Vincent ran up to Boone in the jungle and licked his face just before the murdered body of Steve would be found on the beach in Homecoming.

When the raft was getting ready to set sail, Walt placed Vincent in the care of Shannon stating that he could help her get over the loss of Boone as he was a good listener. When Shannon lost Vincent, she wandered into the jungle with Sayid to find him and spotted a soaking wet vision of Walt in the middle of the jungle.

Vincent befriended Ana-Lucia when she had food in The Hunting Party. Vincent was also present just before Sun was attacked in The Whole Truth, however; he did not defend her or alert anyone to this (possibly because he was familiar with Charlie).

While a grave was being dug for Nikki and Paulo, who were presumed dead in Exposé, Vincent pulled on the tarp that was covering them, completely removing it and exposing their bodies.

In the episodes Greatest Hits and Through the Looking Glass, Vincent is seen traveling with the survivors to the radio tower.

When the remaining survivors are attacked with flaming arrows and seperated, Vincent stays with Rose and Bernard and keeps them company in their new life.

Through various events, it has been noted that Vincent is often present just before something bad happens on the island.

In the final episode, he is by Jack Shepard's side when he dies in the bamboo thicket.


  • Vincent is actually played by two dogs, one a female, the other a male.
  • Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse admitted that Vincent will die in the finale during their interview at Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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