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United States Marshal Service
Marshal Mars
Name United States Marshal Service
Country United States
Introduced In Tabula Rasa
Type Law Enforcement

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The Marshals Service is responsible for providing protection for the federal judiciary, transporting federal prisoners, protecting endangered federal witnesses and managing assets seized from criminal enterprises.

Kate and the MarshalEdit

After Kate Austen murdered her father, Wayne by blowing up the house that he was inside, the US Marshals were alerted after Kate's mother Diane turned her in. Kate was arrested by Edward Mars after being apprehended while purchasing a ticket to Tallahassee. While driving Kate to the arraignment, Edward questioned Kate as to why she decided to wait so long to murder Wayne; it was then that a black horse darted in front of their car, causing them to veer into a hydro pole nearby. As the Marshal gathered himself, Kate quickly grabbed his keys, Edward came to and attempted to stop her, but was kicked out of the car, and Kate drove away.

After Kate accidentally caused the events that led to her childhood friend Tom’s death, Kate began to call the Marshal at his home and proceeded to taunt him. It was then that the Marshal informed her that he had Tom’s toy airplane in a safe deposit box in New Mexico. Kate, under the guise of “Maggie Ryan”, Kate met up with a man named Jason and conspired with him to rob the bank, however, she would end up conning him when she changed the plan and demanded access to the safe deposit box.

Kate eventually made her way to Australia, and onto the farm of an Australian man named Ray Mullen, Ray offered her a fair wage and a place to stay if she agreed to help him on his farm. After three months of doing so, Ray noticed Kate’s picture at the post office, and informed the Marshal’s Service of this as he needed the $23,000 reward, Edward Mars personally traveled to Australia to retrieve her. While driving Kate to the train station, Ray and Kate were met by the Marshal who rammed their vehicle off of the road, which proceeded to catch on fire; Kate pulled Ray to safety and was found at gunpoint by the Marshal.

While at the Sydney Airport, the Australian Official approving the Marshal’s luggage questioned him as to why he needed 5 guns, and after retelling Kate’s tale, and being attacked in the process by Kate, it was more than enough proof as to why he needed 5 guns. Kate and Edward later boarded Flight 815 bound for Los Angeles.


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Formerly ArrestedEdit