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Two for the Road
Season 2
Episode 20
Air Date May 3, 2006
Writer(s) Elizabeth Sarnoff
Christina M. Kim
Director Paul Edwards
Flashback Ana-Lucia Cortez

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After Jack and Kate discover Michael in the jungle, they bring him back to the hatch and learn the truth about "The Others." Meanwhile, Ana does what she must to obtain a gun from Sawyer.


Jack and Kate stumble upon an unconscious Michael deep in the jungle. And while Jack is primed and ready for a confrontation with the Others, it is Kate who forces him to deal with the task at hand: Michael needs medical attention and they must bring him back to the Hatch.

Speaking of the Hatch, Ana Lucia receives a nasty surprise when she goes into the armory to deliver a bowl of food to a dejected "Henry". Only Locke's last-minute intervention is enough to save her life. And while Locke is desperate for answers to his questions, he knows that time with "Henry" is running out fast.

In FLASHBACK, we see Ana Lucia confronted by her mother—who's also her captain—upon returning to the station after a shift. It seems a body has been found in a parking lot. And it just happens to be the same guy who confessed to shooting Ana Lucia. But when Captain Cortez tries to offer her daughter her help, Ana Lucia quits the force and runs away… all the way to Australia.

Turns out she met a guy at the airport; a guy who was running away from his own problems and the two of them forged a dysfunctional partnership. She agreed to go to Australia to "protect him" and he agreed not to ask too many questions. Hard to believe it didn't last long…

Michael is being cared for in the Hatch. He's regained consciousness and the information he presents is startling. He knows where Walt is. And the Others have been lying about their strength. As soon as he is strong enough, Michael is going to return to their camp in force. And he is going to take his son back. The entire camp is activated, caught somewhere between hopeful and terrified at what this all means.

In light of her recent troubles, Ana Lucia is desperate to get her hands on a gun. And when she barters with Sawyer we learn just how far she is willing to go to get what she wants.

Hurley attempts to move his relationship with Libby to the next step and asks her on an honest-to-goodness date. And we can't help feeling happy to see that, even here, good things can happen.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"You're the killer, Ana-Lucia."

- "Henry Gale"

"I'm sorry."

- Michael

Background InformationEdit

  • In the LAPD parking lot, there's a car on the left bearing the number 4, then four cars lined up in the middle bearing the numbers 8, 15, 16 and 23, and another on the right bearing 42.
  • We find out that Christian Shephard has an illegitimate daughter.
  • As Christian Shephard opens his door outside the cocktail bar, the door hits Sawyer.

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