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Tropical Depression
Missing Pieces - Tropical Depression
Season Missing Pieces
Episode 9
Air Date December 31, 2007 (Verizon)
January 7, 2008 (
Writer(s) Carlton Cuse
Director Jack Bender
Flashback Michael and Arzt

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Michael confronts Arzt about the weather conditions, only to discover that he had lied in order to speed up the raft launching.


Arzt follows a spider down the beach and captured it in a jar, when Michael approaches and consults him on the weather situation for the following day. Arzt reveals that he is not a meteorologist, but rather a high school science teacher and that he made the entire thing up in order to speed up the raft launching. Michael forgives Arzt and begins to leave, when suddenly Arzt launches into his story about why he was in Sydney in the first place.

Arzt informs Michael that he fell in love with a woman from Australia, and that they had met on the internet. The two chatted for a year, and Arzt saved all his money and flew to Sydney to meet her. Arzt used his friend Nick's picture while they were chatting, which Arzt later apologized for stating that he thought that we were beyond that, that it made no difference, and that they were really connected.

After arriving in Sydney, Arzt takes the woman to the nicest restaurant he could find, and even orders her the lobster, however, sometime throughout the meal, she left, and never came back to the table. Depressed, and alone, Arzt opted to take the earliest flight out of Sydney: Oceanic Flight 815. Upon hearing this, Michael informs Arzt that he would love to feel sorry for him, however, everyone on the beach has a story just like his, and that no one else wants to be there either. Arzt states that he knows that nobody does, and that he is sorry about lying about the weather. Michael accepts his apology, and informs him that the raft is finished and that they will soon be bringing back help. Overjoyed, Arzt states that he will be the first person waving "hello" from the beach when they return.

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"So I get to Sydney, and I see her & she looks so beautiful, I took her out to the nicest restaurant I could find, we order the lobster, she frickin' disappeared, never came back to the table, they wouldn't even let me give the lobster back!"

- Arzt

Background InformationEdit

  • This episode takes place during the events of Born to Run.
  • Arzt claims that when the raft returns with rescue he will be the first on the beach waving "hello" when they do, this is ironic considering that Arzt would later blow up in Exodus - Part 2.
  • This episode reveals Arzt's reason for traveling to Sydney in the first place, and his reasoning for being on Oceanic Flight 815.

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