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Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
Season 3
Episode 10
Air Date February 28, 2007
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director Eric Laneuville
Flashback Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

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Kate and Sawyer return to their camp after trekking across the island. After being led by Vincent, Hurley discovers a van on the island and enlists the help of Jin, Charlie and Sawyer to get it working.


The show opens with a flashback: young Hurley walks with a toolbox in his hand and opens the hood of an old Camaro. His father joins him and they attempt to start the car but fail. They conclude that the car will not work without a new carburetor, but Hurley's father tells him good things happen when you believe they will, and that "in this world you have to make your own luck." Hurley's father then leaves for Las Vegas, where he must work.

In other flashbacks, Hurley (now grown up) is on the news while Tricia Tanaka reports about his recent luck. They are outside of Mr. Cluck's chicken restaurant with Randy, the former manager of the building. Tricia asks him a number of questions but is unimpressed when Hurley gives depressing answers, eventually telling her cameraman to cut. Tricia and her crew go inside to shoot some B-roll film, but soon after she does, a meteor falls from the sky directly onto the restaurant.

Hurley arriving home at his mansion covered in dust from the meteor strike. Hurley tells his mother that he has to go back to Australia, whence the numbers came. His mother insists the numbers aren't cursed, and that she can prove it. She leads him to another part of the house, revealing his father.

The now reunited Reyes family eats dinner while waited on by butlers. Hurley expresses his confusion about how his mother is acting – she seems to have accepted his father back after seventeen years with no questions. Hurley's father says he is back because his wife asked him to provide a father figure to Hurley in the hope of stopping his talk of curses. Hurley dismisses the butlers and announces that he is ridding himself of his money and houses. He says he will start by getting rid of his father, but his mother disagrees, giving her own sexual needs as a reason. Hurley takes his father to the garage, inside which is the car they were working on 17 years ago.

Hurley's father takes him to a Tarot card reader, claiming it will break the curse. The reader correctly guesses Hurley's history: the lottery, the numbers and the tragedy. She claims to sense a curse on him but that it can be removed. Before she goes through the motions to remove it, Hurley asks her if she was put up to this by his father, which, after a $10,000 bribe, she admits.

Later, Hurley has packed for Australia, much to his father's displeasure. His father explains the real reasons for his return: that it is because he's getting old and needs a comfortable retirement. He is adamant that a trip to Australia will not break any curse and that Hurley needs to "make his own luck". When Hurley tells him that he won't be getting any of the money, his father backs him up, encouraging him to give away every penny and to start afresh. He suggests saving for the carburetor so that the two of them can finally have the road trip to the Grand Canyon he put off in Hurley's childhood. After telling Hurley that he'll still be there upon his return, Hurley leaves.

On the island, Hurley speaks to Libby's grave about what happened to Jack, Kate, and Sawyer after they were taken by The Others. He confesses that he misses Libby, and that he was never afraid when with her. Later, Hurley sees Charlie deep in thought on the beach and asks him what's wrong. Charlie eventually tells him that Desmond said he sees Charlie dying in flashes of the future. Much to Charlie's surprise, Hurley responds, "I think he might be right, and I think it might be my fault." He goes on to tell Charlie of what he believes to be his curse. Vincent runs out of the woods. A decayed human arm is in his teeth with a keychain hanging from the fingers. Hurley chases after Vincent, taking the key when it is dropped in front of him and finally follows Vincent further to a VW van on its side underneath the foliage.

Hurley examines the bus. Inside is a skeleton wearing a Dharma Swan Station jumpsuit sporting the name "Roger" on its chest. On the beach, Sun is attempting to teach Jin English by only speaking to him in English, which Jin resists by responding in Korean. Hurley runs back into the camp and tells everyone of his discovery. He asks for help to get the car running, even telling them it's just for fun, but he has no offers of help. Jin, however, did not understand the question and so remains looking at Hurley, who takes it as an offer of help.

Hurley shows Jin the van (which is full of Dharma beer) and its former driver. They decide to turn the van upright. As Hurley and Jin begin to try to turn the van over, Sawyer arrives and asks Hurley where his possessions are. Hurley simply hugs him, saying how happy he is to see him alive, and Sawyer's anger subsides. Sawyer briefly explains that Kate has also returned but that Jack is still being held prisoner. Hurley is very optimistic about the future and volunteers Sawyer to help him fix the van, mentioning the beer. This is good enough justification for Sawyer.

Meanwhile, Charlie demands that Desmond tells him when he will die. Desmond pretends not to know what Charlie is talking about, saying he was drunk. Charlie says he has a right to know. Kate tells Sayid and Locke what she knows of the Others' boats, the other island and how Sawyer let Karl go. Kate is adamant that she has to rescue Jack. She leaves, saying that she is going to get help, and does not answer when Lock and Sayid ask from whom.

Hurley, Jin and Sawyer succeed in overturning the van. They open the door to reveal many pieces of paper, including some maps, and the beer. Hurley and Jin open the bonnet of the car to look. Hurley says it looks fine to him and goes to start the engine. He closes his eyes as he turns the ignition. Nothing happens. Even though Jin is sure the engine cannot be fixed, Hurley says it must be. Sawyer is on Jin's side and tells Hurley to leave Jin alone, earning a heated response from Hurley, who says that everyone needs a little hope.

Sawyer throws Hurley a beer. The can passes him and rolls down a hill, giving Hurley an idea. He goes to get Charlie from the beach, telling him to "stop moping". Hurley explains that he wants to do something dangerous with Charlie, that it will be dicing with death but that they need this victory. Charlie reluctantly returns to the van with Hurley, who jumps in and has the others push it to the beginning of the slope.

Sawyer argues that riding the van down the hill is suicide, but Hurley is determined to use the speed gained to start the engine. Charlie decides to ride in the passenger seat and the two of them get in the van. "Victory or death," Charlie says, as Hurley yells for Jin and Sawyer to push. The van begins to roll down the hill and gains speed. Hurley repeats to himself, "there's no curse, you make your own luck" before attempting to start the engine. It starts just in time and they drive around the meadow happily with the stereo on. Sawyer, Jin and Vincent all run down the hill and jump in the van to enjoy the ride.

Everyone except Hurley leaves the van behind and heads back to the beach. Jin gives Sun a flower; she kisses his cheek and hugs him. Charlie talks to Claire. Sawyer brings a case of beer back, looking for Kate, but she is not there. He sits down in his chair, and drinks a beer alone while watching the couples. Hurley, meanwhile, smiles in the van and continues to drive.

Elsewhere, Kate is on her way to speak with Rousseau. Locke and Sayid find her on her way, inquiring why she didn't ask them for help. Kate answers that they are not motivated and do not know where to look, but Locke reveals that they have a compass bearing derived from Eko's stick. He does agree that they do not have the motivation, though. A gunshot signals that they are not alone: Rousseau is nearby. After shouting for everyone to hold their fire, Kate asks Rousseau for her help: she is going to go back to the Others' camp and needs Rousseau's help to find it. Rousseau is reluctant, seeing nothing in it for herself, and Kate answers by telling her her suspicions that Alex, who helped her escape from the other island, is Rousseau's daughter.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Well, look at that, someone's hooked on phonics!"

- Sawyer

"Skeletor seems to like it. Bottoms Up!"

- Sawyer

"You gotta look Death in the face and say, 'whatever, man'."

- Hurley

Background InformationEdit

  • The jumpsuit that Roger wears, as well as the beer inside his van, bears the logo from The Swan Station.

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