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Tony - The Little Prince
Name Tony
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, California
Occupation Posed as a nurse
Episode(s) The Little Prince
Played By Emerson Brooks

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Tony was an agent sent to capture Sayid Jarrah during the latter's treatment at St. Sebastian Hospital. While Sayid was recuperating in a hospital room within St. Sebastian's, Tony approached under the guise of a nurse who had come to give Sayid some form of medication. However, with his back turned to Sayid, Tony pulled out a tranquilizer gun, and quickly fired at the presumably unsuspecting Jarrah. Despite the expected surprise, when Tony turned around, he had found that he had fired at an empty bed, and was surpised himself from behind by Sayid, who quickly subdued the attacker. Sayid then coerced Tony to reveal his employer, and was given Kate Austen's address from a slip of paper within Tony's pocket. Sayid then neutralized Tony's threat by shooting him twice with his own tranquilizer gun, rendering him unconscious. (The Little Prince)

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