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Tom Friendly
Name Tom Friendly
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation One of The Others
Episode(s) Exodus - Part 2, The Hunting Party, Maternity Leave, Three Minutes, Live Together, Die Alone, A Tale of Two Cities, The Glass Ballerina, Every Man for Himself, I Do, Not in Portland, Stranger in a Strange Land, Par Avion, The Man from Tallahassee, The Brig, The Man Behind the Curtain, Through the Looking Glass, The Other Woman, Meet Kevin Johnson
Played By M.C. Gainey

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Tom Friendly, who was formerly referred to as "Mr. Friendly" by the show's producers, and was a spokesman and an enforcer for the Others, often leading confrontations with the Flight 815 middle section survivors.

On-Island LifeEdit

Prior to the CrashEdit

After Juliet Burke was brought to the island, Tom interrupted her threapy session with Harper and informed her that Ben wanted to see her. Tom informed her that Harper in the past had made him cry about his daddy. Ben later mentioned that Tom was scouting with Danny when they came across Goodwin's body. (The Other Woman)

After the CrashEdit

Season One (Days 1-44)Edit

After the survivors launch the raft, Tom and his crew intercept them on the first night. The crew abducts Walt, and Tom's henchmen blow up the raft and shoot Sawyer. (Exodus - Part 2)

Season Two (Days 44-67)Edit

Jack, Locke, and Sawyer later encounter Tom while searching for Michael. He tells them that Walt is fine, but scolds the group for being curious and "opening doors that shouldn't be opened." He also says that Michael will not find Walt or "the Others", "where he is" (unbeknownst to Jack and his friends, Tom has already captured Michael and has him bound and gagged in a nearby clearing). Tom reveals that dozens of his people are surrounding the trio. He explains that right now they just have a misunderstanding, and that the only reason the survivors are still living on the island is because "the Others" allow them. He then brings out Kate, whom he has captured, and tells Jack that he can have her back if the survivors surrender their weapons and stay on their side of the island. (The Hunting Party) / (Three Minutes)

However Tom is seen looking more clean-cut and without his beard, briefly talking to Ethan Rom in Claire's flashback. Later, Kate finds theatrical glue and a false beard that Tom had worn in the locker room at the Staff Station. (Maternity Leave)

When Ana Lucia suggests that Tom is the leader of "the Others", the fake Henry Gale (later revealed to be named Benjamin Linus, Ben for short) replies, "Him? He's no one! Nothing!". (Dave) When Tom captures Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley and delivers them to the Pala Ferry Dock, Ben openly chides him for removing his fake beard in front of the captives, which he did after Kate revealed to him she knew of the ruse. (Live Together, Die Alone)

Season Three (Days 68-74)Edit

After Jack, Sawyer, and Kate were separately imprisoned in the DHARMA Initiative Hydra Station, Tom greets Kate as she awakens and presents her with the opportunity to take a shower, he then brings her to Ben, who is waiting on the beach to have breakfast with her. (A Tale of Two Cities)

Tom would later be a part of the crew that boarded "The Elizabeth" from "The Galaga" in the hopes of retrieving the sail boat. When Tom spotted Sun on the boat, he fired several shots at her, sending her overboard. (The Glass Ballerina)

Tom was in the viewing area for Ben's surgery, and would later contact Danny on the radio per Jack's instructions, moments before he would have murdered Sawyer. When Juliet spoke privately with Ben, she revealed that Ben wanted her to help Kate and Sawyer escape and for Jack to complete the surgery. Tom assisted Jack in completing the surgery, despite not liking the sight of blood. The surgery was a success and Jack removed the tumor. (I Do) / (Not in Portland)

Tom enters Jack's holding room and says that he is going to be moved, however, Jack thinks that he is going to be killed. Once Jack is placed in his cage outside, Tom brings him a sandwich and attempts to question him as to why he allowed Kate and Sawyer to leave, but before he can finish, he is cut off by Jack. Tom brings Jack to a meeting with Isabel who attempts to find out if Juliet had really asked Jack to kill Ben. When Juliet is put on trial, Jack and Alex interrupt the meeting with a message from Ben commuting Juliet's execution. (Stranger in a Strange Land)

Off-Island LifeEdit

New York City (Days 75-79)Edit

Tom leaves the Island and tracks Michael to an alleyway in Manhattan, where Michael is currently trying to kill himself due to feeling guilt over the deaths of Ana-Lucia and Libby and being separated from Walt. When asked for Michael's help, a fight breaks out between the two of them with Tom receiving the upper hand. He tells Michael that the island won't let him commit suicide and gives him the address of his hotel penthouse.

Michael eventually goes to the penthouse where Tom is revealed to be in a romantic relationship with a man named Arturo. There, Tom convinces Michael to work for him, revealing that Charles Widmore did a cover-up on Oceanic 815 by finding 324 dead bodies in a Thailand cemetery and putting a fake plane on the bottom of the Ocean. He further explains to Michael that if Widmore ever found the Island, everyone on it would be killed, including the Oceanic 815 survivors. Michael agrees to work as a spy to redeem himself from his previous actions on the island.

Tom instructs him that a freighter is about to set off from a port in Fiji and they have him a job on it as a janitor. Michael agrees to work as a spy and kill the crew to protect his friends on the island under the alias, "Kevin Johnson". When Michael arrives at the port Tom contacts him on his phone and instructs him to wait a day or two before activating an explosive device that was delivered to the freighter. After their conversation, Michael is ordered to ditch the phone. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

On-Island LifeEdit

Season Three (Days 80-91)Edit

Tom and Jack are later seen in The Barracks, happily playing football. Tom informs Ben that Sayid and Kate are being held captive. Jack is advised by Tom to "be careful" in the recreation room and gives the motion that the place is bugged. He is shocked when Locke blows up the submarine. (Par Avion) (The Man from Tallahassee)

Tom was standing guard with Anthony Cooper after he was captured. When the Others vacate the Barracks, and make their way across the island, they setup camp in a remote location in an open field. While there, Tom approaches Locke to inform him that Ben is requesting to see him. Tom later sets off with the rest of the Others after they disassemble their camp, and leave Locke and Anthony behind. (The Brig)

When Locke arrives at their new camp in, Tom is shocked when Locke reveals that he is going to be taken to see Jacob. Tom's faith in Ben's leadership is slightly shaken, and he and Richard look on in astonishment, ignoring Ben's calls for them to intervene as the newly empowered Locke beats Mikhail to the ground. (The Man Behind the Curtain)

When Ben returns from Jacob and orders furiously that the attack on the 815 survivors camp will take place as soon as possible, Tom is part of the attack party sent to the beach to recover the women, however unbeknownst to the Others, the survivors already knew of the attack through Juliet and Karl, and had booby-trapped the women's tents with dynamite from the Black Rock. (Greatest Hits)

After Sayid, Jin and Bernard manage to detonate two of the tents, killing seven Others, but ultimately are captured. Ben radios that the three are to be shot unless Jack stops his attempt to contact the outside world, but unknown to Jack, Ben has previously commanded that Tom pretend to kill the three hostages over the radio in order to fool Jack somehow. Jack believes Tom has gone through with the orders and swears he will come back and kill him, afterwards Tom expresses regret at not finishing the hostages that took out seven of their group simply due to Ben's whim.

The arrival of Hurley in a DHARMA Volkswagen van along with Sawyer and Juliet sees the rest of the Others' attack party killed. Tom admits defeat and surrenders, yet despite this, Sawyer shoots him dead, claiming revenge for Tom taking Walt off of the raft. This surprises both Hurley and Juliet, and Sawyer defends his actions by saying he didn't believe Tom's surrender. (Through the Looking Glass)

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