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The following are timelines of happenings that have occurred in the time leading up to the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 on September 22, 2004, the events that transpired in the lives of the survivors after the crash, and subsequently what happened to the survivors after their inevitable rescue.

Pre-Crash Timeline

Chronicles the past lives of the survivors, as well as events which have happened on the island over the years leading up to September 22, 2004.

September 2004
  • Days: 1-9

Beginning with the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 to the discovery of the caves, the timeline outlines the events that happened on island during the final nine days of September.

The Hatch
October 2004
  • Days: 10-40

The survivors attempt to unravel the mysteries surrounding the kidnapping of Claire, as well as the mysterious hatch, and Michael begins construction on the raft.

The Timer
November 2004
  • Days: 41-70

The mysteries of the DHARMA Initiative's Swan Station begin to unravel, and Benjamin Linus is kidnapped by the survivors under the alias of "Henry Gale".

December 2004
  • Days: 71-100

Jack, Kate, and Sawyer attempt to escape the imprisonment of the Others, Desmond begins to have flashes of the future, and a possible attempt at rescue is made.

Post-Island Timeline

All events in the lives of the survivors after making their way off the island either through rescue or escape.