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Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass
Season 3
Episode 22
Air Date May 23, 2007
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Carlton Cuse
Director Jack Bender
Flashforward Jack Shephard

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Jack leads the survivors to the radio tower in an attempt at rescue, while Ben tries to coerce the survivors into changing their mind.


The episode begins with a bearded Jack sitting on an Oceanic airplane, appearing disheveled and probably drunk. After being refused a drink from the stewardess, he notices an article in the newspaper which he rips out. We then see him sitting in a car that is parked on the side of the Sixth Street Bridge, crying while looking at the newspaper clipping. He makes a call to 310-555-0148, but only gets through to a voicemail. After leaving a message, he steps from the vehicle. He climbs up onto the ledge and just as he is leaning forward to jump, a fiery car crash occurs. He rushes to save the victims as the flashback ends.

Back to the Island, where all of the current survivors are gathered on the beach (with the exception of Charlie and Desmond, who are currently in the vicinity of the Looking Glass station, seen in the previous episode); and Locke, who was last seen lying in a ditch after being shot by Ben). Jack confers with Sayid, who confidently urges Jack to move to the radio tower and states that he is willing to die if that’s what it takes to get the others rescued. Jack listens and leads the survivors toward the radio tower.

Meanwhile, Charlie is being beaten and interrogated inside "The Looking Glass" by Bonnie and Greta, the security crew of the station. They are unable to get any information from Charlie. They ask him how he got there, to which he replies: "I came down in my invisible submarine. Can't you see it?" After more beatings, Charlie reveals his real name, and tells the women that Juliet told him the location of the station. The two women contact Ben, who is totally unaware of this breach in security. Ben takes immediate action and orders Mikhail Bakunin to check the situation inside the station. Mikhail departs, and Ben immediately tries to call Tom and his raiding party, to cancel the raid. But the raiding party doesn't get the order because they're maintaining radio silence. While the raiders move around the beach as planned, Sayid and Bernard shoot the dynamite with their rifles, just as the raiding party discovers the traps. Seven of the invaders are killed, but Jin misses his mark with his handgun and all three of the defenders are captured. The rest of the survivors sense something is wrong (since there were supposed to be three explosions, not just two), so Sawyer and Juliet trek back to the beach to investigate. Juliet and Jack kiss before Juliet leaves.

As Desmond begins to come to, realizing that Charlie is gone, Mikhail arrives at the beach, and starts firing shots at him. Desmond dives down to the Looking Glass station and emerges from the pool. Charlie warns him about the guards and Desmond quickly hides inside a locker, just as Mikhail emerges from the pool wearing scuba gear. (This is the first time we see him without his eyepatch; his right eye is missing.) Mikhail is surprised to see the two women, who are supposed to be on assignment in Canada. He then goes into the communications room alone, and contacts Ben. Ben apologizes for keeping things from him, then explains that for security reasons Mikhail must kill Charlie. Ben goes on to say that Bonnie and Greta have become a risk, and that they must also be eliminated.

Under interrogation, Bernard tells the Others that Karl warned them of the attack, and now the rest of the survivors are heading to the radio tower. Ben makes plans to travel to the radio tower alone to stop them. Hearing her father's plan, Alex insists she go with him. Ben agrees, to Alex's surprise, and the two of them depart. Ben later tells Alex that he let her come because she betrayed him, and he is going to leave her to live with the survivors. She says she betrayed him because he abused and tried to brainwash her boyfriend. Ben responds, "I was trying to keep him from getting you pregnant. I may have overreacted."

As Jack continues his trek toward the station, another flashback is shown, this time showing an anxious Jack looking over the medical chart of the woman he had rescued from the car crash. Dr. Hamill walks in and explains to Jack that another doctor is going to perform the spinal surgery on the woman. Jack, confused and angry, departs from the hospital.

Cut to Jack driving with Nirvana's "Scentless Apprentice" playing loudly on the stereo and parking in what appears to be a primarily African-American community. When he gets out of his vehicle and starts to cross the road, he is almost hit by a car, and doesn't react. Jack enters a funeral parlor where there is a closed casket and no one in the room. The funeral director enters and Jack, appearing drugged, asks him about the funeral. The director says that it was a viewing, and that nobody came. He asks Jack, "Friend or family?" Jack answers, "Neither." The director leaves him alone with the casket, but as Jack asks that it not be opened, we don't know whose body is inside.

Locke, lying wounded in the ditch where we last saw him, is breathing heavily and struggling to move. It appears he has lost use of his legs. Locke sees a revolver strapped to one of the decomposing bodies in the ditch, and takes it. Opening the gun, he sees that it is loaded. Locke then takes the gun and aims it at his head, apparently contemplating suicide. After a few seconds we hear a familiar voice. Locke looks up and sees Walt standing on the edge of the ditch. Walt tells Locke to get up, to which he replies that he can't. Walt tells Locke that he can. Locke asks: "Why?" Walt replies: "Because you have work to do." Upon hearing this, Locke grins slightly.

Sawyer and Juliet are headed toward the beach when Hurley runs to catch up with them. He says that he just wants to help, as Charlie wouldn't take him and Jack is too busy leading even to talk to him. Sawyer, attempting to protect Hurley, tells him, "Look at you! You'll only slow us down. Do you want to get us killed?" Upset at having rejected Hurley, Sawyer and Juliet move on. Hurley is left behind, looking devastated.

Jack is leading the survivors up toward the radio tower, and sees Kate has stopped to remove a stone from her shoe. Jack, sitting down to chat, tells her that Sawyer didn't mean what he said when he told her not to come along, that he was only protecting her, just as Jack had tried to do by telling her not to come back for him when he was with the Others. Kate asks, "Why are you sticking up for Sawyer?" Jack replies, "Because I love you."

In another flashback, Jack is attempting to get a refill of an Oxycodone prescription at a pharmacy. When the woman behind the counter refuses because he is out of refills, Jack attempts to get more with a prescription he claims was written by his father, Dr. Christian Shephard. Another man defends Jack, calling him a hero, which Jack denies. When the woman attempts to make a call to confirm this, Jack storms away angrily and knocks over a display.

As Jack and the other survivors continue their journey to the radio tower, Ben appears over a small hill in front of the group. Upon seeing their enemy, the entire group stops. Ben (with Alex by his side) assures Jack that none of his men are there at the moment, and that all he wants to do is talk. Jack takes Ben's walkie-talkie and the two leaders walk to a clearing, away from the group. Ben warns Jack that Naomi isn't who they think she is, stating that she will bring doom to all the inhabitants of the island and requests to use the walkie-talkie Jack has confiscated so he can verify his statement. Ben instead contacts Tom and orders the raiding party to execute Sayid, Jin, and Bernard if Jack doesn't surrender Naomi's transceiver in one minute. Jack refuses and three shots are heard over the radio. A look of horror and grief washes over Jack's face as Ben turns to leave. Jack, pushed to his limits, brutally beats Ben into a bloody mess. Jack marches Ben back to where he left the other survivors, and tells them to tie him up. Danielle Rousseau approaches Alex and Ben reveals that she is in fact Alex's mother. Ben is then tied with ropes and the group continues toward the radio tower.

Meanwhile, Mikhail returns to the main room of the Looking Glass and shoots Greta, causing her to fall into the pool. Bonnie dodges around a corner and Mikhail runs after her, shooting her in the back. As Mikhail walks closer to finish her off, Desmond appears behind him and shoots him in the chest with a spear gun that he found inside the locker he had been hiding in. Convinced they are safe, Charlie stops Desmond from killing Bonnie and persuades her to tell him the radio-jamming computer’s code. She recites a long series of numbers and, upon Charlie mishearing them, tells him that the numbers are the notes to the Beach Boys' song "Good Vibrations." She says that the programmer who came up with the code was a musician. She dies shortly thereafter.

In another flashback, Jack is back at the hospital, this time trying to steal samples of Oxycodone, a painkiller. On his way out, Jack stumbles and pushed some files onto the floor. Dr. Hamill sees him and explains that the woman he saved is awake and recovering. He then tells Jack that according to the woman, she crashed her car because she saw a man standing on the bridge railing, preparing to jump. Dr. Hamill asks Jack how much he has had to drink, and Jack laughingly tells Hamill that if he gets his father, Christian Shephard, "down here" and if Jack's drunker than he is, then Dr. Hamill can fire him. He rejects Dr. Hamill's pity, and when Dr. Hamill says, "I'm only trying to help you," Jack shouts back, "You can't help me!" Several other hospital employees look on, startled. Jack, visibly shaken, staggers out of the hospital.

At the beach, Sawyer and Juliet watch as Ben's raiders discuss whether they should have actually killed the three survivors, rather than just firing their guns into the sand as Ben had secretly ordered. As Juliet is trying to talk Sawyer out of an unarmed assault, Hurley drives onto the beach in the DHARMA van he found in "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead". The van strikes and kills Ryan of the raid; Sawyer takes cover behind the van and grabs his gun. Sayid, provided with a diversion, breaks the neck of Jason using only his legs (since he is still tied up.) The only member of the raid left alive is Tom, who surrenders outright. Sawyer then shoots Tom in the chest, and tells him as he dies that it was in retaliation for Tom taking Walt off the raft. Hurley contacts Ben's walkie-talkie, which Jack has in his pocket, to inform the Others that their beach attack failed. Jack, picking up the radio, learns that the three captives are in fact alive, and that everyone at the beach is alright. Relieved by Hurley's news, the group marches on in good spirits except for Claire who turns to Jack and the walkie-talkie to see if there is any word from Charlie. Hurley tells Jack and Claire there isn't any but that he probably got the job done.

At the Looking Glass, Charlie successfully types in the code and receives an outside signal, surprisingly from Desmond's estranged love, Penny Widmore. He calls out to Desmond who is in the other room to come listen to the message. Charlie asks about Naomi's rescue ship, which puzzles Penny. She tells Charlie that she does not know anyone named Naomi, and that she's not on a ship. Before Charlie can react to this, Mikhail appears at the porthole outside his room with a hand grenade, and pulls out the pin. Making a split-second decision, Charlie heroically closes the room's door to prevent Desmond from entering, just as the grenade explodes. Charlie is left in the room, now flooding with water, alone. Desmond pounds on the porthole with a fire-extinguisher, to no avail. Desperate for time, Charlie gets a Sharpie Marker from his pocket and writes the warning: "Not Penny's Boat" on his hand. He presses his hand against the porthole, passing on his final message. Desmond stood and watched as Charlie made a final prayer and drowned.

Meanwhile, Jack and his group reach the radio tower. They shut off Danielle’s looping radio signal that was still interfering with outgoing transmissions, and after receiving a signal on her transceiver, Naomi attempts to contact her ship. As the transceiver is still ringing, she is struck from behind with a throwing knife, and falls to the ground, revealing Locke standing behind her. Locke explains that Naomi was not who she claimed to be, and then points the revolver at Jack. Locke tells Jack to put the transceiver down, claiming that this is not what's supposed to happen. Ben, tied up to a tree and observing all this, apparently ignoring his last encounter with Locke and encourages him to kill Jack. After a standoff, Locke drops the revolver, unable to kill Jack. A male voice finally answers the call made on the transceiver; Jack, frustrated with Locke's repeated actions to prevent their rescue, instructs Naomi's "rescue ship" to get a fix on their location. The voice on the other end says they are on their way. The survivors, all except Locke, rejoice.

As Jack begins to let hope and relief wash over him, a flashforward is shown. This time, a despairing Jack sits alone, drinking on the floor of his filthy apartment, surrounded by maps and charts. Jack picks up a phone and dials a number. A woman answers and he begs to meet with her. At the designated location, Jack spots the car he was waiting for and Kate emerges from the vehicle. As they talk, it becomes apparent that all of the "flashbacks" of this episode are actually flashforwards that have happened after the survivors are (supposedly) rescued. Kate says that she can't stay long, as "He'll wonder where I am." Jack shows her the clipping from the paper that apparently mentioned the unknown person's viewing, and asks her if she went to the funeral. She angrily replies, "Why would I go?" Jack confesses that he made a terrible mistake in getting them rescued from the island. He explains to her that he has been using the "golden pass" given to him by the airline to take flights across the Pacific, in hopes that the plane would crash and he would get back to the island. He says he no longer cares what would happen to the other passengers onboard. He says that he wishes that he could go back and fix his mistake. Kate refuses to agree that leaving the island was a mistake. Kate gets in her car and begins to pull away, as Jack is left screaming: "We have to go back!"

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I am a dentist, not Rambo."

- Bernard

"Because we have to go home."

- Jin

"It's Charlie! Tell him I said "Hi"!"

- Charlie

"If you say 'live together, die alone' to me, Jack, I'm gonna punch you in your face."

- Rose

"I thought you two were on assignment in Canada!"

- Mikhail (referring to Bonnie and Greta)

"So much for fate."

- Charlie

"I didn't want him to get you pregnant. I suppose I overreacted."

- Ben

"Now get out of the ditch, John."

- Walt

"We have to go back!"

- Jack

Background InformationEdit

  • This is the first episode to flash forward for a character, instead of backwards.

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