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Three Minutes
Season 2
Episode 22
Air Date May 17, 2006
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback Michael Dawson

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The survivors lay Ana-Lucia and Libby to rest on the beach. Meanwhile, Michael's experiences during his absence are revealed.


In the aftermath of the tragedy at the Hatch, a few things are becoming clear. Michael is willing to wait no longer in order to get his son back. And Jack will never again allow his people to be terrorized by the Others. Hippocratic Oath aside, if there is to be war, let it come. And may it be—finally—the last battle for life on this island.

For some the war has already begun and more than one of our survivors has blood on their hands. Some just have an easier time wiping it off. So while preparations are made to bury Libby and Ana Lucia, a plan is hatched to go and end things once and for all. And it's Michael who is intent on leading the charge.

But there's a catch—not everyone is invited to come. Just five people will be making this journey and all have been chosen by Michael himself, whether they are aware of that fact or not. And some of his choices might be surprising.

But IN FLASHBACK we get to experience the things that led Michael to this place. And when we learn the details surrounding what happened to Walt, as much as we don't want to, we can almost understand why Michael had to do what he…well, did.

So here we are on the island—all of our survivors gathered to bury their dead, their friends, as the sun sinks slowly into the sea, ending another day in this place. Charlie and Claire, perhaps forging the beginnings of an unlikely reconciliation. Kate, helping Hurley to say out loud the things he felt for Libby. Michael, now more alone than ever before, having risked absolutely everything to save his son. And Sayid, beginning to suspect there is more to this than meets the eye.

But like most things on this island, all those stories will have to wait. We've got a new topic for discussion now. And it's sailing straight for the island…

Memorable QuotesEdit

"They were murdered."

- Michael

"For a brief time I served in a small parish in England. Every day, after mass, I would see a young boy waiting at the back of the church. One day the boy confessed to me that he had beaten his dog to death with a shovel. He said that the dog had bitten his baby sister on the cheek. He needed to protect her and he wanted to know if he would go to hell for this. I told him that God would understand and he would be forgiven, as long as he was sorry. But the boy did not care about forgiveness. He was only afraid that if he did go to hell, that dog would be there waiting for him. "

- Eko

Background InformationEdit

  • Ms. Klugh says to Michael that "for someone who wants his son back so badly, you don't seem to know much about him". This line is very similar to the line Lizzy said to Michael in Adrift.

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