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The following is a list of threads that have appeared on LOST. Click on the corresponding category to learn more about the interweaving elements of the LOST story.



Various objects that have appeared on LOST play a very important role in the story. Some items create entertainment for the survivors, others create controversy, however, all serve their purpose well.


Episodes often mention or incorporate literary works, or use the name of a literary work as an episode title—a point of interest to fans who try to connect them to Lost's mythology. While certain books are read by characters, others are referenced in dialogue, and some have just been glimpsed.

Geronimo Jackson

Music plays a big part in the theme of the show. Music is often played at the end of an episode to set the theme of the show, or played during the show on the hatch's record player to entice a particular scene.


There have been a number of instances in which the survivors encounter animals that are either not native to the island or have special attributes. Among the animals on the island are polar bears, wild boars, chickens, giant birds, tree frogs, horses, and a Yellow Labrador named Vincent.


In flashbacks, characters are seen using vehicles on a regular basis. For the survivors on the island the rafts have been the vehicle of choice to date. However, the Others seem to have a much more extensive vehicle collection.