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There's No Place Like Home - Part 2
There's No Place Like Home - Part 2
Season 4
Episode 13
Air Date May 29, 2008
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Carlton Cuse
Director Jack Bender
Flashforward Oceanic Six

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Locke and Ben make their way into the Orchid station in an attempt to move the island. Michael and Jin remain on the Kahana in an attempt to disarm the explosives aboard. The Oceanic Six find their rescue, along with Desmond and Lapidus as they make contact with Penny's vessel.


On the Island, Kate, Sayid and the Others successfully take out the mercenaries from the Kahana, but Keamy feigns death and follows Ben to the Orchid station. At the Orchid, Locke pleads with Jack not to leave the island because he has not yet done what he is supposed to do there. When Jack refuses, Locke tells him to lie about the island once they leave, in order to protect the island itself. After Jack leaves, Locke and Ben prepare to move the Island by watching an orientation video that discusses time travel; however, before the tape is over the VCR malfunctions. Keamy arrives and tells Locke that if he dies the bomb on the freighter will explode, due to a remote trigger linked to a heart-rate monitor he is wearing. Ben, still reeling over the loss of his daughter Alex, viciously stabs and kills Keamy with no remorse or sympathy for those on the boat. Ben then tells Locke that whoever moves the Island is forced to leave it and never come back. Ben says that he must do it so that Locke can lead the Others. Ben climbs down into a frozen chamber, after putting on a parka, and cuts his arm. Inside, he turns a very large metal wheel before disappearing. Meanwhile, Locke exits the Orchid and joins the Others a few miles away.

Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sawyer, Hurley, and Frank leave the Island on the helicopter, but discover a fuel leak which occurred during the earlier gun battle between Keamy's men and the Others. In order to lighten the helicopter, Sawyer jumps out, but not before whispering something in Kate's ear. The helicopter makes it back to the Kahana in the nick of time; they refuel it, fix the leak, pick up Desmond, Sun and Aaron and leave before the C4 aboard explodes, apparently killing Michael and Jin, as well as many other nameless characters who either crewed the freighter or were survivors that went to the ship with Sun. Just before the bomb explodes, Christian appears to Michael, who is busy attempting to stall the explosion by cooling the battery with liquid nitrogen, and tells him he 'can go', by which he means the island is going to allow him to die in the blast. Daniel, who is ferrying people between the island and the boat, turns around. Sawyer makes it back to the Island to find Juliet drinking rum and sadly watching the distant smoke rising from the wreckage of the ship.

The people on the helicopter decide to return to the Island, but as they approach, they see the island vanish. With nowhere to land, the helicopter again runs out of fuel and the survivors are forced to ditch into the ocean. They drift in a rescue raft for several hours. Hurley suggests that Locke succeeded in moving the Island. Jack angrily disagrees, in accordance with his professed disbelief in miracles. At night, the survivors encounter a boat owned by Penelope Widmore. Jack then tells the other survivors that they must lie about what had happened to them to protect the people still on the island. Desmond and Penny are reunited and Desmond introduces her to the other survivors. They reluctantly agree with Jack's plan to lie about what they've been through, and they come up with a plan for the survivors to arrive on a small island in Indonesia with a phony story about how they got there after the plane crash. They bid farewell to Desmond and Frank and arrive on the island.

In a series of flashforwards, Kate, Jack, and Walt all recount stories of being approached by Jeremy Bentham, the man in the coffin that Jack visits in Through the Looking Glass. Sometime later, Kate has a dream in which Claire tells her not to bring Aaron back to the Island. In London, Sun confronts Charles Widmore and tells him that they have common interests, implying that they should work together to find the Island. Meanwhile, Sayid breaks Hurley out of the mental hospital, in order to take him somewhere "safe". In the final flashforward, Jack returns to the funeral parlor where he is confronted by Ben, who says that the Island will not allow Jack to return without everyone else who left joining him, including Locke, who is revealed to be in the coffin and apparently has been contacting the Oceanic Six under the alias Jeremy Bentham.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Checkmate, Mr. Eko"

- Hurley

"I have a few ideas...Jack, I said ALL of you. You're going to have to bring him too."

- Ben

Background InformationEdit

  • Henrik appears as a crew member aboard the Searcher vessel. Henrik previously appeared in Live Together, Die Alone as a member of an Antarctic search team monitoring electromagnetic discharges. Once Desmond has triggered the fail-safe inside the Swan, Henrik and his partner Mathias were alerted to the location of the island, and telephoned Penny with the news.
  • John Locke is revealed to have left the island under the alias of "Jeremy Bentham", and has sought out several of the survivors in an attempt to lure them back to the island.

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