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The Waterfall
Name The Waterfall
Appears In Whatever the Case May Be
Last Seen In Exposé

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The Waterfall was discovered by Kate and Sawyer when the two heard the sound of running water while in the jungle and emerged in a clearing to find a lagoon along with the afore mentioned waterfall.

Taking a Little DipEdit

While harvesting fruit from trees deep in the jungle, Kate senses she is being followed. After throwing a rock in the direction of the disturbance, she discovers Sawyer is the one following her. Sawyer reasons that, after Claire's abduction, it may not be safe to travel in the jungle alone, although Kate feels she could take care of herself. While the two walk through the jungle, they hear the sound of running water, and run after the source of the sound. The pair emerge into the light to find a clearing that contains a lagoon and a magnificent waterfall. Upon sight of this, Sawyer decides its time to go swimming. The two jump into the water, and also dive off of a cliff face into the water directly beneath the waterfall.


The Bodies

The two then swim to the bottom of the lagoon, only to discover bodies of a man and a woman still strapped into their airplane seats. The two also find a metal case under one of the seats, but return to the surface. Sawyer wanted to head back under to find something valuable on the bodies, but Kate wants help in retrieving the case. Sawyer manages to loosen the case, and the two return to shore. Sawyer realizes this case is not Kate's, and tells her so. Kate says she doesn't care about the case, but Sawyer calls her bluff and takes the case for himself. The two then head back into the jungle.

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