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The Tustin Box Company
Tustin Box Co
Name The Tustin Box Company
Country Tustin, California
Introduced In Walkabout
Type Cardboard Manufacturer

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The Tustin Box Company was a cardboard manufacturer in Tustin, California that primarily dealt with the making of boxes. This is a real place that really exists today. One of the writers must live nearby or have worked there to have come up with the name. The actual address is 1600 Barranca Pkwy in Irvine, CA.

It is on the southeast corner of Red Hill Ave. and Barranca Parkway. It is at the intersection of 3 cities. The city limits of Tustin extend along the east side of Red Hill Ave. and end at Barranca. This corner contains the Tustin air base with the 2 enormous blimp hangers.

If you go west from this intersection Barranca becomes Dyer Road and you enter Santa Ana city limits. So east of this intersection is Santa Ana, northeast of this intersection is Tustin, and southeast of this intersection is Irvine.

The large industrial building on the southeast corner used to have the "CCA" logo for "Container Corporation of America" which made corrugated cardboard boxes. This was later sold to the Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation who still owns it. But years ago when the Tustin Marine Corps Helicopter Air Station was in operation across the street everyone called this location Tustin.

John Locke and RandyEdit

John Locke was employed at the company as a Regional Collections Supervisor at the company, and his superior was Randy, who would constantly berate him on not having his work done on time, and how he chased after dreams he could never accomplish due to the fact that he was a paraplegic. Locke and his friend Warren would often trade phone calls in a playful nature to set-up for their game of Axis and Allies which they would play during their lunch break. While working one day, Randy discovered Locke's guide to an Australian Walkabout, while Warren was very supportive, Randy informed him that he could never do something like that, to which Locke replied "Don't tell me what I can't do".

Hugo Reyes and the CompanyEdit

After Hugo Reyes won the lottery, he was notified by his accountant that he was the majority shareholder of a box company in Tustin, CA. This may or may not be the same company, however; it seems in all likeliness that it is.


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Possible Majority ShareholderEdit


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