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The Temple
The Temple

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Name The Temple
Area of Research Sanctuary
Name Given In Through the Looking Glass

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The Temple is a sanctuary and the "last safe place on the island". Ben sent Richard and the remaining Others to the camp for safe haven, and planned to send Alex, Karl, and Rousseau there as well. The Temple bears a DHARMA logo of its own, however, it is unknown what purpose it serves, if any.

The Temple is later revealed to be a safe zone and sanctuary for the Others, and has a large perimeter wall built around the main temple to keep outsiders from ever seeing it. Jin and the French expedition team visited the exterior wall, and it was the location where Montand had his arm ripped from its socket, as he was forcibly dragged under the wall by the monster.

After Ben had been shot by Sayid as a child, Kate and Sawyer brought Ben's wounded form to the Others, who in turn took the boy to the temple walls so that he could be healed. Richard warned the two, however, that the move came with consequences, as Ben would never be the same again if he underwent the procedure.

The man who appeared to be Locke also visited the exterior wall, as he and Ben arrived at the gates so that Ben may be judged for his actions by the monster. The two ventured underneath the wall, where Ben fell through a weak floor, and was subsequently confronted by the monster, and ordered to obey Locke by a vision of his deceased daughter, Alex.

Following Sayid's gunshot wound at the hands of DHARMA men in the year 1977, and the subsequent failure to prevent Oceanic Flight 815 from ever crashing on the island, Hurley was instructed by the recently-deceased Jacob to bring Sayid to the Temple to be healed. Jin, having previously been to the area, was to lead Hurley and the survivors there. Upon arriving at the temple walls, Hurley led the survivors underground, where they were ambushed by Others and brought as captives to the main temple location, which takes on a pyramid shape and is prefaced by a large lagoon. The Others at the Temple, upon accepting Hurley's referral from Jacob, brought Sayid into the main temple area, which housed a large wading pool. Sayid was then placed in the pool and held underwater while an hourglass counted down a pre-determined amount of time. However, prior to the timer elapsing, Sayid appeared to drown. As the other survivors mulled their options, and as the Others braced the temple for an incoming attack, Sayid regained consciousness some time later, despite his apparent death.

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