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The Swan
Name The Swan
Area of Research Containment (Originally built for Electromagnetic research)
First Seen In All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
First Visited In Man of Science, Man of Faith
Name Given In Orientation
Last Seen In LA X
Found By Locke, Boone
Created by Radzinsky, Pierre Chang

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The second DHARMA Initiative station discovered by the survivors is known as "Station 3, The Swan" in its orientation film, but is referred to informally by the survivors as "the hatch." DHARMA Initiative built The Swan in the 1970's. According to the orientation film, Station 3 was originally constructed "as a laboratory where DHARMA researchers could work to understand the unique electromagnetic fluctuations emanating from that sector of the island."

Interior Edit

The station comprises a number of rooms:

  • The Mural: At the entrance to the living quarters there is a mural (painted by Desmond, according to the season two bonus disk) featuring among other things the numbers 108 and 42, one black and one white face, stick figures, fish, a sun, waves, houses, and an arrow.
  • The Dome: The Dome is the area inside the station where much of the technical equipment is stored. The computer is located inside the dome, as is the timer.
  • The Kitchen: The Kitchen is located near the center of the station and is used for the preparation of food.
  • The Pantry: The Pantry houses all of the food inside the station. It was later removed and distributed to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 by Hurley.
  • The Armoury: The armoury contained an arsenal of weapons. Once the weapons were removed, the armoury was used as a makeshift prison cell for Henry Gale.

There also are at least two entrances; one hidden door, and the emergency exit known as The Hatch.

Orientation FilmEdit


Opening Logo

The film found in the Swan Station provides a brief history of the DHARMA Initiative, as narrated by Pierre Chang. The DHARMA Initiative was founded by Gerald and Karen DeGroot, and funded by Alvar Hanso. The film gives a very brief description of the Swan station, and what occupants are expected to do.

An unspecified "incident" early in the station's experiments resulted in a change of focus: a two-member crew, replaced every 540 days, is now under orders to enter a code (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) into a microcomputer terminal every 108 minutes. The film stresses the importance of adhering to the procedure by entering the code quickly and accurately, but gives no reason or potential consequences. At the end of the film, a copyright date of 1980 is shown.

Kelvin's original partner, Radzinsky, made "creative edits" to the film, removing pieces of it. An additional section of the film, returned by Mr. Eko when he found it in an hollow Bible in another station, adds about 30 seconds of footage in which Chang emphasizes that the terminal computer should not be used for anything other than entering the code. Both Kelvin and his partner worked on the ultraviolet map and their knowledge of potential communication is reflected in notes on "Dharmatel Intranet," which suffered repeated failures as recent as 2003.

Purpose of the StationEdit

Station 3 Computer

The Computer

The original purpose of The Swan was to be a sort of laboratory for DHARMA's research on electromagnetism. According to Chang, The Swan was conducting its initial experiments when the aforementioned "incident" occurred. When questioned about the incident, Kelvin describes the material behind the wall as "electromagnetism, geologically unique". The incident mentioned in the orientation filmstrip caused a leak, which necessitates the release of built-up charge every 108 minutes. The aftermath resulted in the regular button-pushing procedure.


The Swan's Exterior after implosion

In "Live Together, Die Alone" John Locke destroys the computer's monitor which - although the computer was still functioning - prompts Desmond to respond: "you've killed us all". When the countdown reaches 0 shortly after, smaller and then large metal objects begin to be drawn against the station wall. Desmond descends into the crawlspace below the computer dome and activates the fail-safe device. A bright white light, accompanied by a low humming sound and a higher whining sound, envelopes the entire island and parts of the station are sent flying all the way to the beach camp.

Although the events in "Live Together, Die Alone" showed that the Swan had some purpose beyond that of a psychological experiment, it is still very enigmatic. The station was shown to have imploded, leaving only a large crater with bits of debris. Some fans believe that this crater is not the whole station but only one section of it due to the layout and size of the crater. John, Eko, and Desmond, who were inside the station when it was destroyed, all survived.

The TimerEdit


The Hieroglyphics

Station 3 was equipped with a flip-card timer, which was controlled by a computer and connected to an alarm system. The computer reset the timer through manual entry of a numeric code "4 8 15 16 23 42" every 108 minutes and pressing an "Execute" button.

The code could not be entered until four minutes before the countdown reached zero, at which time the alarm began to sound. Until that time, the computer was unresponsive to keyboard input. However, Michael used the terminal several times to contact his son Walt. At the four-minute mark, a horn speaker alarm was activated. After the one-minute mark, the alarm accelerated and grew louder, and then again at the 10-second mark. If the countdown actually reached zero, the familiar black and white numbers began to flip into a series of black and red tiles which appeared to be Egyptian hieroglyphs. The five glyphs (read from right to left) translate into the Ancient Egyptian word swDa (pronounced swdja), a causative verb meaning "to make dead". Without the fifth glyph, it translates instead as "to keep safe".

In the climax of "Live Together, Die Alone," the timer was destroyed by the magnetic force inside The Swan when the code was not entered.

Key SwitchEdit

System Termination

System Termination

A crawl space, accessed by a trapdoor, is located underneath the computer room. In the center of a large metallic bagua in the floor, a key switch is located with an accompanying label reading "CAUTION: SYSTEM TERMINATION." It has been assumed to be a fail-safe or self-destruct device, though the true purpose has not yet been revealed, nor the consequences of its activation. The key for this key switch was hidden inside the bookcase in The Swan's living area.

In a flashback, Desmond found Kelvin drunk next to this device, holding the key. Kelvin told him that just a turn of the key would "make this all go away." Desmond turns the key and activates the device when he and Locke fails to press the button after destroying the terminal's monitor in Live Together, Die Alone. The resulting incident destroys the station, sending the hatch door flying all the way to the beach camp.

The MapEdit


The Map

In "Lockdown", the blast doors drop. John Locke is pinned underneath one of the doors while the timer for the countdown approaches zero. Just after the alarm stops sounding, all of the lights go out and several ultraviolet lights turn on.

A drawing is revealed on the inside of one door, which appears to be a map of a part of the island enclosed in the shape of an octagon. At the bottom of the drawing are the words "I AM HERE" with an arrow pointing to a drawing of the Swan logo.

On the map, there are appear to be six structures depicted, with at least four of them labeled by name and icon like DHARMA stations: The Swan, The Flame, The Staff and The Arrow. The other structures are labeled by numbers, some with question marks. Two of the alleged stations are drawn with dotted lines. The six structures all surround a big circled question mark in the center of the map. Visited in "?", this location was revealed to be Station 5, The Pearl. At the top left, there is another structure (a seventh) which is scribbled out. Among the stations on the southeast side of the map, there are four rectangular structures/labels that have "CV I", "CV II", "CV III", and "CV IV" written on them.

In the episode "Live Together, Die Alone", the mapmaker was revealed to be Inman, who was continuing a project that had also been worked on by Radzinsky. For the fluorescent paint, Inman used DHARMA Initiative liquid detergent.

Season 5Edit

During The Time shifts Daniel Faraday banged on the swan door hoping to meet Desmond. Daniel Faraday managed to instruct Desmond to meet his mother Eloise Hawking before the next time shift


The Swan cons

construction site

DHARMA Initiative's head of research Radzinsky worked alongside Pierre Chang to build the swan . Radzinsky was once seen building the model of the swan by Jin.

After Daniel warned Chang about the risks of drilling into the energy pocket,Chang changed his mind and tried to convince Radzinsky to stop the drill.but Radzinsky insisted.

The IncidentEdit


DHARMA Initiative had to built the swan and discharge the energy caused The Incident (event) , by pushing the button every 108 minutes. The incident was caused by the drill into the pocket and presumably the explosion of Jughead

Season 6Edit

After detonating Jughead,Jack and the survivors woke up next the crater caused by the implosion of the Swan,which made them realize the explosion caused by Jughead time shifted them to the present. Later Sawyer found Juliet severely injured,dying under the ruins of the station

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