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The Staff Station
Name The Staff Station
Area of Research Medical Facility
First Seen/Visited In Maternity Leave
Name Given In Lockdown
Last Seen In D.O.C.

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The Staff Station was a DHARMA Initiative station and was primary used for medical research and was previously inhabited by The Others after Claire was kidnapped by Ethan.


When Claire's baby, Aaron, becomes ill, she begins having flashbacks of the time she was abducted by Ethan Rom. Convinced that her baby needs to find some of the
Dharma Caduceus

The Staff's main entrance

vaccine that was injected into her pregnant stomach during her abduction, Claire leads Kate and Rousseau through the jungle to the station where she had been held. While traveling, Claire's flashbacks continue sporadically, revealing that this is where the "Others" were going to have Claire give birth, and that there was a nursery provided for the baby. Claire also remembers that there was a corridor that she tried to go down, but that she was diverted by Ethan. When the trio find the station, however, it has been abandoned. In a locker room, Kate finds costumes and theatrical makeup, including a fake beard, which is very similar in appearance to that worn by Tom. The Staff seems to be a former medical station, since it is equipped with an operating room and is adorned with the caduceus symbol, often associated with the medical profession. Claire and Kate lift the refrigerated cabinet to find that all the medicines have been removed. However, Aaron recovers as Jack predicted before Claire and the others left on their quest.

Various VisitsEdit

The Death of SabineEdit


Sabine passed away from an unsuccessful surgery

When Sabine's pregnancy began to go wrong, she was taken to the Staff Station, where Ethan, Juliet, and Goodwin attempted surgery to save her. Unfortunately, Sabine died during the operation.

Claire's Experiences InsideEdit

While in the station, Claire became less and less aware of what was happening to her. She received several injections from Ethan for what he claimed was a vaccine that would prevent the baby from getting sick. After receiving one of these injections, Ethan presented her with the surprise of a room specifically for her unborn child.

Dr Ethan

Ethan presents Claire with the nursery for her child

Inside were several toys, assorted decorations for the child to enjoy, and a crib with Oceanic Airlines planes hanging from the mobile. Ethan was then summoned by Tom who berated him about not making "the list" first and bringing her in after it was completed. Several days later, Ethan brought Claire to the outside of the station and confessed that he was going to miss her when she finally left. That night, Claire was awoken by Alexandra Rousseau and was told that she was going to die after they cut the baby out of her. Claire was drugged and brought outside of the station where she was met by Rousseau, who was scratched by Claire and would later aid in her escape.

Claire ReturnsEdit


Claire and Rousseau enter the station

Fearing that an ill Aaron might be infected, Claire set off with Kate and Rousseau to retrieve the medicine she was given while in the custody of the Others (regaining her lost memories of that event in the process). To Claire's great disappointment, the trio discovered that the station had been abandoned some time after Claire escaped, its stock of medications removed. While searching the station, Kate found three lockers, one containing a fake beard and theatrical glue, as well as several items of dingy clothing, all of which had previously been worn by the Others in their encounters with the survivors, presumably to make themselves appear more alien and threatening.

Sun and JulietEdit

Juliet takes Sun to the Staff after she told her that all pregnant woman die on the island. Juliet takes Sun to the locker room and reveals a hidden entrance to the room where the Others took all the pregnant woman to die. Juliet then gives Sun an ultrasound and they find out that the baby is Jin's. Before they leave, Juliet goes back inside to deliver a message to Ben via tape recorder.




The entrance to the Staff station

The entrance to the Staff Station was discovered by Claire, Danielle and Kate while they were searching for where Claire was taken when she was kidnapped.

The entrance to the Staff Station was well concealed as it was hidden behind a dark tarp covered in leaves. In "Maternity Leave", Claire and Kate removed the tarp, opened the door, and proceeded downward into the station.

At the entrance is a set of stairs which lead down to a small locker containing flashlights bearing the DHARMA Staff logo. The entrance leads into a corridor which then leads to corresponding rooms inside the station.



Ethan leading Claire down the corridor of the Staff

Inside the station is a corridor which leads to many room inside the station. The corridor leads from the entrance to the nursery, locker room and examination room. On the wall of the corridor is a door that contains the words "Escape Hatch".

When Claire, Danielle and Kate arrived inside the station, the corridor appeared to be very badly damaged. While Claire was inside the station with Ethan, the corridor was neat and clean, but when it was later visited by the castaways, it appeared dilapidated with cable and wires hanging haphazardly from the ceiling.



A view of the nursery

Ethan presented the room to Claire as surprise and informed her that the room was going to be used for her baby. Inside the room was a fully-furnished nursery. It contained a bed, a storage chest, drawers, shelves with books, and several lamps. Children’s paintings and ornaments adorned the walls of the room. Numerous toys and stuffed animals were placed about the nursery. Affixed onto it was a mobile which had Oceanic Airlines planes attached to it, and played the song "Catch a Falling Star", which was a song Claire's father had sung to her as a child.

Claire used the room as a personal living quarters during her time spent inside the station. When Claire was awoken by a young girl and told that she was going to die when they cut her baby out of her, Claire was drugged and dragged from this room.

When Claire and Danielle entered the room, they discovered nothing by the rocking chair which Claire has previously used, and a tiny bootie which Claire had knitted while in the chair.

Examination RoomEdit

At the end of the hallway is the operating room. The room has built-in cabinets with a shelf and overhead cabinets along one wall, a large array of surgical lights mounted to the ceiling, and the walls of the room are painted with a subdued color palette. When discovered by Kate, Claire, and Rousseau, the room contains a metal basin, a lockable refrigerator, and a couple of cardboard boxes.


Several Others preparing for Claire's operation

The examination room inside the Staff Station is the room where Claire was examined by Ethan Rom after she was abducted. Claire was given a series of injections of CR 4-81516-23 42 which Ethan claimed was a vaccine designed to protect her child from getting sick.

The examination room was later filled with doctors preparing to operate on Claire to remove her baby (possibly by cesarean section). Claire witnessed the doctors gathering when a young girl rescued her from the station claiming that they were going to cut her baby out of her.

When Claire returned to the abandoned station weeks later, she discovered the exam room did not contain the vaccines she needed to relieve Aaron of his illness.

The Locker RoomEdit


Kate finds the locker room

When Kate entered the room in Maternity Leave, she saw a wall of lockers. She approached the largest three and opened one of them to discover some dingy clothes, a wool cap, and a case containing theatrical glue and a fake beard.

In "D.O.C.", Juliet leads Sun to the Staff after Sun comes to Juliet seeking to be told the fate of pregnant women on the island. After entering the station, Juliet led the way to the locker room. Once there, she opened a locker near the door that contained a mechanical level. Juliet pulled the lever, which revealed a hidden room that was concealed behind a row of lockers.

After Juliet leads Sun back above ground, she asks if Sun will be okay waiting outside as Juliet "covers their tracks” in the medical station. Juliet then enters the locker room alone to surreptitiously leave a message for Ben on a tape recorder, explaining her findings with Sun, and promising to get a sample from Austen. She then stops the tape and whispers, "I hate you."

The "Hidden" RoomEdit


Juliet assists Sun in the hidden room

In "D.O.C.", Juliet reveals to Sun that women who conceived off the island can survive; those that conceive on the island cannot. Juliet agrees to help Sun determine when she conceived, and leds her to the hidden room in the Staff Station to get an ultrasound image, so Juliet can calculate the date of conception. Sun explains how her husband was sterile before coming to the island, and how she had an affair with Jae Lee before the crash. Either way, it's bad news: either she's going to die, or the baby is not her husband's. Juliet performs the ultrasound, and confirms that the conception took place some forty days after the crash. Sun sincerely thanks Juliet for the news, reassuring her that she delivered good news.