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The Shape of Things to Come
The Shape of Things to Come
Season 4
Episode 9
Air Date April 24, 2008
Writer(s) Brian K. Vaughan
Drew Goddard
Director Jack Bender
Flashforward Benjamin Linus

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Keamy and the Kahana crew commence their attack on the Barracks in an attempt to extract Benjamin Linus. Meanwhile, the survivors discover the body of the Kahana's doctor, Ray, on the beach with his throat slit.


At the beach camp, the corpse of Ray, the freighter Kahana's doctor—washes ashore. Daniel Faraday calls the freighter and asks what happened to Ray via morse code. Daniel lies about the response, saying that rescue helicopters will be sent soon; however, Bernard calls him on this and correctly interprets the freighter's message: "What are you talking about? The doctor is fine." Jack who suffers from stomach problems throughout the day—forces Daniel to reveal that it was never their intention to rescue the survivors.

Meanwhile, Alex is captured by Martin Keamy and others from the freighter. As they take her to the Barracks, she sets off an alarm heralding the arrival of Ben's enemies. Ben, Locke, and Hurley fortify Ben's house, while Sawyer goes to retrieve the other survivors in the Barracks. He is partially successful: he saves Claire from her exploded and burning house, but Doug, Jerome and at least one other are shot dead by the mercenaries. Keamy finds and frees Miles, giving him a walkie-talkie to take to Ben. Ben communicates with Keamy, who threatens to kill Alex if Ben does not surrender. Ben attempts to negotiate and is shocked when Keamy executes Alex. Ben locks himself in a secret room behind the secret room in the house, where he summons the smoke monster. The monster arrives and attacks Keamy and his henchmen. Ben and Locke leave the Barracks to locate Jacob for further instructions and forcefully take Hurley with them, while Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles depart for the beach.

Flashforwards show Ben in three continents in Autumn 2005. Ben wakes up in the Sahara Desert wearing a winter jacket and having no marks that indicate how he arrived there. He kills two locals and travels on horseback to Tozeur, Tunisia on October 24, 2005 but for some reason he seems not to know what date to expect. Ben journeys to Tikrit, Iraq, where the funeral of Sayid's wife Nadia is taking place. Ben tells Sayid that Charles Widmore ordered Ishmael Bakir to kill Nadia. Ben lures Bakir and Sayid shoots him several times, even pulling the trigger after the gun runs out of bullets. Ben recruits him to become his assassin. Ben leaves for London, England, breaks into Widmore's penthouse and threatens to kill Widmore's daughter Penny in retribution for Alex's death, which he claims "changed the rules". Widmore claims that the island is his and that Ben has taken much from him.

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"Australia is the key to the whole game."

- Hurley

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