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The Second Raft
The Second Raft
Name The Second Raft
Introduced In Numbers
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Like the first raft, it was Michael who took the initiative to build a second raft. As opposed to the first raft, Walt was more involved in the building of the raft, and seemed more intent of leaving the island. After Jin was proven innocent by Sun (and somewhat betrayed as she did not reveal to him that she spoke English), he joined Michael in the building of the second raft.

During construction, Kate requested a spot on the raft, however, Michael stated that the raft was full and that the deal he made with Sawyer during the construction of the first raft, still stands. Michael drank a bottle of water which made him ill, and accusations fell on Sawyer as being the one who poisoned him. However, Sawyer later turned the tables and revealed that Kate was in fact a fugitive in possession of Joanna's passport, which he stated she planned to use for her own identity once rescued.

It was later revealed that it was in fact Sun that poisoned the water, but meant it to be for Jin as she did not want him to leave, and just got the bottles mixed up. Kate has not revealed this secret to anyone.

The raft was launched the same day that "The Others" were suspected of arriving. While at sea, the crew thought they were part of a rescue as they encountered a boat headed their way, however, it was in fact Tom and "the Others" arriving to kidnap Walt. After the kidnapped Walt, they threw a Molotov cocktail onto the raft, destroying it. Michael and Sawyer floated back to the island on a piece of the raft, as did Jin on a separate piece.

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