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The Radio
The Radio
Name The Radio
Introduced In ...And Found
Last Seen In The Long Con
Owned By Unknown
Found By The Tailies

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When the Tail Section survivors uncovered the Arrow Station, they found a trunk inside the station. Inside the trunk was a radio, the Bible, some blankets, and the Glass Eye which Libby had found. (The Other 48 Days)

On Day 41, Bernard attempted to pick up a signal claiming that he did so every day for five minutes. He was successful when they picked Boone's signal which he was transmitting from the Beechcraft. (Deus Ex Machina) / (The Other 48 Days)

When Hurley presented Sayid with the radio hoping he could "cross the blue wire with the red wire" to make in stronger, Sayid refused at first stating that it was a waste of time. Sayid, however, took to the project and did his best to make it work. Hurley and Sayid were able to pick up Rousseau's transmission, as well as a radio station playing the song "Moonlight Serenade". (The Long Con)

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