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The Ping-Pong Table
Ping-Pong Table
Name The Ping-Pong Table
Introduced In Orientation
Last Seen In Catch-22
Owned By The DHARMA Initiative
Found By Jin

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In The SwanEdit

The Swan Station was filled with many things from books to exercise equipment, that were intended to help make the occupants' lives more comfortable. One such item was a ping-pong table, complete with a ball and paddles. By the time Locke, Kate, and Jack entered the station, the ping-pong table was pushed up against a bookshelf. Eventually, Desmond and Locke decided to let the stations counter run down to zero to see if anything would happen. However, Desmond realized that to do so would kill everyone on the island. He began a frantic search for the Failsafe Key hidden in his copy of Our Mutual Friend, he did not find it until he moved the ping-pong table.

Pearl NotesEdit

When Locke and Eko discovered the Pearl Station, they found severl notebooks chronicling the actions of past inhabitants of the Swan. Several days later, when Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and Michael discovered the dumpsite where hundreds of similar notebooks had been sent, via a pneumatic tube from the Pearl itself, Kate examined one of the notebooks. One of the entries read, "0400: S.R. moved the ping pong table again."


Exactly ten days after the destruction of the Swan, Jin discovered the the table, miraculously intact in the jungle. The other survivors helped him bring the net and the two segments of the tabletop out to the beach, where they secured it to a set of legs they contstructed to keep it steady, and two paddles were made out of the lids from cans of DHARMA food. Upon seeing this, Sawyer took the opportunity to challenge the other survivors to a game of ping-pong in order to get the contents of his stash returned to him, and Sun raised the stakes by suggesting that if he lost, he would be required to refrain from calling anyone by one of his nicknames for one week. Certain that he would win, Sawyer accepted the terms and let them choose their best player to face him. Hurley was selected and humilated Sawyer by defeating him, with Sawyer winding up with a miserable three points. Later Sawyer jokingly explained to Jack that someone had to play a round of ping-pong "every 108 minutes or the world would end."


One week later, Hurley and Sawyer were engaged in a re-match. Hurley had already beat Sawyer three times, and Sawyer was insisting on extending the rules from best of five to best of seven, when Nikki came stumbling out of the jungle and collapsed.


The day after Jack, Kate, and Sayid returned to the beach with Juliet, Sawyer came to Jack to inform him that some things had changed while Jack was gone. He then produced the paddles, and the two were soon playing. Sawyer proved to be a better player than Jack, a fact that Jack attributed to his not having played ping-pong since he was twelve. Jack finally managed to score against Sawyer when he mentioned talking to Kate the night before, but Sawyer regained his composure when he realized the Jack had actually spent most of his time with Juliet the night before. They then extended their match to the best two games out of three.

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