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The Pearl
Name The Pearl
Area of Research Monitoring station
First Seen/Visited In ?
Name Given In Lockdown
Last Seen In Exposé

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The Pearl is a DHARMA Initiative research discovered by Nikki and Paulo in episode "Exposé" during an "on-island" flashback, but then later rediscovered by Locke and Mr. Eko in ?. Identified by a "?" on Locke's hand drawn map it seems to be somewhere "north" of the Swan. Station 5 is a base for monitoring, through hidden security cameras, the Swan station, as well as possibly other DHARMA Initiative projects. There is also a camera monitoring the personnel in the Pearl.

The part of the station visited is a viewing room, which features a three-by-three bank of television sets, two chairs and a computer, hooked to a printer. On the wall there is a pneumatic tube which the orientation videotape stated was used to transport notebooks supposedly to another DHARMA location, but as discovered in "Live Together, Die Alone", the tube goes nowhere, dumping all of the notebooks in an open field on the island.



Mr. Eko and Locke peering into the shaft.

Nikki and Paulo first discovered the Pearl station unanimously, but left shortly after deciding to not go inside. Later on, Paulo comes back to go inside and find the bathroom area to hide his stash of diamonds. While in there, Ben and Juliet come in to discuss their plan to kidnap Jack, Kate, and Sawyer by using Michael. Without discovering Paulo, they leave.

Locke and Eko find the station underneath the Beechcraft plane from Nigeria discovered in "Deus Ex Machina". They pull open the hatch, shaped like an octagon, and descend a long shaft. Locke flips a light switch, revealing a short corridor to a room with two comfortable chairs facing a wall with nine television screens. One television is already turned on, but showing static. Only one of the remaining sets is functional, showing what appears to be a video feed from inside The Swan. Locke sees a computer terminal and answers a prompt reading "Print Log? Y/N". A printer spools off several sheets of paper with the word "accepted" after strings of numbers. These numbers are the dates and times the alarm goes off at Station 3. After which is the word "accepted" if the button has been successfully pushed, or the words "SYSTEM FAILURE" if the timer was allowed to reach zero. Eko finds an orientation video, but this time it is on a U-matic tape instead of a projector reel.

Orientation VideoEdit


The Pearl orientation video

An orientation video discovered by Locke and Eko is similar to the one they previously viewed inside The Swan. The narrator appears to be the same man in both presentations. This time, however, he introduces himself as "Dr. Mark Wickmund" and has full use of both hands.

The narrator states that the purpose of the Pearl is to monitor and record the activities of participants in DHARMA Initiative projects. He explains that a psychological experiment is taking place in another station on the island: participants therein, unaware that they are under surveillance, have been conditioned to believe their work is of grave importance. Two-person teams in the Pearl station, working eight hour shifts over a three week period, are to watch the video displays and take notes on their observations. Every action, regardless of how subtle, is to be recorded into notebooks by the Pearl's team members, both for posterity and ongoing refinement of the Initiative. He demonstrates that a completed notebook should be inserted into a cylinder and fed into the pneumatic tube delivery system. The man affirms that the notebooks will be "transported directly to us."

He instructs the team members that at the end of their three week session, "you are to proceed to the Pala Ferry, which will take you back to the barracks to prepare for your next - - -" At this point the video fades into snow, but resumes momentarily with the ending, containing the well-wishing of Dr. Chang. The end of the video shows a 1980 copyright by the Hanso Foundation, as did The Swan's orientation.

Monitor bankEdit


Pierre in front of the monitor bank.

Opposite the entrance to the room is a bank of nine monitors — three rows of three monitors — with each monitor's control panel set into the wall to the right of each monitor. Only one monitor appears to have a video feed being sent to it when Locke and Eko turn them on — real-time video from inside the Swan's main living area. However, in the Pearl Orientation video, the top left monitor is briefly shown to be working, depicting two men around the computer in the Swan. The middle monitor in the bank is connected to a U-matic player within the station. In The Cost of Living, Nikki, Paulo, Sayid, Desmond and Locke see a man with an eyepatch in one of the monitors. The mysterious man soon covers the camera with his hand, and nothing more is seen. Immediately in front of the bank of monitors are two leather chairs on swivel mounts. Each chair appears to have a desk mounted to the right arm, a large magnifying glass mounted to the left arm (one chair is missing the magnifying glass), and a set of controls are built into the arms including a dial controlling the lighting level.

Computer deskEdit


Mr. Eko at the computer desk.

To the right of the monitor bank is a desk with a computer, a printer, message containers, and to the right of the desk is a pneumatic tube. Built into the wall over the desk is a lamp to allow ample lighting over the desk. The computer's prompt showed only one command asking if the user wanted to print a log or not. The computer appears to be continuously logging something, which is later shown to be the dates of inputs of the code in the Swan. Eko took the print out from the computer with him when he left the station.

The pneumatic tube is still in operating condition as Locke placed his drawing of the Swan's hidden map inside and it was whisked away. The Pearl's orientation film states that the pneumatic tube is to be used to send notebooks to "them" when they are filled with observations and notations about the psychological experiment. At least eleven message containers are present on the computer desk.

In Live Together, Die Alone, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Michael and Hurley discover that the termination point of the pneumatic tube is a distant spot on the island, where thousands of tubes containing journals are lying untouched in a large mound. Also found is Locke's map of the stations, which he sent through the tube in "?".

Purpose of the stationEdit

Despite what Eko and Locke originally thought about the station, it does not seem that the information tape about the station is correct. The pipeline capsules actually shoot out of a pipe in the middle of an empty field, and are apparently rarely, if ever, collected. Desmond speculated that instead of the people in the Pearl being the ones observing a psychological experiment, it was perhaps they themselves who were the subjects of the experiment. This is further evidenced by the camera observing the Pearl station itself.

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