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The Package
Season 6
Episode 10
Air Date March 30, 2010
Writer(s) Paul Zbyszewski & Graham Roland
Director Paul Edwards
Flash-Sideways Sun & Jin

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"The Package" is the tenth episode of season 6 and the 113th episode overall. The episode aired on March 30, 2010 in the United States. The episode focuses on Sun and Jin who are still separated and intent on finding each other. In the flash-sideways, an unmarried Jin and Sun plan to elope, but their plans are hindered by an unpleasant and dire situation.

Alternate Timeline - 2004Edit

Following the events detailed in the episode LA X, Sun is waiting for Jin to return from customs. The custom officer releases Jin and returns his suitcase and watch, but explains that the $25,000 he was carrying cannot be returned until Jin completes the necessary paperwork. Jin cannot understand because he cannot speak English. Anxious to leave, Sun and Jin exit the airport, with Jin lamenting the fact that he missed an important appointment. Sun asks what the money was for, but Jin does not know what it was for, only that he was to deliver it along with the watch for her father, his employer.

At the hotel Sun and Jin get their room keys - for separate rooms, as they are not married. After they are both settled in their rooms, Jin visits Sun's room and tells her that he's off for his meeting at the restaurant. Sun discourages Jin from going by unbuttoning her blouse. The two embrace and begin kissing, revealing that they are in a relationship, even though they're not married. Sun suggests that they should elope using money in a secret account Sun has. She also indicates that she has something else to tell Jin, when there is a knock on the door. Jin hides in the bathroom and Sun adjusts her clothing in the mirror and answers the door.

The unannounced visitor is Martin Keamy. He indicates that he's a friend to Mr. Paik and he knows that Sun has something for him. Sun hands over the watch, and Keamy asks after Jin because Jin is supposed to have money for him. Indicating that she does not speak English, one of Keamy's henchmen knocks on the door, and informs Keamy that Kwon is not in his room. Examining the room, Keamy makes note of two champagne glasses and realizes that Sun is not alone, correctly deducing that Jin was in the room. He finds Jin and conveys the message that he still wants his money. Keamy sends for an associate named Mikhail who is a polyglot that is fluent in Korean to help ease the current language barrier.

Through Mikhail, Sun explains that she has the money, but she needs to get it from the bank. Keamy agrees and sends Mikhail with Sun to the bank to retrieve the $25,000. He takes Jin to the restaurant. At the bank, the bank officer says that Sun's account was closed. Believing that her account was a secret, she was shocked to learn that her father had closed the account. Mikhail demonstrates a wry lack of surprise.

At the restaurant, Keamy takes Jin into a dry-storage room and proceeds to tie his hands together and tapes his mouth closed. As he does this he reveals the true situation. Jin, who does not speak English, watches uncomprehendingly as Keamy informs him that Mr. Paik knew about his and Sun's relationship, and was not happy about it. He explains that the $25,000 Jin was supposed to deliver was actually Keamy's contract fee for terminating Jin.

As Jin is locked in the storage room, he hears the confrontation between Keamy and Sayid which was fully shown in the episode Sundown. After a brief conversation, Jin hears gunshots and begins panicking. Soon after that Sayid opens the door and is surprised to see Jin inside. Sayid prepares to leave, but Jin manages to say "free, free" in English, and Sayid places a box-cutter in Jin's tied hands, wishes him the best of luck and leaves the premises.

Mikhail returns to the restaurant with Sun. They find the aftermath of the battle in the kitches, and find Jin among the bodies. Mikhail asks Keamy, still alive, who did this. Keamy says motions behind Mikhail who turns around as Jin points a gun at Mikhail's head. Confident that he is not the one responsible for the carnage, Mikhail approaches Jin. The two struggle briefly, Mikhail attacks Jin with a knife. Jin responds by shooting Mikhail. One bullet takes Mikhail in the eye. Jin notices that Sun was hit with the other shot. Rushing to her side, he sees blood on her hands and rushes out carrying her. As they exit the restaurant, Sun indicates that she is pregnant.

Original Timeline - 2007Edit

Locke's CampEdit

The scene starts with a night-vision scene spying on the camp where Locke and his followers are staying. Some small talk between Kate and Sawyer is heard, before the camera focuses on John Locke. Switching to a conventional view, Locke approaches Jin and tells him to take care of his injured leg. He then fills Jin in on the names that he and Sawyer discovered in the cave as shown in the episode "The Substitute". When Locke tells Jin that the name Kwon was in there, Jin inquires if that means himself or Sun. Locke admits that he doesn't know, but what he does know is that all the remaining Candidates have to be together for them to successfully leave the Island. Jin reminds him that Sun is not there and Locke tells him that he's working on it.

Locke tells Sayid that he is heading off, and that he will be back in the morning. Sayid informs Locke that he cannot feel anything - anger, happiness, pain. Locke hints that it may be better that way, considering what is coming. Without further discussion, Locke leaves. When Jin sees him heading off he begins packing. Sawyer asks him what he is doing and Jin says he's getting out before "that thing" comes back. Sawyer tells Jin that he has a deal with Widmore. Jin indicates that he's impatient to find Sun and is going after her. At this point, everyone in the camp is attacked by tranquilizer darts. Widmore's followers look through the fallen bodies looking for Jin. When they find him, Zoe instructs the team to take him.

When Locke turns he finds everyone unconscious. He wakes Sayid up and asks him what happens. Sayid responds that they were attacked, but does not know by whom. Locke notices Jin is missing and becomes visibly anxious.

Approaching Claire, he asks if something is wrong. She asks him about the names on the wall he was talking about before, and she asks if her name was there. He replied that it was not, but he still needs her. She then asks if Kate's name was on the wall. He replies again that it was not, but he needs her as well, to draw the other Candidates to him, but after that he wouldn't need her any more, implying that she would be fair game for Claire.

As Sayid and Locke prepare to embark for Hydra Island, Sawyer asks what they are doing. Locke informs him that they are going to Hydra Island because Widmore took one of his people so he is going to get that person back. Arriving at Hydra Island in the outrigger Locke approaches the sonic fence pylons which are constructed along the beach. Widmore's team jumps out of the bushes firing at him. Locke indicates that he says that he comes in peace. Widmore joins the group and the two converse from opposite sides of the fence. Locke points out that Widmore took one of his people, referring to Jin - and Widmore denies knowing anything about it. Locke then declares war on Widmore.

Ilana's CampEdit

Ben asks Ilana what are they waiting for. Ilana indicates that they are waiting for Richard to return. Ben reminds her that Richard appears to have gone crazy and he was willing to bet they'd never see him again. Ilana expresses confidence that Hurley will be successful in bringing Richard back. Miles makes a sarcastic comment about Hurley's weight and expresses doubt. Ilana says Jacob has never lied to her and believes that Richard knows what to do next. So they will continue to wait.

Sun growing more impatient attempts to mind her garden. Jack joins her and she loses her temper with him and asks to be left alone. The Man in Black, in Locke form approaches Sun and he informs her that he has Jin and he wishes to reunite them. Disbelieving, Sun flees toward the beach and slams into a tree branch rendering her unconscious. Some time later, Ben finds her. She comes to, and begins speaking frantically in Korean. Ben asks that she speak English, but all she can manage is "Locke."

Jack examines Sun, as Ben tries to convince Ilana that he found her unconscious and had nothing to do with her condition. Jack says that Sun will be OK, but she probably has Aphasia and will not be able to speak English for a while. Miles expresses doubt, earning him a sarcastic remark from Frank about Miles ability to convene with the dead.

At this point Richard returns to the camp and tells them all to pack because they're leaving. Jack asks where they are headed, and Richard asks Ben where "Locke" is. Ben tells him Hydra Island. Richard confirms with Frank that the plane was there. He says they are going to stop Locke by destroying the plane. Sun grows very angry and informs Richard that she came to get Jin, not save the world. She adds that if Richard needs her he better understand that she is not going.

Jack brings Sun a notebook to determine if Sun can still write English. She is successful. She writes to Jack that she does not trust The Man in Black. Jack asks if she trusts him. She indicates that she does. He then asks her to join him, and promises that he will help her find Jin.

Hydra IslandEdit

On Hydra Island, Jin wakes up in Room 23 which was shown before in episode "Not in Portland". Entering the room and attacking Jin with a taser, Zoe apologizes and asks him about a grid map obtained from The Dharma Initiative. As he was an influential member of Dharma, perhaps he could help them identify pockets of electromagnetism. Jin demands to speak with Widmore. Zoe complies, indicating that Widmore would also like to talk with Jin.

Some time later, Widmore is scolding Zoe for jumping ahead of schedule. At this point Zoe indicates that she is a geophysicist, not a mercenary. Widmore shows Jin a picture of the daughter he has never met and expresses sympathy, adding that he knows what it's like to be kept apart from loved ones. He also implies that if Locke manages to escape, any reunion with Sun would be short-lived. He adds that he intends to prevent that from happening. When Jin asks how, Widmore offers to show Jin the titular package.

It turns out the package is Desmond Hume and Sayid is shown watching Widmore's team remove him from the boat. Desmond, obviously drugged and disoriented, falls flat on the top of the pier, where his and Sayid's eyes meet. Desmond is then dragged to shore.

Memorable QuotesEdit

What do you need a boat for? Can't you just turn into smoke and fly your ass over the water?
Do you think that if I could do that, I'd still be on this Island?
No. 'Cause that would be ridiculous.
- Sawyer and The Man in Black
She hits her head, and forgets English? And we're supposed to buy that?
Asks the man who communes with the dead.
- Miles and Frank

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Timeline DifferencesEdit

  • In the alternate timeline, Sun and Jin are not married, and their relationship is kept secret from Sun's father.
  • In the alternate timeline, Martin Keamy is not a mercenary, he is a loanshark, and a hitman.
  • In the alternate timeline, Mikhail has both of his eyes. Until the end of this episode.
  • In the alternate timeline, it is possible that both Sun and Jin are easily capable of having children. (Although Jin's paternity to Sun's child is not addressed).