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The Others

The term "The Others" was coined by Danielle Rousseau, and the survivors of Flight 815 adopted the term to describe anyone on the island not from the plane, with the general use of the term meaning "the enemy," or people to be feared and avoided at all costs. A specific name that the Others call themselves has not been revealed, though their current leader Ben Linus has described them as "the good guys." The DHARMA Initiative, on the other hand, referred to the Others as "the Hostiles."

Existing for many years, and before the existence of DHARMA on the island, the exact motives of the Others remain unclear, though from the point of view of the Flight 815 survivors, their interactions have regularly appeared malevolent and manipulative. They have kidnapped children, including Danielle Rousseau's infant daughter Alex, whom Ben brought up as his own daughter. The reasons for this are connected to the fact that the Others have not been able to successfully give birth on the island, as the mother is always killed by her immune system reacting against the baby for an unknown reason. The group are seen to be interested in those who are regarded as being "special" on the island, for example Walt Lloyd who sometimes "appeared places he couldn't have been", and John Locke, who re-gained the use of his legs despite being previously paralyzed from the waist down.

Those who are members of the Others have either been recruited, as in the case of Juliet Burke, or joined the group having been on the island already (by choice, or by kidnapping). A number of adult survivors from both the tail section and fuselage were kidnapped. During their encounters with the crash survivors, the Others have killed, or attempted to kill several survivors, though the same can be said for the survivors about the Others. There have been frequent references in each group where a person from the other group is referred to as "one of them". The hostility between the two groups has continued, leading to a battle at the survivors' beach camp which saw many Others killed.

The Others are difficult to track; they generally leave minimal footprints and avoid leaving a traceable trail. Their appearance is sometimes heralded by strange, barely audible whispering. In their early dealings with the crash survivors, the Others took on the guise of primitive but savage jungle-dwellers, but this was later revealed to be a ruse. The group is comparatively technologically advanced, and having once had regular contact with the outside world via televisual link and physically by submarine.


Living OthersEdit

The following are the members of the Others who are still alive.

Benjamin "Ben" Linus

Benjamin Linus is the head of the Others. He was captured by Rousseau and held hostage by the survivors. He pretended to be "Henry Gale" and antagonized John and Jack to attempt to shift the balance of power. Michael released him as part of a deal he made with the Others. Ben also seemed to have led the purge of the DHARMA scientists.

Richard Alpert
Richard Alpert

Richard was previously a recruiter for Mittelos BioScience, and alongside Ethan, the two recruited Juliet to join their team. Eventually, Richard made his way to the island as a member of the Others. Richard assisted Ben when the two presented Locke with Anthony Cooper but seeing that Locke couldn't kill the prisoner, he told him Sawyer would. When Ben was a child, he promised to take the boy in as an Other.

Harper Stanhope
Harper Stanhope

Harper Stanhope, was a therapist for the Others. Harper was married to Goodwin, however, their relationship eventually slowed to a halt. Harper discovered that Goodwin had been having an affair with Juliet, and warned Juliet about revealing their relationship, out of fear of how Ben may react. After Juliet's defection, they met once more and Harper gave Juliet instructions to stop Daniel and Charlotte from completing their mission at the Tempest.

Cindy Chandler

Cindy was one of the Flight Attendants of Oceanic Flight 815, and ended up among the tail section survivors. While with the survivors, Cindy kept watch over Emma and Zack until they were captured by the Others. On her 48th day on the island, Cindy herself was captured by the Others.


Emma was captured by the Others along with her brother Zack. Emma, Zack, Cindy and the rest of the captured Tail Section survivors were standing outside of Jack's cage. She approached Cindy and whispered into her ear to ask Jack how Ana-Lucia was doing.


Zack and his sister Emma were captured by the Others on Day 12 after a raid on the beach. Zack and Emma later rejoined Cindy and were present outside of Jack's cage. When Jack screamed at Cindy to leave, Zack gave Jack a furious look.


*Introduced in A Tale of Two Cities

Amelia is one of the Others but not in the traditional sense because she does not appear to pose any threat to anyone. Amelia seems to be a friendly elderly woman. She was present at the book club meeting when Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on the island.


Adam attended the book club meeting at Juliet's house when Oceanic Flight 815 crashed. He expressed an extreme distaste for Juliet's choice of book, Stephen King's "Carrie". He went on to suggest that the choice of book was the reason Ben was absent from the meeting.

Deceased OthersEdit

The following are members of the Others who have either been killed or died of natural causes, and are listed in the order of their death.


Sabine volunteered to become pregnant, knowing full well the risk she was taking, that all pregnant women on the island have died. Despite Juliet's best efforts, Sabine's pregnancy took a turn for the worse, and she had to go into surgery. Sabine died while Ethan was operating on her.

Ethan Rom
Ethan Rom

After the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, he was instructed by Ben to infiltrate the Fuselage camp and make a list of survivors. Ethan capture the pregnant Claire and brought her to the Staff Station as instructed by Tom. Ethan later returned to the Fuselage camp after Claire's escape, and was murdered by Charlie.

Goodwin 2
Goodwin Stanhope

Like Ethan, he was instructed by Ben to infiltrate Tail Section Survivors camp and make a list of survivors. Goodwin shifted the suspicion of a spy onto a survivor named Nathan who was imprisoned in a makeshift underground cage. Goodwin freed Nathan, and then immediately murdered him. Goodwin was later killed in a struggle with Ana-Lucia.

Colleen Pickett

Colleen was the wife of Danny Pickett and was first introduced when she told Ben about how Sayid has a sailboat. After being instructed by Ben, she was shot by Sun in the cabin during the Others' attempt at stealing it. After having brought her back to the Hydra Station, she died at the operation table, in spite of the efforts made by Jack and Juliet.

Danny Pickett

Danny Pickett is one of the Others responsible for the capture of Michael. He is a loyal Other who, instead of Alex, brought out Kate during the Hunting Party standoff with Sawyer, Locke and Jack. It is still unclear as to how important he is in the Other hierarchy but he is shown taking orders from Tom and Ms. Klugh on several occasions.

Ms Klugh
Beatrice Klugh

Ms. Bea Klugh acts as a liaison to Michael after he is captured by The Others. She asks him questions about Walt, to which he does not know the answers. After Ben is captured, Ms. Klugh tasks Michael with freeing Ben and bringing four of his friends back to The Others' camp. She allows him to see Walt for a brief moment before he leaves.


Diane is a member of the group known as The Others and was a part of the team headed by Ryan Pryce that attempted to extract the pregnant women from the 815 survivors' camp, unaware that it was a trap. She was killed after the dynamite at one of the tents was detonated by Bernard.


Ivan was one of the Others populating the decoy village and was also involved with bringing Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to the Hydra. Ivan was also a member of the medical team operating on Ben. Ivan freed Danny and Jason from their cages and helped them chase down Kate and Sawyer after their escape.


Matthew was part of the party that kidnapped Michael and brought him back to the Others campsite. He also took part in the capture of The Elizabeth and administered an injection to Sawyer as part of a plan to convince Sawyer they had given him a pacemaker.


Luke was a member of the group known as The Others. He was put on detail where Kate and Sawyer were put to work. He was seen talking to Juliet shortly before Sawyer kissed Kate. When this occurred, he joined Pickett in halting this action, and in doing so, he was attacked by Sawyer.


Isabel was described by Tom as the "sheriff" of the Others. Isabel was responsible for investigating the possibility that Juliet had put a plan into motion with Jack to purposely kill Ben during surgery. Isabel would later be responsible for carrying out Juliet's sentence after Pickett was murdered.


Greta was one of the occupants on the DHARMA Initiative's Looking Glass Station. She and Bonnie were forced into a radio silence pact with Ben and ordered to jam the radio signals off the island. She was killed by Mikhail when Ben sent him to stop Charlie.


Bonnie was one of the occupants on the DHARMA Initiative's Looking Glass Station. When Charlie swam up through the submarine port, ecstatic that he had not drowned, Bonnie tied him up and beat him up. She was killed by Mikahil and, furious at being betrayed by Ben, she told Charlie how to deactivate the signal blocking.

Mikhail Bakunin
Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail Bakunin posed as the Initiative's last surviving member inside the Flame Station, while he maintained the Others' connection to the outside world. He was eventually confronted and captured by Sayid, Locke, Kate, and Rousseau after killing Ms. Klugh and attempting suicide in order to prevent the survivors from getting any information from them.

Ryan Pryce
Ryan Pryce

Ryan entered Jack's home in the Barracks after Kate had attempted to rescue him. Ryan also kept guard of Sayid when he was being held separate from Kate, and struck him in the back when he spoke to Alex. Ryan later apprehended Locke on the dock near the submarine, and watched as it detonated.


Jason guided Matthew into the procedure to make Sawyer believe that they had placed a pacemaker in his chest. He later accompanied Ben when he took Sawyer out to show him that they were on a separate island from where the plane had crashed. He later joined Pickett and Ivan in attempting to find Kate and Sawyer after their escape.


While not technically in charge of the Others, Tom seems to have been Ben's second in command. He posed as the leader when Ben was being held hostage and wore a fake beard. At the Hydra station he appeared to be sympathetic with Jack. Later, he defied Ben and pretended to shoot Sayid, Jin, and Bernard. However, Sawyer shot him after their attempted raid to kidnap the pregnant women.

Alex Rousseau
Alexandra Rousseau

Alex is the daughter of Danielle Rousseau and was captured by the Others as an infant. Alex appears at times to deny the authority of Others higher than her, when she refused to escort Kate to Tom, and when she assisted Claire in escaping from the Staff. She also has a love interest with Karl, and may have been raised since her kidnapping by Ben. She was killed by Martin Keamy.


Karl was kept in an outside cell, near the Hydra Station. Karl has a love interest with Alex. When Sawyer was brought to the cell opposite him, he planned his escape, he released Sawyer as well. Karl was moved to Room 23 which contained a brain washing film. He was freed and escaped on Alex's boat with Kate and Sawyer. He rowed to the survivor's camp to warn them of the Other's raid. He was killed by the mercenaries.


Aldo was responsible for guarding Room 23, a DHARMA Initiative Hydra Station compound where Karl was being held prisoner. He was ambushed by Kate, Sawyer, and Alex when he radioed Danny to inform him of their whereabouts. He was also present at the Temple and joined Justin in their attempt to bring Sawyer back to the Temple. He was killed by Claire.


Justin was an Other stationed at the Temple. He joined Kate, Jin and Also in their search for Sawyer, though Kate left them. Alongside Jin, he was captured by Claire and interrogated about the whereabouts of Aaron. He was executed by Claire.


Dogen was the Keeper of the Temple, handpicked by Jacob himself. Tasked with the protection of the Candidates, he tried to have Sayid killed after discovering he had been infected with the Sickness. He was murdered by Sayid, who had alligned with the Man in Black, thus allowing the entity to enter the Temple and massacre the Others who had refused to join him.


Lennon was an Other who acted as Dogen's translator. He knew of Dogen's plot to kill the infected Sayid and also ordered Claire's capture. He was killed by Sayid after the latter murdered Dogen, whose presence kept the Man in Black from entering the Temple.

Defected OthersEdit

The following are members of the Others who have defected away and joined the survivors of Flight 815.

Juliet Burke

Juliet is one of the most influential of the Others and doesn't show the same reverence for Ben as the majority of the Others, Juliet wants a change in the leadership of this group of people, prompting Jack to help her do something about it. She used to be a fertility specialist and successfully impregnated a male field mouse and her sister Rachel who had cancer.

Unnamed OthersEdit

Unnamed members of the Others, organized in order of their appearance in the show.

The Sea Others
The Boat Others

There were three Others aboard the boat which intercepted the raft in Exodus - Part 3. In addition to Tom, there were two men, apparently twins, one man apprehended Walt and brought him aboard the boat, while the other man fought with Michael to prevent him from stopping their plan. There was also a woman on the boat who threw a Molotov cocktail onto the boat, destroying the boat, and making it possible for them to escape with Walt.

Male Other -1

On the first night after Oceanic Flight 815 crashed, the Tail Section survivors were attacked by the Others. Three of the passenger were kidnapped: The Blonde Guy, The Curly Haired Guy, and The German Guy. These three were suspected of being taken due to their strength and since they may have posed a threat to the Others. They returned again to capture 9 additional survivors, including the children.

The Staff Station

When Claire was kidnapped and brought to the Staff Medical Station by Ethan, the plan was to remove her unborn child via cesarean section. When Alexandra alerted Claire to the plan at hand, she helped aid Claire in her escape. Ethan and his team proceeded to the outside to search for Claire by torches, but Danielle assisted Claire, and brought her back to the camp.

The Decoy Camp

After Michael was kidnapped by Tom, Pickett, Alex, Matthew and an Unnamed Other; he was brought back to their decoy campsite. Among the campsite were a wide variety of Others, who were minding their own business when Michael was brought to the camp.

The Spies

While following Michael through the jungle to the Others campsite, Kate notices that they are being followed by two of the others. In an attempt to turn the tables on them, she and Sawyer fire at the two men. Sawyer manages to kill one of the Others, however, the second escapes.

Others book group
The Book Club

Within the town where the Others live, there is a book club. This club is known to include Ben, Juliet, Amelia, and Adam. On September 22, 2004, the book club, minus Ben, was meeting at Juliet's house. Adam criticized Juliet's choice of Stephen King's Carrie. Their discussion was interrupted, however by the Systems Failure and the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

The Hydra Island

When Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were captured by the Others, they were taken to the Hydra Island. There, Kate and Sawyer were put to work by the Others, where they were ordered to haul rocks amongst the camp. When Sawyer kissed Kate, Pickett and several other members of the Others, interjected to halt this.

The home of the OthersEdit


The village surrounded by jungle.


The Others were revealed in the first episode of season 3 ("A Tale of Two Cities") to be living in a suburban-like village of houses, complete with furniture, indoor plumbing and even electricity. In the village the Others have other conveniences of modern living, such as ovens, relatively new books, and CD players. The village even has a book club.

The village has at least 13 houses, all laid out with only footpaths between them. They are arranged in a circular pattern around a central picnic area, which includes a small gazebo. Also along these footpaths are speakers and lights found on poles. These are also found at The Hydra station, and around the Island The Hydra is situated on. This may indicate a connection with the DHARMA initiative.

It is not within visual line of sight of the beaches of either the tail section crash site or the main fuselage crash site; however, it is within an hour's reach of the tail section. It is hidden behind a row of mountains forming a crater surrounded by jungle. It is surrounded by a sonar fence that can be set at lethal or sub-lethal levels and can also keep the Monster out of the area.



Prior to this, the Others appeared to live in yurts on a beach in the northern part of the island. A significant landmark is a rock wall with a large hole in it on top of a nearby hill. This is visible from sea. In the camp, guards were protecting what appeared to be the entrance to a DHARMA Initiative station. (Three Minutes) Days later, Sayid discovers that the camp had been abandoned and the DHARMA station was a mere façade. (Live Together, Die Alone)

Encounters with the OthersEdit

The Black SmokeEdit

Black Smoke

The Black Smoke

Approximately two months after the pregnant Rousseau arrived on the island with her science team, she murdered them after they were infected with a "sickness". When Rousseau delivered her child, they were together for one week, and then she saw a pillar of black smoke, that night they came and they took her child, Alex. (Exodus - Part 1)

The Day the raft was ready to set sail; Rousseau visited the camp of the Fuselage survivors and delivered this warning. She told them that the others were coming for all of them. (Exodus - Part 1) When an injured Claire is found by Sun with her child missing, Sayid and Charlie venture towards the black smoke, suspecting Rousseau may be trying to make a trade. When they arrived at the black smoke, the found a wooden fixture with what appeared to be a tire lit on fire, there were no tracks anywhere. (Exodus - Part 2)

The WhispersEdit



Sayid and the Whispers

The whispers are an audible event that often precede the appearance of an Other. While searching for his mother in the jungle, Ben Linus heard whispers coming from an unknown source, only to meet Richard Alpert minutes later. (The Man Behind the Curtain)

A week after Rousseau delivered her child she heard Whispers coming from the jungle, that night they took her child from her; she never saw one of them. After Sayid left Rousseau’s camp and headed back for his own he too heard whispers in the jungle when traveling back to camp, he brushed it off as though it was the wind playing tricks on him. (Solitary)

Sawyer heard the whispers in the jungle as well after an attack from a boar in his tent; he heard them again the next day when he ventured out into the jungle. (Outlaws) When Sayid and Charlie discovered Rousseau with the infant Aaron alone at the black smoke, she explains that she heard whispers in the jungle and they said they were coming for the boy. (Exodus - Part 2)

When Shannon and Sayid were in the jungle searching for Vincent, Sayid chased after Vincent leaving Shannon alone. While there she heard whispers from all around her, and then witnessed a soaking wet Walt. When Shannon and Sayid are in the jungle searching for Walt, they begin to hear whispers, and then Walt appears to Shannon for a third time. (Abandoned) When the Tail Section survivors are traveling back to the Fuselage camp, Cindy disappears and they hear whispers coming from all around them, which is something they had never heard before an attack, in an act of panic, Ana-Lucia kills Shannon mistaking her for one of “them”. (The Other 48 Days)

Attack on the raftEdit


Tom on the raft with "The Others"

The Others are seen out in the ocean when Sawyer, Jin, Michael, and Walt were attempting an escape from the island on a raft. The raft encounters a short-range fishing boat, with four people on board: a woman, two twin-like men, and Tom. At first the survivors on the raft mistake them for "fishermen or pirates" of some sort and assume they are going to aid in rescuing them. This assumption is soon destroyed when the Others demand that Walt be handed over to them, but Michael refuses. The Others then attack the castaways, kidnap Walt, and blow up the raft. Sawyer, Jin and Michael are left to die in the ocean. (Exodus - Part 2)

Tail section encountersEdit

The tail section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 have many encounters with the Others. Over the first two weeks, the Others take twelve of the tail section survivors. During the raids, Mr. Eko and Ana-Lucia manage to kill three of the Others. Later on many of the tail section survivors grow suspicious of one another. They decide that Nathan, one of the survivors, is a spy, but later on they discover that Goodwin, who they had assumed to be another tail section passenger, is the real spy. After discovering this, the tail section survivors encounter the shipwrecked raft crew in Orientation. After deducing that the raft crew are also survivors of the plane crash, the tail section survivors set out for the midsection survivors' camp. During the journey across the island, Cindy, a flight attendant from the plane, disappears under mysterious circumstances. Bernard, Ana-Lucia, Mr. Eko, Libby, Michael, and Jin assume that she was abducted by the Others. (The Other 48 Days)

Jin and Eko's encounterEdit


A teddy bear being carried away by one of the Others

Eko is alerted to the presence of Others in the jungle. He hides Jin and himself in some brush and while there, sees eight Others trekking through the jungle. They are barefoot, covered in mud, only visible from the waist down and one of them is carrying a teddy bear (this is assumed to be the teddy bear owned by Tallie child, Emma). Eko then claims that The Others "leave no footprints" and only allow you to see them at their choosing. (...And Found)

The hunting party standoffEdit

Michael decides to go after his kidnapped son Walt. Jack, Locke, and Sawyer follow him and run into Tom, who along with other Others has kidnapped Kate, who had been secretly trailing. He threatens to kill her if they don't give him their guns and turn around. He claims that Walt is safe and Michael will not find Walt "where he's at". He says that the island is their island and the only reason the Flight 815 survivors are living on it is because they (the Others) allow them to. Tom draws a line in the ground and says if any of the survivors cross that line, there is going to be trouble. Jack suggests to Tom that he is bluffing and that the Others are not nearly as powerful as they want to appear. Tom then cries, "Light 'em up!", and approximately ten torches are lit outside the clearing. After this he releases Kate, takes the survivors' guns, and disappears into the jungle with his fellow Others. (The Hunting Party)

Michael's leaveEdit

Someone claiming to be Walt contacts Michael via the computer in the hatch. This person explains to Michael that he is being held captive in the northern part of the island with the Others. "Walt" then says to look for a rock with a large hole in it as a landmark. After this Michael is so determined to find his son that he seals Locke and Jack into the hatch's armory, takes two guns and some bullets, and sets off north into the jungle to look for his son. It's not long before he sees one of the Others (Pickett), apparently urinating. Michael holds him at gunpoint. Pickett appears to surrender when he raises his hands. However, Tom is behind Michael and attacks him. Michael attempts an escape, and exchanges gunfire with the Others (as heard in the episode "The Hunting Party"); during this, Michael is nearly shot. This makes Tom angry and he reminds his fellow Others that they "need him alive". Tom then uses makeshift bola to trip and tie Michael up. (Three Minutes)

Keeping Michael tied up, the Others carry him into the jungle. When the group rests, Alexandra secretly asks Michael if Claire and the baby are okay. Michael is unable to answer when Pickett comes back with a bound Kate. Tom instructs Alex to take her out to where the hunting party, which has caught up to them, is. Alex refuses and asks Pickett to do it. Pickett mocks her a little and then takes Kate out. At this time Alex makes a point to tell Michael that what Tom is doing is just "delivering a message" to the survivors. Once the situation is resolved Tom instructs the Others to move out. Alex apologizes to Michael and then knocks him out. (Three Minutes)


Michael notices the rock wall that was described to him via The Swan's computer

Two days later, after a non-stop walk north, the Others reach their campsite. Michael is escorted to Ms. Klugh. There Pickett takes some blood from Michael, puts the syringe with Michael's blood in a ziplock plastic bag, and leaves him with Ms. Klugh. Ms. Klugh then asks him questions about Michael's paternity and if Michael has ever seen Walt "in a place he wasn't supposed to be." Michael says that he was halfway around the world but Klugh still asks if Michael ever saw him, as if he were in two places at once. Michael, unsure of the meaning behind the question, is unable to answer and therefore put into solitary confinement. (Three Minutes)

Days later Michael is being held in one of the Others' yurts, and Ms. Klugh visits him again. She offers Michael a deal. Ms. Klugh explains that one of her people ("Henry Gale") has been captured, and Michael is to go and free him. Michael is also ordered to bring four of the survivors back to the Others. Ms. Klugh hands him a list with the names Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, James Ford, and Hugo Reyes. Michael then demands to see Walt. Ms. Klugh gives in to this and allows father and son to see each other for "three minutes." But when Walt begins to say "they're not who they say they are" and talk about the tests they make him do, Ms. Klugh gets angry and threatens that Walt will be put back in "the room" if he does not behave. After a brief hug, Walt is taken away and Michael reluctantly agrees to bring four of his companions, that Klugh had requested of him. At that moment he is sent away. (Three Minutes)


Michael lies about his experience with The Others to Jack

Two days later, Michael is found and taken back to "The Swan." After coming to, Michael tells Jack and Kate about what he experienced in the jungle. He explains that he encountered one of the Others in the woods and followed him deeper into the heart of the jungle. He claims to have seen the camp where the Others live, claiming that they occupy another hatch where the captives are kept. Michael further explains that the Others apparently live in makeshift tents, are lightly armed, and could probably be easily overwhelmed by a group of survivors. He claims that most of them are weak old men and women and not nearly the dangerous persona the Others have projected thus far. He also says they have another hatch where he believes the Others are keeping prisoners due to the guards that keep a 24-hour watch over the place. (Two for the Road)

The capture of "Henry Gale"Edit

Danielle Rousseau captures a man and brings him to Sayid, believing that he is an Other. The man identifies himself as Henry Gale and explains that he is from Minnesota and crashed in a hot air balloon with his wife. Sayid does not believe Henry, and, convinced he is an Other, tortures him. (One of Them) Jack quickly puts a stop to this, and afterwards Henry is well taken care of and fed regularly. Two days later, Mr. Eko learns Henry is in the hatch. In order to keep Henry's presence secret, Jack agrees to allow Mr. Eko into Henry's room. There, Mr. Eko confesses and apologizes to Gale for killing two of the "Others." (Maternity Leave)

Trying to resolve the Henry situation once and for all, Ana-Lucia asks Gale to draw a map to his balloon. She, Sayid, and Charlie follow the map, and Henry's story seems accurate until Sayid exhumes the body in the grave Henry claimed belonged to his wife. (The Whole Truth) Instead, they find the real Henry Gale. Upon interrogation by Sayid, "Henry" admits that he is an Other and that telling Sayid any further information would ensure that the Others' leader would kill him in retaliation. (Lockdown)

When Locke visits Gale soon after, he asks him what his real name is, but is told that he's grown accustomed to "Henry." Before Locke leaves, Gale makes a point of telling him that the hatch is a "joke," and that he had lied about entering the code into the computer earlier. When Locke accuses Gale of lying, he replies, "I'm done lying." Later, Jack decides to try to trade Gale for Walt, which Gale dismisses as unlikely to be agreed to by the Others. (Dave)

Henry Gale Real

The driver's license of the real Henry Gale.

At this point, Gale goes on a hunger strike and refuses to talk to anyone. Ana-Lucia comes to see Henry and asks him how long his strike will go on, and claims that — in her experience — most killers like to talk. Henry says something indiscernible to her, and when Ana-Lucia gets closer to hear him Gale attempts to strangle her. In their struggle, Henry tells Ana that she "is the killer" and that she has killed "two good people." Before Henry can kill Ana-Lucia, Locke rushes into the room and knocks Henry out. When Henry wakes up, he finds himself tied down to the floor and in utter darkness. Locke opens the door to talk more with Henry. He asks him why Henry didn't take advantage of Locke's incapacitation under the blast doors, and is told that it was due to Locke being one of the "good people" in contrast to Ana-Lucia. Henry tells Locke that when Rousseau caught him in her trap, he had been on his way to get Locke to take him back with the rest of the "good people." Henry refuses to elaborate on the point, insisting enigmatically that he will soon be dead regardless of what information he gives. (Two for the Road)

Ana-Lucia enters the room not long after and, throwing him a knife, tells Gale to cut himself free. Henry does this despite knowing she is there to kill him in a faux escape attempt. He tells Ana-Lucia that Goodwin tried to change her but it was a lost cause. Ana-Lucia says that Goodwin was going to kill her, but Henry says that belief was only her paranoia. Ana-Lucia surprisingly finds herself unable to commit such a calculated murder, and leaves Henry alive. Several minutes later, Henry hears gunshots from Michael shooting Ana-Lucia and Libby. Entering Henry's makeshift prison cell, Michael shoots himself in the arm. When found later Michael explains that Gale has escaped and lies, saying Gale was the shooter of both Ana-Lucia and Libby. (Two for the Road)

Prisoners of the OthersEdit


Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer are held captive at Pala Ferry.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley are captured by a group of The Others and taken to a jetty. The Henry Gale impostor arrives in the motorized boat and allows Michael to leave with Walt. He tells Michael to follow the bearing of 325 from the pier to find rescue from the island. Michael asks him who they are; the Henry Gale impostor replies that they are "the good guys". The Others also release Hurley, telling him his task is to deliver a message to the rest of the survivors that no one could come there. Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are told they are "coming home" with the mysterious Others. (Live Together, Die Alone)

It is revealed that the Others live in a village similar to a typical American-suburban area which contains many modern conveniences, including recent books, CDs, electricity, and ovens. Jack finds himself in an underwater station known as "The Hydra" concealed within a specific area. Here he meets Juliet who offers him food and drink. Kate awakes in a changing room, she is asked by Tom to shower and change, he then takes her to curiously have a meal with Ben on the shore of the Island. Sawyer is locked in an outdoor cage by The Others where he is able to gain food by working through a puzzle. He is soon joined by Kate in an opposite cage. Kate is told that the next two weeks are to be very unpleasant as prisoners of The Others. (A Tale of Two Cities)

Ben Linus reveals to Jack that they are in contact with the outside world, mentioning the reelection of George W. Bush and the death of Christopher Reeve, and argues with Jack over the Red Sox winning the 2004 World Series. Meanwhile, he sends Colleen and a team (including Tom) to steal the sailing ship from Sayid's party. (The Glass Ballerina)

It is discovered that the capture of Jack was solely so that he could operate on Ben's tumor; Danny says that Shephard (Jack) wasn't even on Jacob's list. Whether Kate and Sawyer are on Jacob's list is unknown, as is the identity of Jacob himself. (The Cost of Living)

Jack performs surgery on Ben, but mid-procedure takes Ben as a 'surgical hostage' and demands that Kate and Sawyer be released and be allowed to escape or he will let Ben die. Alex helps Kate and Sawyer escape, but asks that Kate and Sawyer help free Karl, who has been subject to a brainwashing video. Juliet is ordered by Ben to help Kate and Sawyer escape (after waking up after Jack has sabotaged his surgery) but in the process shoots and kills Danny, who has become obsessed with killing Sawyer after the death of his wife. Jack finishes the surgery and tells Kate to never come back for him. Kate and Sawyer sail back to the main island with Karl. (I Do) / (Not in Portland)

It is revealed that Juliet is about to be executed for murdering Danny, Jack stops this through bargaining with Ben, who instead orders that Juliet be 'marked.' Kate and Sawyer continue their journey back to the beach, but in the process Sawyer lets Karl go, much to Kate's dismay. As Kate and Sawyer have escaped, The Others leave The Hydra as the survivors would know their location. Before they leave for the main island, Jack and Juliet make a pact that they would work together to make sure that Ben keep his end of the deal by letting them both leave the island and return to the 'outside world'. (Stranger in a Strange Land)

Rescuing JackEdit

Rescuing Jack

Locke, Kate, Sayid and Rousseau outside of the Barracks

After Kate and Sawyer return to camp, Kate immediately gathers John, Sayid, and Rousseau to go rescue Jack. On their way, using information John gathers from Mr. Eko's stick, they discover another station, called The Flame, in the jungle. It is inhabited by a man, Mikhail Bakunin, and Ms. Klugh, who is hiding in the basement. While there, Locke defeats a chess program running on Mikhail's computer, setting in motion a chain of events that concludes with the station exploding. After Sayid and Kate find Ms. Klugh and apprehend her, Mikhail shoots and kills her after an impassioned exchange in Russian. Kate, John, Sayid, and Rousseau keep Mikhail alive and continue their journey with the help of a map Sayid found at the station. When they find a sonic fence surrounding the Barracks, Locke attempts to kill Mikhail by pushing him through its periphery. (Enter 77) / (Par Avion)

Finding the Barracks, they discover Jack has made a deal with the Others: Ben's life for freedom for Kate and Sawyer and free passage for Jack off the island. Locke finds Ben and holds him at gunpoint while having an intense conversation with him; leaving Ben, he uses a quantity of C4 he took from The Flame station and blows up the submarine, which Jack and Juliet were about to board to leave the island. After Locke blows up the submarine, Ben reveals to Locke that they have his father, Anthony Cooper, captive, stating that he "came out of the box." (The Man from Tallahassee)

The next day, Locke confronts Kate and says that he's leaving with the Others and that Kate, along with Jack and Sayid, is being left behind. The Others don gas masks, gas Kate's room and Jack's house, and leave. Kate wakes up in the jungle handcuffed to Juliet. They travel back to the Barracks and encounter the monster on two occasions; the second time, Juliet prevents it from attacking them by activating the sonic fence, telling Kate that while they don't know what the monster is, they know that it doesn't like the fence's "sound field". In this process Juliet removes the handcuffs with the key which she had all along. Returning to the barracks, they reunite with Jack and Sayid. Jack insists that they return to the beach, along with Juliet, though Sayid and Kate have doubts about allowing Juliet to accompany them. (Left Behind)

Locke's stay with The OthersEdit


Locke returning to the Others with his father's body.

After revealing that Anthony Cooper is on the island, Locke accepts Ben's offer to join The Others as they leave The Barracks. At their makeshift campsite, Ben says that Locke, not The Others, brought Cooper to the island and if he is to let go of his past and go any further with The Others, he must kill his father. Ben also reveals that ever since Locke arrived at The Barracks, Ben's recovery had been speeding up and that he can now walk with the aid of a walking stick. That night, The Others gather round Ben, Locke and Cooper as Locke refuses to kill his father despite Ben urging him to. The next day, Locke is approached by Richard and is told that if he cannot kill Cooper, he might be able to enlist Sawyer to do so. Richard reveals to Locke that Ben wanted to embarrass him the night before and should pay no mind to it, but Richard says that Locke is special and if he is to find his purpose, Cooper must die. The next day, as The Others are departing their camp, Ben tells Locke that they're leaving a trail and that Locke shouldn't bother following unless Locke is carrying his father's dead body on his back. (The Brig)

The following day, Locke approaches Sawyer while he is alone and tells him that he has Ben captured and wants Sawyer to kill him. Sawyer reluctantly accepts to go with Locke. They venture to the Black Rock, where Locke is keeping his father captive. He locks Sawyer in the brig with Cooper and refuses to let Sawyer out. As Sawyer is talking to Cooper, Cooper reveals that he was a conman and he went under many names, one of them being Tom Sawyer. Sawyer discovers the identity of the man who ruined his life and presents Cooper with the letter that Sawyer wrote. After taunting Sawyer, his parents and his letter, Sawyer strangles Cooper to death. Outside the Black Rock, Locke reveals to Sawyer that Juliet is a mole and that in 3 days, there is going to be a raid, in which The Others are going to kidnap the pregnant women amongst the survivors and that The Others don't want to hurt anyone. As proof of his claims, Locke presents Sawyer with the tape recording of Juliet's infiltration and pregnancy progress that was recorded in The Staff station. Locke also reveals that he's not going back with Sawyer and departs carrying his father's body on his back. (The Brig)

After returning to the Others' camp, Locke demands that Ben take him to see Jacob, the mysterious leader of the Others. When Mikhail returns to the camp, Locke seizes the opportunity to announce that Ben will be taking him to see Jacob. Mikhail expresses incredulity and Locke responds by beating him severely as the rest of the Others look on sedately, ignoring Ben when he tells Tom and Richard to assist. Ben makes no motion to stop Locke himself either, and they depart afterward. Alex meets them in the jungle and gives Locke a pistol, warning him that he will need it when he meets Jacob (although it is unclear how Alex could have known this, as Ben claimed that he was the only Other who had seen him). When they reach Jacob's house, it initially appears to Locke that Ben is schizophrenic; he is talking to an empty chair and acting like Jacob is sitting in it. Disgusted, Locke turns away. A voice creaks, "Help me." Locke, believing that Ben is playing tricks on him, calls Ben a fraud and shines a flashlight on him, disregarding his warning that Jacob hates technology. The house suddenly bursts into action, with fires erupting, chairs trembling, and glass shattering. Locke and Ben quickly evacuate the premises, but Locke is unconvinced that it was not an orchestration of Ben's. When Ben leads him to the open mass grave in which the bodies of the purged DHARMA Initiative members are piled, Locke makes the mistake of getting between the Other and the grave. He suddenly whirls to use Alex's gun to shoot Ben, but Ben is quicker. The gut shot sends Locke falling backwards into the grave. Ben demands to know what Jacob said to Locke, who rasps, "'Help me.' He said, 'Help me.'" Ben leaves Locke to die, sneering coldly as he goes. (The Man Behind the Curtain)

The attack on the beachEdit


Tom, Pryce, and Jason stand guard of Jin, Sayid, and Bernard

Enraged, Ben orders the attack on the survivor's beach camp take place sooner than planned, and dispatches Tom, Ryan and eight more Others to strike the camp that evening. He also sends Mikhail to the Looking Glass station to deal with Charlie, who has managed to swim down there to turn off the Other's jamming of communications, despite the Russian initially being outraged that the Looking Glass was also jamming the Other's own communications, and Ben had been lying about the operability of the station. Alex gets Karl, who had been hiding in the jungle, to warn the survivors camp of the impending attack that night. The beach is evacuated, leaving only Sayid, Jin and Bernard behind with three guns and tents booby-trapped with dynamite to blow the Others up. (Greatest Hits)

Seven of the Others are killed, though final tent fails to go off and the three survivors are captured. Ben goes out with Alex to meet Jack and the rest of the beach camp, who are en route to the DHARMA's radio tower to communicate with freighter off-shore. He tries to convince Jack that the parachutist Naomi they are helping is not who she says she is, and is actually one of the "bad guys", who have been trying to find the island for a while. He radios Tom and orders him to shoot Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Jack hears three gunshots and he loses his temper and beats Ben badly. However, Tom does not kill the three because like the rest of the Others, Tom no longer trusts Ben. As Ben realizes Jack will make contact with the outside world, he accompanies the group as their prisoner, introducing Alex to her real mother, Danielle Rousseau. At the beach, Ryan is run over by Hurley who speeds to the beach in the DHARMA van, while Sawyer, disaffected ever since murdering Cooper, shoots Tom dead in cold blood, despite him surrendering. In the Looking Glass, Mikhail attempts to stop Charlie deactivating the jamming signal by killing both Others stationed down there, before being harpooned himself by Desmond. However, somehow surviving death again, he manages to escape, detonates a grenade outside the porthole in the communications room, and drowns Charlie. He is presumably still loyal to Ben. Locke survives being shot in the mass grave and is about to shoot himself when Walt appears and tells him he has work to do. He appears at the radio tower and throws a knife into Naomi's back, killing her just as she is about to contact the freighter. Desperate for the outside world not to find the island, Locke finds himself aligned with Ben, though has to back down after holding Jack at gunpoint. As Jack speaks to the freighter, Locke warns him that Jack is "not meant to do this", as he slinks away. (Through the Looking Glass)

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