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The Other Woman
The Other Woman
Season 4
Episode 6
Air Date March 6, 2008
Writer(s) Drew Goddard
Christina M. Kim
Director Eric Laneuville
Flashback Juliet Burke

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Juliet receives word from Harper that Daniel and Charlotte are headed to the Tempest to release a deadly gas, and has been given the order to kill them. Meanwhile, Ben bargains with Locke for his freedom by providing information about the intentions of those aboard the freighter.


Juliet's life on the island is depicted in flashbacks. A week after she arrives, she begins to attend therapy sessions with Harper Stanhope. Their first discussion is cut short when Ben presents her with a new home in the Barracks. Juliet later has an affair with Harper's husband Goodwin. Harper finds out and warns Juliet that Ben will deliver consequences because Ben has a crush on Juliet. Goodwin is eventually murdered by Ana-Lucia Cortez after his infiltration of the tail section survivors. Ben leads Juliet to Goodwin's impaled corpse. Juliet accuses Ben of wanting Goodwin to die and Ben shouts to Juliet that she belongs to him.

In late December 2004, Daniel and Charlotte sneak off during the night to find the Tempest. Jack and Juliet pursue them. In the jungle, Juliet is approached by Harper, who tells Juliet that Daniel and Charlotte are going to kill everyone on the island by deploying a lethal gas and that Ben is ordering Juliet to kill Daniel and Charlotte.

Kate comes across Daniel and Charlotte in the jungle on her way back from the Barracks and Charlotte knocks her unconscious. After they find her, Jack cares for Kate, while Juliet takes off for the Tempest. Inside the station, Juliet finds Daniel in a biohazard suit typing frantically at a computer terminal. Juliet confronts Daniel with a gun and asks him to move away, but he refuses and continues typing. Daniel and Charlotte explain that he is not trying to kill anyone; he is trying to save them by rendering the gas inert. Jack and Kate arrive and Kate examines the station. Jack and Juliet kiss and Juliet informs Jack that Ben thinks that she belongs to him.

In the Barracks, Ben taunts John about possible resistance from the other Oceanic survivors that chose to follow him, and then bargains with him for his freedom. Ben explains that the offshore freighter called the Kahana is owned by Charles Widmore, who intends to exploit the island, and its concomitant phenomena. Ben hands over a file containing information about Widmore. Ben tells Locke who his spy on the freighter is and Locke frees Ben from the basement; however, Ben continues to reside in the Barracks.  Upon noticing Ben seemingly roam free around the compound, Sawyer and Hurley question amongst themselves what John is doing.

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"This didn't have a number on it, did it?"


"I taped over the game."


"See you guys at dinner."


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  • Harper possesses a "Certificate of Recognition" in her home which was presented by the Hanso Foundation, she also has a certificate from the "Experimental Social Psychology Society."

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