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In the three-part finale of the fourth season, "There's No Place Like Home", the Orchid station appears at first to be an abandoned greenhouse. Hidden below the greenhouse is a second level of the station. Its interior resembles that of a furnished laboratory, similar to the Swan station. The Orchid features a small chamber adjacent to an exotic matter anomaly, which can be used to warp time and space. An outtake from the orientation film was shown at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con, where Pierre Chang explains that, contrary to Dharma's statements that the station was for botanical research, the station is used for researching a "Casimir effect" exhibited by the Island. The producers have confirmed that the video is canon, and holds relevance to the show itself.

Hidden behind the chamber is a further level of the Orchid which appears to be the remains of an ancient civilization. It consists of pillars and stones with unknown hieroglyphs that have been seen in a few other places on the Island, and ends with a room consisting of a giant frozen wheel on a wall. Ben and Locke enter the station and travel to this room, where Ben turns the wheel, which causes the Island to move. Ben is transported to a desert in Tunisia as a consequence of using it

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