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The Numbers on the Hatch

According to the DHARMA Orientation video in the Lost Experience, the Numbers represent the core factors of the Valenzetti Equation.


Main Articles: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42

4 8 15 16 23 42Edit

  • The reward for Kate's capture was $23,000.
  • Sam Toomey and Leonard Simms hear these numbers while at a listening post monitoring long range transmissions over the South Pacific. Sam used the numbers at a fair guessing the number of beans and won $50,000
  • Desmond injects himself with a vial of an unknown substance. The vials are labeled "CR 4-81516-21 44". ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")
  • Adam Rutherford's age is 59 (15+44). ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")
  • The Numbers are also used inside the hatch to reset the countdown. The sum of the numbers is 108. Every 108 minutes, the numbers must be entered into the computer. ("Adrift")
  • The Numbers are also drawn onto Kelvin and Radzinky's map which appears on the back of a blast door. ("Lockdown")
  • During a flashback, the parking lot of the police station where Ana Lucia worked is shown. The top of each police car is labeled with one of the numbers. ("Two for the Road")
  • On Hurley's birthday, after the Oceanic 6 leave the island, Hurley's father fixes the car he and Hurley were working before Oceanic Flight 815 crashed. The numbers on the fixed car's odometer are 4815162144 (48151.6 miles total, 214.4 miles trip meter) Hurley's numbers put together. ("There's No Place Like Home - Part 1")
  • Hurley's hotel room in Sydney the night before Oceanic Flight 815 takes off is 2144. ("Exodus - Part 2")


Sum and ProductEdit

The Numbers sum (adding all six together) of 108 and product (multiplying all six together) of 7096320 appear regularly throughout the series, most prominently at the DHARMA Swan station, where the amount of time between pressing the button to prevent the end of the world is 108 minutes.

The number of the passengers that were aboard Oceanic 815 is 324, which is three times 108.

The Swan's two-member crew was intended to be replaced every 540 days, which is five times 108.

In Live Together, Die Alone, the technicians in Antarctic listening post detected the second magnetic anomaly. the readout on the computer read these numbers: 7096320

Other InformationEdit

The Numbers seem to have various hidden meanings.


  • 4: 100
  • 8: 1000
  • 15: 1111
  • 16: 10000
  • 21: 10101
  • 42: 101010

Relationship to other ABC shows.Edit

In the ABC show How I Met Your Mother, Jorge Garcia(Hurley) plays a man named Steve in the Season 6 episode Blitzgiving, in which he gives says the numbers "4 8 15 16 23 42" as a phone number.