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The Moth
Season 1
Episode 7
Air Date November 3, 2004
Writer(s) Jennifer Johnson
Paul Dini
Director Jack Bender
Flashback Charlie Pace

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Charlie attempts to deal with a conflict plaguing him. Jack becomes trapped in a cave-in and Charlie makes an effort to rescue him. Kate, Sawyer, and Sayid try and triangluate the source of the French Transmission.


Charlie opens his eye and blinks it a few times as he struggling to play the chords of his guitar. From the perspective of Charlie‘s eye he’s going through the initial stages of withdrawal—sweating, nervous and agitated. Locke encourages him to take a walk, but Charlie refuses.

Meanwhile, Jack tries in vain to convince Kate to come to the caves and Sawyer moves into the infirmary tent on the beach.

Charlie walks through the woods, hears what he thinks might be the monster and runs. We FLASHBACK to a confessional booth, where Charlie confesses to giving in to the temptations that come with his rock-star lifestyle. On the advice of the priest, Charlie considers quitting the band, until his brother Liam delivers news that they've been signed to a recording contract.

Back in real time, it turns out that Locke was using Charlie as bait to catch a boar. Fed up, Charlie demands his drugs back. Locke explains that he's going to let Charlie ask three times and that on the third time, he's going to let him have the drugs back—this was the first. Charlie begs Locke to throw the drugs away, but Locke reasons that would take away his choice, the only thing that separates us from the animals.

Back on the beach, Sayid tells Kate about his plan to triangulate the French broadcast -they'll set up three antennae and signal one another with bottle rockets as to when to turn them on. However, he needs a battery for the transceiver. Kate goes to Sawyer, knowing full well he has been hoarding stuff, and attempts to persuade him into contributing a battery. Kate claims to understand Sawyer—he has nothing and no one to return to, which is why he acts so selfishly. She says that she pities him. In an act of defiance, Sawyer gives up the battery.

Jack and Hurley continue to move bags from the beach to the caves. Charlie offers his help, but only gets in the way. When one of the bags pops open, Charlie spots some pill bottles and considers pocketing one. Jack catches him in the act. Charlie claims he has a "headache", but Jack tells him Diazepam is a little strong for a headache and dismisses him. Charlie returns to his guitar and we launch into another FLASHBACK, where Liam attempts to talk Charlie into staying with the band—tempting him with fame & fortune and appealing to his ego. Liam promises to look out for him and Charlie agrees so long as Liam promises they can walk away if things get too crazy.

At the caves, Hurley asks Charlie to move his guitar to make room for supplies. This pushes Charlie over the edge and he confronts Jack, going on an irrational rant. Suddenly, the cave walls begin to collapse, sending rocks and dirt everywhere. While Charlie escapes, Jack is trapped inside!

Kate & Sayid trek through the jungle to set the antennae and talk about fate, while Charlie runs to the beach to gather help. Boone leaves Shannon with the responsibility of firing off his bottle rocket and powering up his antenna. Sawyer volunteers to go tell Kate what happened to Jack, leaving Charlie behind. We FLASHBACK to the heyday of Drive Shaft. Charlie is up on stage next to Liam, enjoying the throngs of screaming fans. But as they launch into their hit song, "You All Everybody" Liam takes the chorus and sings it himself. Backstage, Charlie confronts his brother for singing his part. Liam claims that he was just caught up in the moment and dismisses Charlie, who stands by watching as his older brother takes a film canister from a girl and pulls out a familiar bag of brown powder. Liam throws Charlie a wink and a smile, before retreating to do the drugs.

Back in real time, everyone works together to clear the rocks from the mouth of the cave. When Michael arrives, he puts his eight years of construction experience into action and halts the work until he can figure out a good place to dig based on stability.

Out in the jungle, Sawyer intercepts Kate & Sayid to deliver news of Jack. But Kate's harsh comments cause Sawyer to have a change of heart and he decides to withhold the information and invite himself along on their mission.

As Locke works to skin another boar, Charlie approaches and tells him about the situation with Jack. But Locke knows the real reason Charlie came out into the jungle — he wants his stash. Locke shows Charlie a cocoon, where a moth struggles to emerge. He explains that he could help it out, but it would be too weak to survive—the struggle is nature's way of strengthening it. And off that nugget of wisdom, Locke reminds Charlie that if he asks again, the drugs will be his.

At the caves, Michael tunnels through to where Jack is able to hear their calls. Jack tells them he's pinned down and unable to move. Michael informs the group that someone small will have to go in after Jack. Charlie emerges from the woods and volunteers.

Back in the jungle, Sayid, Kate and Sawyer stop to place the second antenna. Sayid instructs Kate to watch for his bottle rocket at 5 o'clock, then sets out on his own, leaving Kate and Sawyer together. Sawyer attempts to suss out what Kate sees in Jack. Kate tells Sawyer he doesn't hold a candle to Jack, which leads Sawyer to reveal that Jack is probably dead. This news alarms Kate, who then rushes off to help Jack's situation.

Charlie crawls through the small tunnel towards Jack. In his FLASHBACK, he tunnels his way through the crowd backstage. Charlie finds Liam drinking and drugging with some groupies and berates Liam for missing sound check again and getting high before another show. While Liam takes it all very lightly, Charlie threatens to cancel the rest of the tour, claiming that things have gotten out of control and that it's time to walk away, as they agreed. Charlie tells Liam that he's destroying Drive Shaft, but Liam's ego has grown out of control—he thinks he is Drive Shaft. Liam tells Charlie he's nothing without the band and leaves him behind. Devastated, Charlie picks up one of the film canisters and empties its contents into his hands. He stares at it, tears welling up in his eyes as he contemplates taking them himself…

Halfway through the tunnel, the walls begin to collapse behind Charlie. He makes it to Jack, but now they're both trapped inside. Charlie unpins Jacks arm from under a rock and fixes his dislocated shoulder before we go into another FLASHBACK — to a suburban house in Australia. Charlie knocks on the door and a clean-cut Liam answers it. Charlie delivers news that he's lined up a gig for Drive Shaft as an opening act in L.A. Charlie wants a revival—needs a revival. But Liam is settled and likes his new life—he has a wife and child now. When Charlie takes off his sunglasses, Liam realizes that he's using again. Liam offers to get him some help and invites him to stay, but Charlie storms out and heads for the fateful flight back to Los Angeles.

Outside the cave, the group has nearly given up hope until Kate arrives and insists on continuing the rescue effort. Inside, Jack is quick to recognize signs of Charlie's withdrawal and tells him he'll help him through it, if they ever make it out—they're using up oxygen—FAST. But Charlie notices a moth flying around inside the cave and he follows it to a shaft of light where he begins digging for fresh air.

Kate and the others continue to dig on the other side. Charlie breaks through the surface like the metaphorical moth escaping from its cocoon. Walt spots Charlie and Jack and ambling back into the cave camp. Kate turns, relieved to see Jack alive and runs into his arms. Jack credits Charlie for getting them out.

Meanwhile, Sayid prepares to turn on his antenna and sets off his bottle rocket. Shannon miraculously holds up her end of the bargain from the beach and the third rocket is launched from Kate's position. Sayid turns on the antenna, about to receive the signal, when he's suddenly conked on the head with a log, swung like a bat by someone or something.

That night at the caves, Charlie goes to Locke and asks for his drugs. This is the third request and Locke sticks to his word, surrendering the little bag to Charlie. But Charlie unexpectedly tosses the bag into the fire. Locke tells Charlie he's proud of him and knew he could do it. Charlie watches as a moth dances over the fire, finally free of his addiction.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Relax choir boy. I bring good tidings of great joy."

- Liam Pace

"You don't know me! I'm a bloody rock god!"

- Charlie Pace

"I've made my choice."

- Charlie Pace

"You make good bait."

- John Locke

Background InformationEdit

  • A scene deleted from this episode is referenced while Charlie and Jack are trapped in the cave. Charlie mentions a conversation occuring with Jack an hour before he went to save him; the scene that was deleted had Charlie encountering Jack in the jungle and being referred to as "choir boy".

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