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The Man from Tallahassee
The Man from Tallahassee
Season 3
Episode 13
Air Date March 21, 2007
Writer(s) Drew Goddard
Jeff Pinkner
Director Jack Bender
Flashback John Locke

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Locke infiltrates Ben's home and states his intentions to destroy the submarine that the Other's possess. Meanwhile, Jack and Juliet prepare to leave the island, on the very same submarine.


In a flashback, Locke is denied his disability benefits. It is revealed that he is suffering from depression — his disability, apparently.

In the bushes outside the Others' compound, Locke, Sayid, Kate and Rousseau watch as Jack and Tom play football. Unnoticed, Rousseau slips away. Juliet comes out, and then Ben rolls out in a wheelchair and shakes Jack's hand. Jack smiles, and they all go inside. The survivors are shocked. Kate is angry; she locks and loads her rifle, ready for the fight. But Sayid cautions her. Maybe Jack doesn't want to be rescued. Kate insists that the Others have done something to Jack. Locke interrupts and calmly reminds them that it's Jack. He most likely has a plan, and they just need to go down and find out what it is.

In a flashback, Locke is in his apartment watching TV and eating a TV dinner. He seems melancholy and defeated by the world. Then a young man, Peter, knocks on his door and asks if he is John Locke. Locke tells him he's got the wrong guy, but Peter asks him how many kidneys he has.

Locke invites Peter in, and he tells Locke that Peter's mother met a man named Adam Seward a couple months ago. Adam said he was a retired computer entrepreneur from Ontario, but something about him bothered Peter, so he checked Adam's story out. Peter discovered Adam's name was actually Anthony Cooper, and that Locke had donated one of his kidneys to him. If Locke did that, then "Adam" couldn't be all that bad, right? Locke lies to Peter and tells him it was an anonymous donation.

On the island, Kate, Sayid and Locke wait until night falls to sneak up to Jack's house. Kate quietly enters and finds Jack, alone, playing the piano. Emotion floods her face, but Jack is apprehensive. He demands that she leave immediately. Jack says they're watching him, and he points up to a video camera in a corner of the room. Kate says she isn't leaving without him. Right then the door bursts open and two armed Others grab her and force her onto the floor. They bring in a struggling Sayid and ask who else is with them. Kate realizes they didn't catch Locke. Kate and Sayid look at each-other and Sayid nods; she lies and says it's only her and Sayid.

In Ben's house, Ben hears something and wakes up. Standing in his room, pointing a gun at him, is Locke. He demands to know where the submarine is. Locke says he learned about it from Mikhail. But they are interrupted — first by Alex, whom Locke grabs and hides in the closet with, and then by Tom. Tom tells Ben that they captured Kate and Sayid trying to rescue Jack. Ben tells him to separate them and interrogate them. He wants to know how they found the barracks. Then Ben gives Richard a cryptic order: bring him the man from Tallahassee. Once alone, Locke wants to know if that was a code. Ben assures him it is not. Locke needs Sayid's pack and tells Alex to go get it.

In a flashback, Locke is in a florist shop where he watches his father, Anthony Cooper, with Peter's mother — a kind, older woman. Cooper notices Locke and slips over to him. Locke knows Cooper is conning the woman for her money. Even her son knows something is wrong. He won't let Cooper ruin another family's life. He warns Cooper to call the wedding off and end it or he'll tell the woman the truth. Cooper reluctantly agrees.

On the island, Kate's hands and barefeet are tied and she is gagged and being held in a recreation room. Tom lets Jack in to talk with Kate. Kate asks if Jack is one of them now. He denies it, then he reminds her that he told her not to come back for him. She asks what they did to him. Jack says he made a deal with them; they're letting him go home. Kate is stunned. Jack says it was the best chance to bring back help for everyone. But why would he trust them? Jack replies it's because she told him to when she asked him to save Sawyer's life.

Ben asks for Locke's help getting out of bed and into his wheelchair. Ben says that if Locke killed Mikhail, it means he found the communications station. And that means he also found the explosives. Ben guesses that Locke isn't going to leave in the submarine, he's going to destroy it. Locke tells Ben he knows nothing about him. But then Ben rattles off facts about Locke's life: raised in foster care, wasted away most of his life in Tustin at a box company, and spent four years in a wheelchair before crashing on the island. Locke is taken aback. Ben says he even knows how Locke ended up in the wheelchair, and asks how it felt. Locke coldly replies: "I felt my back break. How do you think it felt?".

In a flashback, Locke walks through his apartment building's parking lot. Two detectives approach him and tell him Peter Talbot is dead and ask him if he as any knowledge concerning the situation.

On the island, Ben asks Locke if he regained his ability to walk immediately after the plane crash. Locke says yes. Ben asks if Locke is afraid it will go away if he leaves. That's why he wants to destroy the submarine. Ben tells Locke that if he blows it up, he'll have a big problem with his people. They need to know they can leave if they want to, and the submarine maintains "that illusion". And if Locke stops and thinks, Ben can show him things he wants to see very badly. Then Ben offers to explain it in a way Locke will understand. He tells Locke to picture a box. Locke knows something about boxes, doesn't he? Somewhere on the island is a large box and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted, would be inside that box. Locke makes a joke about it, and calls Ben a hypocrite, a pharisee. If Ben knew what the island really was, he'd have more respect for it.

Alex returns with Sayid's pack, and Locke makes her take him to the sub. On the way, Alex tells Locke that Ben is manipulating him. Locke apologies to Alex for involving her. Rousseau spots Alex from a hidden location. Locke descends into the submarine. Jack and Juliet approach Ben in his home. Jack requests that Ben let his friends go, Ben gives his word to do so "just as soon as you've left the island." Jack and Juliet are escorted to the dock so they can leave in the sub. They run into Locke as he's walking back up the dock. Jack ask what he's doing there and Locke tells him "I'm sorry" — then the sub explodes.

In a flashback, Locke goes to Cooper's condo and confronts him about Peter Talbot's death, but Cooper denies any involvement. He's a con man, not a murderer, he claims. He says Peter's mother was devastated and called off the wedding. Locke doesn't believe him. His father shrugs it off and says to call Mrs. Talbot himself if he wants proof. Locke picks up the phone to call her when Cooper suddenly charges him and shoves him through the window. Locke plummets eight stories to the ground. In a hospital bed, the two detectives inform him that his father fled to Mexico and then disappeared. They leave as a physical therapist, Kincaid, brings Locke his wheelchair. Locke says he doesn't want to go into it. Kincaid lifts Locke out of bed and places him in his wheelchair for the first time. A look of despair crosses his face and he begins to break into tears.

On the island, Locke is handcuffed in a room. Ben and Richard open the door. Locke reveals that he knows Ben wanted him to blow up the sub. They lead Locke down a hallway, telling him that, for whatever reason, Locke's "in communion" with the island; and that makes Locke "very, very important." They stop at a door, and Ben opens it. Locke turns white with shock. Inside the room, tied to a chair, gagged, looking terrified and roughed-up, is Locke's father — Mr. Anthony Cooper, the man from Tallahassee.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I'm not looking for Jack, I'm looking for the submarine."

- Locke

"No, John, unfortunately we don't have a code for "There's a man in my closet with a gun to my daughter's head". Although...we obviously should."

- Ben

"We have two giant hamsters running on a massive wheel in our secret underground lair."

- Ben (having been asked about the source of the electricity)

"John, you fell eight stories and survived, okay? I don't want to hear about what you can't do."

- William Kincaid

Background InformationEdit

  • Richard Alpert who had previously appeared off-island in "Not in Portland", re-appears in this episode on the island, and a part of "the Others". This marks the second time a character from an off-island flashback has shown up on the island in present time.
  • Anthony and Locke share a glass of MacCutcheon Whisky, which Desmond and Charles Widmore were seen conversing about in "Flashes Before Your Eyes".
  • Ben has a copy of A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking in his living room. This book was seen being read by fellow Other Aldo in "Not in Portland".
  • Locke is watching an episode of the television show Exposé.

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