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The Long Con
Season 2
Episode 13
Air Date February 8, 2006
Writer(s) Leonard Dick
Steven Maeda
Director Roxann Dawson
Flashback James "Sawyer" Ford

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Sun is attacked, and to prevent an uprising, Locke hides the guns. Little does the camp know, they are being conned by Sawyer.


Locke and Jack team up to ensure that all the weapons floating around the island are kept in the armory, nice and safe. Locke suggests they do the same with the medicine and lets Jack know Sawyer has been helping himself—again. Jack goes straight to Sawyer's tent and the two of them face off over ownership of the meds. Sawyer claims it's a case of "Finders Keepers." And that's just fine with Jack. He just found them in Sawyer's tent. And now he's keeping them.

In FLASHBACK we see Sawyer in a now familiar scene. He's in bed with a beautiful woman when he has to rush out to make a meeting. He grabs his briefcase and—oops! -- thick bundles of cash "accidentally" fall to the floor. Only this time, his mark is on to him. But there's a surprise. Cassidy doesn't call the cops—she doesn't even storm out of the room. Instead she wants him to teach her everything he knows.

Back on the island, Sawyer tells Kate about the army Jack and Ana Lucia are forming—trying to, anyway. Turns out a chance to tangle with the Others isn't quite as irresistible to everyone as they thought. Meanwhile Hurley tries to connect with Sayid. He knows Sayid's been despondent since losing Shannon and he has something he hopes will cheer him up. It's a radio—the same one on which the Tailies picked up Boone's signal from the drug plane. Maybe Sayid can boost the power somehow to help them send another signal?

Meanwhile, Sun works alone in her garden when suddenly she is dragged off into the jungle with a hood over her head. Sawyer and Kate follow her screams from the beach and find her bound and unconscious in the jungle. They bring her back to camp where Ana Lucia leads everyone to arrive at the only possible conclusion. The Others are back…

Ana Lucia wants to go after them. But Locke argues for caution, at least until Sun wakes up and is able to tell them exactly what happened. But Sawyer and Kate smell a rat and decide to do a little investigating of their own. Sun was dragged off by the Others just as Jack and Ana Lucia are struggling to build a force to go after them? Hmmm…

In FLASHBACK we see Sawyer grooming his new pupil in the art of the con. Cassidy's a very bright pupil. But she's hungry for more. She wants to learn the long con. And she knows how they can fund it. Cassidy got more money than we thought in her divorce. A whole lot more.

Back on the island Sun has woken up. She can't tell them anything about who took them. But people are tired of waiting around. Jin leads the charge and sums up his idea of what to do next in a single word: "Gun."

In FLASHBACK we see Sawyer meet up with his old mentor, Gordy. He's been playing Cassidy like a fiddle, knowing the whole time there was more money in her. But when Sawyer says he's having second thoughts Gordy makes the decision real easy for him. Finish the job or, die. Turns out everybody works for someone…

Back on the island, Jack arrives at the hatch to find Sawyer sitting at the computer. He opens the armory and discovers it empty. Sawyer got there ahead of him and warned Locke that Jack was coming for the guns. And while Jack wants to put his fist through Sawyer's head, he has bigger fish to fry just now. Jack finds Locke on the beach and demands to be taken to the new hiding place, but Locke doesn't want to take him there. In the end, it turns out he won't have to.

Sawyer emerges with a gun over his shoulder. He played Locke and Jack against each other in a con to win control of the guns. We don't know how he found the new hiding place, but he's got a message for the camp. Seems he didn't appreciate having his things taken while he was away on the raft. But, what the hell, they can keep the shaving cream and batteries. But if anyone on this island needs a gun? They need to come to Sawyer.

FLASHBACK Sawyer reveals to Cassidy that she is the long con. He says that he was not going to take her money after all that they have been through. Sawyer points out a blacked out car in the cul de sac that is his friend Gordy that is going to kill them both. Sawyer stuffs her money in a suitcase in the dining room table and tells her sneak out the back and meet her at a hotel tomorrow morning. She leaves out the back door. Kate and Sawyer talk on the beach.

Sayid and Hurley tune the radio that they have acquired from the other passengers of flight 815. Sayid has made an antenna to boost the signal of the "glorified walkie-talkie" they pick up a an american radio station playing music and Hurley gets excited that the signal may be close. Sayid tells him that radio waves at that frequency bounce off the ionosphere and the signal can be thousands of miles away. 

FLASHBACK we watch as Sawyer leaves out of the house through the front door he opens the door to the blacked out vehicle and sits in the passeger seat of the empty blacked out car. We pan to the right revealing an empty driver seat, and Gordy was never in the car. We see Sawyer count as he enters the now empty house returning to the dining hall table. he pulls back the chair to reveal Cassidy's bag of cash. Sawyer successfully pulled off the long con.  Sawyer stares at the picture in a frame of him and Cassidy then leaves it faced down.

That's the thing with cons. In order to work, the victims need to want something. And even on this island—lots of people want all kinds of things…

Memorable QuotesEdit

"One second, I'm, like, this close to the high score on Donkey Kong"

- Sawyer

"There is a new sheriff in town, boys!"

- Sawyer

"A tiger don't change his stripes."

- Sawyer

Background InformationEdit

  • The waitress that takes Sawyer and Gordy's order at the diner is Kate's mother.
  • Hurley finds Gary Troup's manuscript of "Bad Twin" on the beach.
  • The Duke Ellington Orchestra's "Just A-Settin' and A-Rockin" briefly appears over the radio Sayid and Hurley are listening to before they begin listening to The Glenn Miller Orchestra's "Moonlight Serenade".
  • Jack tells Ana-Lucia that she talked to Steve and Scott died, when in actual fact it was Steve who died and Scott survived. This may have been done on purpose as the confusion between Scott and Steve is a running gag on the show.

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