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The Listening Station
Name The Listening Station
Country Possibly Antarctica
Introduced In Live Together, Die Alone
Type Listening Station

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The Listening Station is located somewhere with heavy snow cover, quite possibly Antarctica, and is a station that monitors electromagnetic anomalies.


The purpose of the station is to monitor and detect any electromagnetic anomalies that my occur. The technicians inside are Mathias and Henrik who spend their time playing chess together. The two had missed a previous electromagnetic anomaly, which most likely occurred when Desmond failed to press the button on time on September 22, 2004. When the second anomaly occurred, their computer in the station emitted a blinking light, and a readout on the computer read:

>/ 7418880

Henrik quickly flipped through the pages of manuals that were present in the station, and ordered Mathias to "shut up and call". Mathias picked up the phone and called Penny Widmore to inform her that they may have found "it".

It should be noted that the number that appears at the top of the readout above 7418880 is the product of all The Numbers multiplied together.