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The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Season 5
Episode 7
Air Date February 25, 2009
Writer(s) Carlton Cuse
Damon Lindelof
Director Jack Bender
Flashback John Locke

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Locke's experiences after he turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel are revealed, as he visits with Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Walt; with the assistance of Charles Widmore and Matthew Abaddon.


The episode begins an unknown amount of time after the crash of Ajira Airways Flight 316, which took off from Los Angeles in the previous episode, 316, and has crashed on the small island where the DHARMA Initiative Hydra Station is located. One of the crash survivors, Caesar, searches an office in the Hydra Station, finding several documents and a sawed-off shotgun. He is interrupted by Ilana (Zuleikha Robinson), who informs him that a man no one remembers seeing on the plane, has been found: John Locke. Locke explains to Ilana that the last thing he remembers is dying.

The narrative shifts into an extended flashback of Locke's time off the island, since he left it in This Place is Death. In late 2007, Locke awakens in a desert in Tunisia, where he is brought to a local hospital and visited by Charles Widmore. Widmore tells Locke that he led the Others until Benjamin Linus took over and tricked him into leaving the island. Widmore pledges to help Locke reunite the Oceanic SixJack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley and Claire Littleton's infant, Aaron — in order to bring them back to the island. Widmore gives Locke a fake identity, Jeremy Bentham, and assigns Matthew Abaddon to assist him.

Sayid, Hurley and Kate all refuse to go back to the island after being visited by Locke. Locke also visits Walt Lloyd, but decides not to ask him to return to the island because he has been through enough already. Meanwhile, Kate's conversation with Locke leads him to look for his old girlfriend, Helen Norwood, who he discovers has died. While visiting her grave, Abaddon is shot and killed; Locke gets into a car accident after he flees the scene in a panic. He awakens in Jack's hospital, where the two once again argue about the island. Before Jack leaves, Locke tells him that his father, Christian Shephard, is alive on the island. This greatly upsets Jack, and he leaves. Locke then goes to a hotel, where he attempts to hang himself. Ben, however, shows up and talks Locke down. He admits to shooting Abaddon, claiming it was to protect him. After learning of Locke's plan to seek advice from Eloise Hawking on how to return to the island, Ben kills Locke, making it look like suicide. He then takes Jin's wedding ring, which Jin had entrusted to Locke. The narrative returns to the present on the island, where Locke discovers an unconscious Ben among the injured passengers of Flight 316.

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"He was a British philosopher. Your parents had a sense of humor when they named you, so why can't I?"

- Widmore

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