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The Last Recruit
Season 6
Episode 13
Air Date April 20, 2010
Writer(s) Paul Zbyszewski & Graham Roland
Director Stephen Semel
Flash-Sideways Locke, Sawyer, Claire, Sayid, Jack, Jin & Sun

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"The Last Recruit" is the thirteenth episode of Season 6 and the 116th episode overall. The episode aired on April 20, 2010 in the United States. In this episode The remaining candidates merge with Locke's followers. Immediately, all the candidates try to escape the Island, with the exception of Jack who feels that the Island still is not done with him yet. In the flash-sideways timeline, we see a convergence of all the characters taking place.


Alternate Timeline - 2004Edit

Following the events at the end of "Everybody Loves Hugo", Locke is in the back of an ambulance, being rushed to the hospital as a result of being struck by Desmond Hume's automobile. Being the first on the scene, Dr. Ben Linus is riding along to answer any questions the paramedics may have. One of the paramedics is on the radio, and indicates that the patient is not responding to stimulus to his lower extremities, fearing paralysis. Ben informs the paramedic that Locke is a paraplegic. He gives the paramedic his last name, but does not know his first name, only that he is confined to a wheelchair. The paramedic points out that the wheelchair probably saved his life although it's currently in pieces. Ben indicates that he saw the hit and run driver. The paramedic suggests informing the police when they arrive at the hospital, and asks if Ben knows any emergency contact information. Ben tells them he does not. Locke manages to give them Helen Norwood's name, and tells Ben that he was going to marry her. Ben emphatically tells Locke that he is still going to marry her, because he's going to be just fine. Locke tells Ben that his first name is John.

Arriving at the hospital, the paramedics remove Locke's stretcher from the back of the ambulance. As they secure Locke, another rescue team can be heard arriving with a pregnant female suffering from a gunshot wound. They are shown pulling Sun out of adjacent ambulance, with Jin in tow. They rush both stretchers up the corridor toward the emergency room, and Sun spots Locke, and becomes very agitated and begins saying "No!" Jin asks what's wrong and she says, "It's him". Locke appears oblivious to Sun.

At the police station, James Ford joins Kate who is being processed by a uniformed officer. He offers her an apple, which she pointedly ignores. Ford asks the officer if he can talk to Kate privately, indicating that he was the arresting detective. He reads Kate her charges, which include arson, assault and murder. He tells her that she doesn't appear to be a murderer, to which she replies that she is not. He sarcastically remarks that he'll be sure to tell the FBI she's not a killer. When she asks him what he wants, he asks if she remembers him from the airport. She tells him that she does. Ford points out the coincidence of meeting in the airport, and then her careening into his car. She asks Ford if he's hitting on her, which he laughs off. She asks why he didn't arrest her the previous week, despite the fact that she was wearing handcuffs. He shrugs it off by feigning ignorance about her handcuffs. She calls his bluff and tells him that she believes he was in Australia and didn't want anyone to know. She sarcastically asks if she should mention that to the FBI as well. Feigning amusement, Ford nervously laughs off her suggestion.

Miles Straume interrupts by calling over Ford about a call for a multiple homicide involving Martin Keamy and his three goons. Ford asks about witnesses, and Miles tells him that a nearby camera caught a "jaboney" fleeing the scene. He shows Ford a picture of Sayid exiting the restaurant, and Ford identifies Sayid as "our bad guy".

We cut to Claire entering the lobby of a large office complex. She approaches the information desk that she has an appointment at the adoption agency located inside. As she signs in, she is approached by Desmond who tries to start up a conversation. Claire politely tries to evade him, but he persists, finally suggesting that she should have her adoption papers reviewed by an attorney. He informs her that he's on his way to see his attorney, and she'd be happy to review her documents pro bono. After some persuasion, she reluctantly agrees. Entering the attorney's office, Desmond informs the receptionist that he's arrived and Ilana Verdansky, his attorney, appears to meet him. He introduces her to Claire who is surprised to hear Claire's name. She informs Claire that her office has been looking for her. Desmond leaves the two to talk.

Sayid hurredly enters his brother's home following the events shown in "Sundown", and immediately begins packing his things. Nadia asks him what's going on, and he tells her that he "took care of it". She asks where he's going, and Sayid informs her that he's leaving never to return. At this point the doorbell rings. Sayid asks Nadia to "stall them". Miles identifies himself as LAPD and indicates that he needs to ask her a few questions. As he enters the house, he notices luggage in the process of being hurriedly packed. Sayid escapes through the back door, to be foiled by James using a garden hose to trip him. Ford places Sayid under arrest.

Jack and his son David arrive in the same lobby that Claire entered earlier. Jack receives a phone call from David's mother, and informs her that he'll drop David off at home after they have dinner. Jack explains to David that this reading Christian's will be over soon, and it's okay to be sad. David indicates that he's only concerned for Jack. They arrive at Ilana's office, and she informs Jack that she has a surprise for him. She then introduces Jack and David to Claire. Jack asks why she would be in Christian's will, and she informs him that Christian was also her father. Jack is momentarily speechless with emotion, when he receives a phone call from the hospital. Jack has to excuse himself because there's been an emergency that requires his attention.

In the hospital Sun regains consciousness. Jin is sleeping by her bed. She wakens him and asks what happens. He tells her that she was shot but that she's going to be OK. He informs her that the baby is fine as well. Jin explains that it's over and everything is going to be OK now.

In the hall outside her room, Jack and David pass by discussing the situation at Ilana's office. David cannot believe that his grandfather would keep a secret so big, but Jack explains that Christian kept a lot of things to himself. David jokingly remarks that Jack is the same way. Jack laughs, but agrees. David wishes Jack luck who prepares for surgery. Jack is reviewing the patient's injury and the nurse points out that the patient was already paralyzed. Jack confidently expresses that he can do it. Standing over Locke, Jack spots his face in a mirror, and indicates that he knows him. The two had met and talked about Locke's condition previously as shown in the episode "LA X".

Original Timeline - 2007Edit

Picking up exactly where the previous episode "Everybody Loves Hugo" left off. In the The Man in Black's camp, immediately after the arrival of the remaining Candidates, The Man in Black, in the form of John Locke, greets Jack and tells him that he was hoping that Jack would come. He invites Jack to a private conversation. Jack defers to Hurley as it was his idea to approach Locke's camp. Hurley cedes to Jack's discretion ("It's all you, dude"), and Jack and Locke go a short way into the jungle to "catch up". Jack remarks that The Man in Black looks exactly like Locke. The Man in Black responds by asking if that bothers Jack. Jack replies that what bothers him is that he doesn't know what the Man in Black is. The Man in Black dismisses this claim. Jack asks why he chose the form of John Locke. "Locke" responds by telling Jack that the real Locke foolishly believed that they came to the Island for a reason, and pursued that belief to his own death, and that Jack brought Locke's body to the Island. Jack confirms that in order to assume Locke's form, Locke had to be dead. Jack asks who else's form The Man and Black has assumed, and asks if the appearances of Christian Shephard were, in fact, the Man in Black. "Locke" responds that was him, and he took that form in order to help Jack to find water. He continued by informing Jack that all he's ever wanted to do all along his help everyone get off the Island.

Locke informs Jack that since Jacob had chosen him, he was trapped on the Island long before he ever arrived, and that with Jacob's death he was no free to leave the Island. He adds that the only stipulation is that The Man in Black and the Candidates must all leave together. Jack recalls that Locke was the only one who ever believed that they were on the Island for a purpose. The Man in Black responds by telling Jack that Locke wasn't a "believer", rather he was a "sucker".

As the two men are returning to camp, Locke stops and calls out to whomever is following. Claire emerges from the trees, and Locke asks her if she'd been following them. She tells him she has, because Jack is her brother. Locke leaves the two to catch up with each other. Claire asks Jack if Locke told him that he was pretending to be Christian, and Jack affirms this. Claire tells him that she had given up hope that they would ever come back, but that it's very good to see him. Jack returns the sentiment. She indicates that she's glad Jack is leaving with Locke and his followers. Jack informs her that he hasn't decided anything yet. She tells Jack that he decided the moment Locke spoke to him, and that, like it or not, Jack is with Locke now.

In the morning, Sawyer and Hurley are talking about Sawyer's escape plan. Sawyer informs Hurley that Widmore has a submarine and they're planning on taking it out of there. He also informs Hurley that Sayid is not invited, because he's "gone over to the Dark Side". Hurley tries to argue, focusing on the Star Wars analogy, but Sawyer forestalls argument on the subject. Claire approaches to greet Hurley and the two hug. Jack and Locke emerge from the woods. Locke, beaming happily with the current situation, informs everyone that he's very glad to have everyone back together again. Jack and Sawyer both appear less than pleased.

Some time later, Jack is sitting on a rock watching the camp, Sayid in particular. Kate sits next to him and points out that Sayid has changed, and asks Jack what Locke had to say. He tells her that Locke wants to leave, and they all have to leave together. Kate asks if he believes that, and Jack indicates that he hasn't made up his mind. At this point Zoe and two others barge into the camp brandishing rifles, demanding to speak to the person in charge. Sawyer identifies her as Widmore's number two. Locke approaches Zoe and asks what she wants. Speaking vaguely, she tells Locke she wants Desmond back. Locke denies any knowledge. Zoe produces a walkie-talkie and tells the person on the other end to "show them what we're capable of". Immediately an artillery strike lands near the camp, but doesn't hurt anyone. Locke stares at Zoe, unimpressed. She orders Locke to return what he took by nightfall or there will be another strike that will not miss. She gives Locke the radio and leaves. Without hesitation, Locke drops the radio and smashes it, and announces, "Here we go."

Locke makes an announcement that Widmore's people are forcing their hand, and indicates that he is willing to engage in a confrontation with them. He tells everyone to pack their things as they're headed to the Hydra Island. He asks Sawyer for a moment alone, and gives him a map with directions to a boat, and a rendezvous point. Sawyer agrees but asks for another pair of hands. He chooses Kate and Locke leaves them and asks for a moment with Sayid. Sawyer discreetly tells Jack about his deal with Widmore, and tells Jack that the first chance he gets, to grab Sun, Hurley and Frank and meet Sawyer on the boat. Jack reminds Hurley about Sayid and Claire. Sawyer informs him they're not welcome, especially since Claire tried to kill Kate, as shown in the episode "Sundown". Returning to Kate, Sawyer and she make their way toward the boat.

Meanwhile, Locke instructs Sayid to return to the well where Desmond is, and to kill him. Locke uses Sayid's faith that he can reunite him with Nadia to convince Sayid to obey.

Sayid approaches the well and aims his gun inside at Desmond. Desmond asks what Locke offered him in exchange for killing him. Sayid tells him that Locke promised that he'd reunite Sayid with his dead wife. Desmond asks why believes Locke can do that, and Sayid tells Desmond that he brought Sayid himself back. Desmond then asks what Sayid will tell this woman when he tells her what he did to get her back. Sayid stares blankly at Desmond.

Elsewhere, Sawyer spots the boat - The Elizabeth. Kate expresses doubt about going back to get Locke, and Sawyer agrees that it's a bad idea, and that's why he has no intention of returning to Locke. He informs her that they're not taking Claire, explaining that the Claire who Kate came back to rescue is gone. After an argument from Claire, Sawyer convinces her by asking if she wants Claire around Aaron, the way she is now. Without further protest, the two wade out to the boat.

Back with Locke, The Others and the Candidates, Jack and Claire talk about Locke. Claire informs Jack that Locke is the only one who didn't abandon her. Locke is growing concerned about Sayid, whom he had expected back by now. He breaks away from the group to look for him, and instructs Cindy to see that everyone arrives at the rendezvous point safely. After Locke disappears, Jack discreetly grabs Sun, Hurley and Frank and urgently tells them to follow him. Claire watches the group abandon her again with a mixture of anger and disappointment.

Locke finds Sayid and ask where he's been. When Locke asks what took so long, Sayid wryly answers that he needed a few minutes to recover from murdering an unarmed man in cold blood. Locke expresses doubt that Sayid did what he was told, and Sayid invites Locke to check. Although Locke appears to be still suspicious, the two return to the group.

Hurley locates the boat and the group joins with Sawyer and Kate on the boat. As everyone is boarding, a rifle is heard cocking. Claire, rifle at the ready, asks where everyone is going and why they aren't waiting for John. Kate informs her that Locke is not one of them - implying, however that Claire is. She invites Claire along against Sawyer's protest, telling him that the only reason she came back to the Island was to reunite Claire and Aaron. Claire accepts, but informs everyone that Locke is going to be very angry.

On the boat, Frank asks what the plan is, and Sawyer reveals his intention of hijacking the sub. Frank expresses enthusiasm for that plan, and offers to bring up some food from below deck. Sawyer then approaches Jack who is alone on the stern of the boat staring at the water. Jack is having doubts about leaving the Island and suggests they shouldn't go, and that the Island isn't done with them. Sawyer angrily tells Jack to stop talking like that or get off the boat. Jack apologizes to Sawyer for Juliet, and then jumps overboard. Kate angrily asks what Sawyer said to Jack and tells him that they need to go back and get him. Sawyer refuses.

Jack washes up at the rendezvous point where Locke and the remaining Others are waiting for Sawyer. Locke asks if Sawyer took his boat, and Jack confirms. On Hydra Island, the group arrives on the beach and approaches the pylons. Zoe and her team burst out of the brush aiming guns at Sawyer's group. Sawyer angrily tells them to hold their fire. He motions for his group to lower their weapons, which they do. Zoe asks who else is with the group, and Sawyer tells them Locke and his company are still back on the main Island. Zoe pulls out her walkie-talkie and orders the pylons to be deactivated. Jin emerges from the Jungle and Sun rushes to him, and the two hug and kiss. Sun regains her English and the two promise to never lose each other again.

Zoe and her team then bring their arms back up. When Sawyer protests, she orders them all to get on their knees. Including Jin. Zoe informs Sawyer the deal's off. She then speaks into the radio again, saying "Fire when ready".

Immediately missiles start hammering the beach on the main Island. Jack is nearly hit, and Locke carries him off the beach. He leans Jack against a tree, while missiles can still be heard striking the beach. He tells Jack that everything is going to be okay, telling him that Jack is with him now.

Memorable QuotesEdit

John Locke wasn't a believer, Jack. He was a sucker.
- The Man in Black
Are you... hitting on me?
- Kate
Don't worry Jack. You're with me now!
- The Man in Black

Background InformationEdit

  • This episode concludes with a scene from the alternate timeline where Jack Shephard is trying to save the life of John Locke, coinciding with a scene from the original timeline where Locke saves Jack by removing him to safety during Widmore's artillery attack. This is similar to the previous episode's coincidental scenes where Desmond and Locke appear to be trying to kill each other in their respective scenes.
  • In this episode it is directly confirmed that the apparitions of Christian Shephard that appear on the Island are actually the Man in Black.
  • This is the first episode where Jin and Sun appear together (in the original timeline) since the freighter exploded in the Season 4 finale There's No Place Like Home - Part 2.
  • This episode reveals no new timeline differences.

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