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The Hydra Station
Name The Hydra Station
Area of Research Zoology
First Seen/Visited In A Tale of Two Cities
Name Given In A Tale of Two Cities
Last Seen In Stranger in a Strange Land

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The Hydra Station is a part of the DHARMA Initiative's projects which focuses on Zoology. It's exact layout has not been revealed, however, it definitely has a section above ground on the coast, and another section underwater. The Hydra facility has cages outside the station in the jungle and aquariums underwater. In "Every Man for Himself", Ben claims that the Hydra is on a smaller island near the island the rest of the survivors are on. Dialogue in "The Glass Ballerina" reveals that the Others have a functional submarine.


Island ComplexEdit

The Hydra

The Hydra logo on one of the roofs.

The above ground complex for the Hydra is unknown except for a collection of various cages. The cage used to imprison Sawyer is equipped with a feeding mechanism which Tom says was figured out by the bears (possibly the Polar Bears) in two hours. Output is food as a reward: a fish biscuit, water, and peanuts. Near Sawyer's and Kate's cages is the Hydra station interior. It does not appear that the Others' suburb is located on this small island.

Underwater ComplexEdit

The underwater complex, as Juliet claims, was once used as an aquarium, which housed sharks and dolphins. Jack is kept in one room on lockdown. In a nearby room, Juliet and Ben Linus are monitoring Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Dialog in "Every Man for Himself" indicates that the medical facilities in the Hydra are substandard (presumably intended for treating aquatic animals rather than people), and that their infirmary lacks a working defibrillator or "crash cart." The submarine is apparently incapable of docking with the underwater complex, as they had to physically carry a wounded Other across the island to get to it from the sub. Whether this is normal, or yet another example of the deteriorated nature of the Others' equipment is unknown.

Main Building ComplexEdit

The large, hangar-like facility where Kate, Sawyer and Alex go free Karl. Aldo, an Other, is guarding the front. They easily manage to obtain access to where Karl is being kept (in room 23). Inside it is dim and there are a series of separate rooms down the hallway. Room 23 is furnished with 60s-style brainwashing equipment and is fairly soundproof. This area is first seen in the "Not in Portland" episode. The location of this building and distance between from the cages seems fairly close by.

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