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The Hydra Island
Name The Hydra Island
Appears In Season 3

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The "Hydra Island" is a smaller island compared to the Island that the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 reside on. When Sawyer is conned into thinking he will die because of a pacemaker, Ben brings him to the edge of a cliff and tells him that the island he crashed onto is the one they're looking at, and that the island they are on is about twice the size of Alcatraz.

The island was originally used to house the DHARMA Initiative's Hydra Station, and is now being used by "the Others" who have the ability to travel back and forth between islands by way of their submarine. The Hydra station was used to study zoology, as it has an underground complex which studies aquatic beings, and an above ground complex which studies other animals, including bears which were previously kept in the cages which imprisoned Sawyer, Kate and Karl.

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