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The Hatch (Swan Exterior)
The Hatch
Name The Hatch (Swan Exterior)
Introduced In All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Last Seen In Live Together, Die Alone

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The Hatch was an impenetrable door buried under the dirt which was discovered by Boone and Locke while searching for Claire deep in the jungle. Locke threw a flashlight to Boone, Boone dropped it and it hit the ground. When it hit the ground you heard the metal Clang sound and that is when they first discovered it.

Excavation and EntryEdit

The two began visiting the hatch under the guise of hunting for boar and searching for Claire, and began excavating it and attempting numerous times to gain entry into it. Engraved on the side of the hatch are six numbers: 4 8 15 16 23 42 which were told was the "serial-code" for it.

Before Boone passed away from the injuries he suffered from the fall inside the Beechcraft, he mentioned the hatch to Jack told him that Locke "said not to tell". Sayid set out to discover the truth, and after being brought to the Beechcraft, he returned to Locke that night and told him that he was going to take him to the hatch. Locke and Sayid would later bring Jack to the hatch, and the three would argue about whether or not it should be opened.

When Rousseau delivered a threat from “The Others”, Locke, Jack and Sayid brought Rousseau and Hurley to the hatch and a plan was formulated to blow the hatch using dynamite that Danielle had previously used to destroy her shelter. Rousseau stated that the dynamite was from the Black Rock. The survivors then decided to head for the Black Rock, retrieve the dynamite and blow the hatch and hide the 40+ survivors inside.

After finally retrieving the dynamite, Locke lit the fuse, and the hatch was blown, and they gazed downward, they were greeted with a ladder which only continued for a few feet before breaking off, and a deep abyss below. On the other side of the Hatch’s door, it was painted with the word “QUARANTINE”. After travelling inward into the hatch by use of cable from the fuselage, Jack, Locke and Kate would later discover it was actually an entrance into a bunker by the name of “Station 3: The Swan”.

Season 5 (2007)Edit

3 years after the hatch implosion,The Man in Black and Ben found the hatch door with the quarantine sign on it,resting on the Beach Camp.

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