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The Golf Course
Name The Golf Course
Introduced In Solitary
Last Seen In Collision

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The golf course was created by Hurley after he discovered golf clubs among the luggage, and had been looking for something to do to have fun.

First Island OpenEdit

Once completed in "Solitary", the golf course was home to what Hurley dubbed the “First and hopefully Last Island Open”. This first game was played by Michael, Charlie, Jack, and Hurley. When the game was interrupted by Sullivan who was looking for Jack, he requested to play. Soon enough the entire camp arrived to see the course, and because of it, the survivors began to calm down, and feel good once more.

Jin and HurleyEdit

Jin proceeded to play a game of golf in "...In Translation" at the course after he believed that Michael and Sun might be involved in some way and tried to blow off some steam. Hurley approached with fishing poles and attempted to cheer him up, but this attempt failed.

Jack Vs. KateEdit

When Jack and Kate decided to have a game of golf to test who was more talented efficiency-wise in "Collision", the two set off to play a game, and in the process of retrieving his lost ball, Jack made first contact with Eko from the tail section who was carrying a wounded Sawyer on his back.

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