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The Glass Ballerina
Season 3
Episode 2
Air Date October 11, 2006
Writer(s) Jeff Pinkner
Drew Goddard
Director Paul Edwards
Flashback Jin-Soo Kwon
Sun-Hwa Kwon

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Jin, Sun, and Sayid make their plans to trap the Others after discovering a dock near the shore. Sawyer and Kate are put to work by the Others, and Jack is made a tempting deal by Ben.


In flashback, a glass Swarovski figurine of a ballerina tumbles to the floor and shatters. A pre-adolescent Sun-Hwa Kwon, startled, runs from the room. Her father confronts her with the figurine’s remnants. Sun insists that the maid broke it. Mr. Paik warns her that he will fire the maid if this is true, and asks her again who broke it. Sun insists the maid did. Mr. Paik accepts this and leaves the room.

A quick cut now shows the adult Sun, who along with Jin, and Sayid, are on Desmond's boat, the Elizabeth, attempting to locate Jack, Sawyer and Kate, who two episodes prior, went on a mission to rescue Michael’s son Walt, but were led into a trap, and captured by the Others. Sayid's team lit a fire on the shore as a rendezvous signal over a day ago, but Jack’s party has not shown up, and Jin says they should leave. Sayid feels they must persevere because Jack is counting on them, and suggests that if Jack’s party is north of the mountains, they may not be able to see the fire. He then suggests that they sail north clear of the mountains, and start another signal fire. Jin refuses, but Sayid insists that he will not abandon Jack, Sawyer and Kate. When Sun tries to translate this, Jin becomes angry, telling Sun that Sayid is not her husband, and that they’re not going anywhere, since it is Jin’s sailing experience that they are relying on. Sun tells Sayid this, but adds that unbeknownst to Jin, she too has knowledge of sailing, and will help Sayid.

Back at the Others’ camp, Juliet brings Jack some soup. Upon leaving the room with Jack, Ben comments that she never brought him soup. Colleen, a woman with dirty blonde hair, enters and sarcastically asks if she is interrupting anything, and she and Juliet exchange tense glares. Colleen tells Ben that Ryan radioed in to report that Sayid (whom she refers to as “the Iraqi”) found their decoy village (which occurred two episodes ago in “Live Together, Die Alone”), and discovered, after following Sayid back to the shore, that he now has a boat. Because Sayid could find their true village with it, Ben orders Colleen to put together a team and procure the boat.

Kate and Sawyer are taken out of their cages by Tom, Pickett and a few others. Shortly after doing so, Colleen informs Pickett, whom she calls “Danny,” of her mission to take the Galaga to procure the Elizabeth. Pickett gives her a kiss on the cheek, which Sawyer observes.

On the Elizabeth, Sun apologizes to Jin for disagreeing with him in front of Sayid, and he responds that she should not have disagreed with him at all. He asks why she even came, and she responds that she didn’t want to be without him.

In flashback, Sun lies awake in bed with her boyfriend, Jae Lee, with whom she has been having an affair (see the episode “The Whole Truth” ). Lee gives her a pearl necklace, but Sun cannot accept it because Jin will question its origin. Lee says that now that her English is so good, they can escape to the United States. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door, when Jae opens, he sees a hotel worker and when he asks him what is he doing there, Mr. Paik, Sun’s father, enters the room, and looks at Sun with contempt, he tells her to get dressed, and then storms out.

Kate and Sawyer are brought out to a rock quarry, where Pickett orders them to chip up rocks and haul them in a wheelbarrow. Kate requests a change of clothes, but Pickett refuses. Pickett informs them that they will have ten minutes for lunch, and that if they become delinquent in their work, attempt to escape, talk to or touch one another, or in any way irritate him, he will shock them with his taser gun. When Kate refuses to work until she is allowed to see Jack, Pickett shocks Sawyer, who falls to the ground. After that, Kate and Sawyer comply.

In flashback, Jin goes to see Mr. Paik, his father-in-law, who shows him a photograph of Jae Lee, and tells him that Lee has been stealing from him, though he refuses to tell Jin what he’s been stealing. When Jin says he’ll deliver a message, Paik says a message will not suffice, and that he wants it to end. Jin, who already refused to kill another one of Paik’s targets in “...In Translation”, refuses and threatens to quit. Paik becomes angry, telling him that he cannot quit, and that because Lee has shamed him, Jin, whom Paik calls his “son,” should work to restore honor to their family. Jin takes the photograph and bows.

Back on the Elizabeth, the trio discover the Pala Ferry Dock on the other side of the island. Sayid says it’s decaying and overgrown, having not been used in some time, and suggest they take the boat there, and build the fire on the beach. When Jin asks Sayid, “Safe?”, Sayid responds that it is.

At the rock quarry, someone throws a small pebble at Kate, and Kate sees that hiding in the bushes is Alex Rousseau - one of the Others and daughter of Danielle Rousseau. Alex asks Kate if there is another prisoner in the cages with her and Sawyer, a boy about Alex’s age named Karl. Kate says no. Alex laments that Karl was supposed to be in that cage. Alex asks Kate where she got the dress she’s wearing, and after Kate tells her that the Others gave it to her, Alex tells her that it was hers, adding that Kate should keep it, as it looks better on her.

On the beach, Sun tells Sayid that she knows he lied about the dock being abandoned. Sayid says he’s pretty sure Jack’s party was captured, as there are fresh tracks around the dock made as recently as yesterday, and Sun deduces that they are not building the fire for Jack, but to lure the Others into an ambush. He plans to take two as hostages (using one to coerce another to talk), and kill the rest. He asks Sun to continue to lie to Jin for another twenty minutes because once the fire is lit, it will be too late to go back.

In flashback, Jin returns home and tells Sun that her father wants him to “deliver a message.” Sun understands what he means, and recalling the night he came home one night with blood on his hands after performing a job for her father (in “House of the Rising Sun”), tells him he does not have to do it, that they can go away to a new life where her father will not be able to find them. Jin, believing it is not that simple, angrily tells her that he does these things for her, and that he will do what her father expects of him if that is what it takes to remain married to her. She angrily retorts by asking what it takes to remain married to him.

At the beach Sayid begins the fire which spurs Jin to demand one of Sayid’s guns. Jin explains to Sun (who relates to Sayid) that he understands English better than she thinks, and knows what Sayid is really planning. Sayid hands a gun to Jin, who surprises Sayid by checking the magazine in a manner that makes clear that he knows how to use the gun. Sayid tells Sun she should remain on the boat and tells her where on the boat she can find another gun in case the Others get past him and Jin. Sun says if the Others get past them, it will mean that Jin is dead, and she will not care any more.

At the rock quarry, Sawyer sees Juliet drinking from a canteen. She tosses the canteen to him. He unscrews the cap and pours all the water onto the ground. Next, seemingly on a spur-of-the-moment impulse, he walks up to Kate and kisses her passionately. This garners the attention of the Others. Picket approaches Sawyer and slams the butt of his rifle into the back of his head. Though initially felled, Sawyer briefly gains the upper hand, taking his rifle away. He engages a heavyset Other, attempting to turn his taser against him, but it doesn’t work, and the man knocks Sawyer to the ground. Sawyer, nonetheless, uses the rifle to hold them at bay, but is forced to relinquish it when Juliet, who addresses Sawyer by his real name, "James," turns a gun on Kate. Sawyer is again tasered.

In flashback, Jin ambushes Lee at his hotel room, violently beating him, and puts a gun to his head. Once again, however, he finds himself unable to kill. He instead tells Lee to leave the country and never return. As Jin gets back into his car, Lee’s body crashes into the car from above - an apparent suicide. He is clutching the pearl necklace he had wanted to give to Sun.

Meanwhile, Sayid and Jin are hiding in the foliage, but the Others are headed toward the boat rather than the fire. When Colleen ventures below deck, Sun points a gun at her and orders her to get off the boat. Colleen addresses Sun by her full name and tells her that she knows everything about her and that Sun is not a killer. She also states that they "are not the enemy" but will be if she shoots. Nonetheless, Sun shoots Colleen in the abdomen. Blood coming from her wound, Colleen falls. The five Others above deck begin shooting at Sun, which in turn attracts Sayid and Jin to the dock, where they take cover. The Others steal the boat, but Sun makes it overboard. Jin, not knowing this, jumps from the dock in a desperate attempt to save her, and they are reunited.

In flashback, Sun is at Lee’s funeral. Mr. Paik, who did business with Lee’s father, is also there. Sun asks her father if he told Jin about her affair, and he responds that it was not his place to tell him.

On the beach, Sayid apologizes to Sun for dragging her into the plan and asks her to tell Jin that next time he will listen to him. They begin the long journey back to camp.

Sawyer and Kate are returned to their cages. He tells Kate that he made some assessments of their captors' abilities during the brief struggle, stating that two of their guards are formidable fighters, but that the rest are nothing to worry about. He adds that the heavyset man packs a formidable punch, and the “shaggy-haired kid” has some sort of martial arts training, but that he thinks he can take him if he had to, and that their tasers have safety switches on them. He adds that while most of the Others haven’t seen any real action, he could tell from the look on Juliet’s face that she’d have shot Kate. Kate asks him why Juliet called him “James,” and he reluctantly admits that it is his name. Sawyer says that when the Others let their guard down, they will take advantage of it. Unbeknownst to them, Ben is monitoring them and their conversation on closed circuit television.

In the episode's closing scene, Ben greets the captive Jack, pointing out that their positions are now reversed from the week prior, in that Jack is now the prisoner and Ben the captor. Ben tells Jack that his full name is Benjamin Linus, and that he has lived on the island all his life. He tells Jack that he will be sent home if he cooperates, but Jack is dismissive of this, asserting his belief that Ben is just as stranded on the island as the passengers of Oceanic 815 are. Ben then informs Jack that the Others are in contact with the outside world. The current date is November 29, 2004. To prove he is in contact with the outside world, Ben tells Jack that George W. Bush has been reelected, Christopher Reeve has passed away, and the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series. Jack is particularly amused by the last assertion (his father believed the Red Sox would never win the World Series because of fate), but his skeptical demeanor fades when Ben shows him a video clip of the final game of the World Series, with the Red Sox victorious. Ben repeats his offer, telling Jack that if he listens to him and trusts him, he will eventually take him home; Jack remains silent.

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"What are you looking at?!"

- Pickett

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  • The Red Sox winning the World Series is a drawback to "Outlaws" in which Jack's father, Christian, believed that the Red Sox would never win the World Series because "some people are just supposed to suffer". Jack also held this quote true to himself, and even spoke it to Sawyer in the same episode.

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