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The Flame
The Flame Logo
Name The Flame
Area of Research Communications Facility
First Seen In The Cost of Living
First Visited In Enter 77
Name Given In Lockdown
Last Seen In One of Us

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The Flame is a DHARMA Initiative station and is first seen from the Pearl when Sayid is able to establish a live video feed connection with another station. At first, all that is seen appears to be a computer mainframe. The camera slowly panned right, revealing a man wearing an eyepatch and a DHARMA suit staring directly into the camera. Soon after, the man shut down the camera on his end. While everyone is stunned by what has happened, Locke says that the man "will be expecting [them]". According to the black light map, somewhere on the island between The Swan and the Staff is "alleged location of #4 the Flame.".


Locke at the computer.

In "Enter 77", a computer running a chess game catches Locke's attention. Mikhail Bakunin tells Locke that the computer cannot be beaten. Locke, determined to prove otherwise, eventually beats the computer. Upon successfully winning the game of chess, a DHARMA Initiative video starring Pierre Chang commences, giving different choices for communications. Locke chooses to communicate with the outside world, however the computer responds that the satellite is not operative. The video then offers the alternative to communicate via sonar, which also turns out to be not operative. Finally, the video asks if there has been an incident with the hostiles, if so, to enter 7-7. It is later discovered that entering 7-7 results in the detonation of the C-4 discovered earlier in the underground level of The Flame.

Of the few items that Kate, Sayid and Locke are able to take with them, a map of the island's electrical and communications network was discovered by Sayid within DHARMA Initiative operation manuals and documentations in the underground level.

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