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The Envelope
Missing Pieces - The Envelope
Season Missing Pieces
Episode 12
Air Date January 21, 2008 (Verizon)
January 28, 2008 (
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Director Jack Bender
Flashback Juliet Burke

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Prior to the book club meeting, Juliet and Amelia have a discussion, which leads Juliet to contemplate revealing a secret.


Juliet rushes to the oven where she finds her muffins have been burnt, and burns her hand trying to remove them from the oven. Amelia assists her with her burns, and inquires as to whether or not Ben was invited.

Juliet states that things are awkward, and Amelia alludes to the fact that Ben may have revealed feelings for Juliet. However, Juliet states that she believes that they are all in trouble. Juliet makes Amelia promise not to reveal what she is about to see to anyone, and removes a large manila envelope from her cutlery drawer, and before she can open it, the doorbell rings.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Finally told you how he felt, huh?"

- Amelia

Background InformationEdit

  • This episode takes place during the events of A Tale of Two Cities. The scene itself is in fact a deleted scene from A Tale of Two Cities, which debunks's claim that the Missing Pieces would be "newly-created scenes (not deleted scenes from previous episodes)".
  • The envelope that was given by Karl to Juliet in One of Us, which contained Ben's x-rays.
  • It has been speculated by many Lost fans, that Amelia may be the famed aviator; Amelia Earhart, who disappeared over the Pacific in 1937.

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