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The Elizabeth
The Elizabeth
Name The Elizabeth
Introduced In Three Minutes
Last Seen In The End
Owned By David, Desmond Hume
Found By Kelvin Inman, "The Others"

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Libby gave Desmond her husband's boat so he could win the race around the world 'for love.'

The back of the boat says 'Newport Beach,' which is a popular beach town in Orange County, California.

The boat is an older Swan model built by Nautor in Finland.

Original OwnerEdit

The Elizabeth belonged to Libby's husband, David. It was David's dream to sail the Mediterranean, but he passed away before that dream became a reality.

On-Island AdventuresEdit

  • Desmond crashed on the island in it.
  • Kelvin repaired it and planned to escape on it.
  • Desmond came back.
  • Sayid, Jin, and Sun use it to sail to the Other's decoy beach camp.
  • Sayid, Jin, and Sun discovered the four-toed statue while on the Elizabeth.
  • Jin, Sun, and Sayid discover the Pala Ferry Dock and make a signal fire to alert the Others. After boarding the boat, the Others fire several shots at Sun, and sail away with the boat.
  • The Man in Black attempted to leave the island using The Elizabeth

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