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The Economist
The Economist
Season 4
Episode 3
Air Date February 14, 2008
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Director Jack Bender
Flashforward Sayid Jarrah

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Sayid, Miles and Kate head to the Barracks in an attempt to rescue Charlotte from Locke's party, and a dark future for Sayid is revealed where he works as an assassin.


Jack and Miles argue about what to do about Ben and Charlotte, both currently being held prisoner by John Locke. Sayid pays his respects to Naomi, and takes her bracelet. He then offers to retrieve Charlotte without bloodshed, in return gaining a helicopter flight to the freighter anchored offshore. He takes along Miles and Kate. Sayid asks Jack not to come with them as he might be unpredictable around Locke.

While Sayid is gone, Daniel asks Regina on the freighter to shoot a projectile onto the island. His colleague does so, but the projectile does not arrive for thirty-one minutes. When it lands, Daniel extracts a clock from the payload and finds that the clocks are not synchronized.

The survivors led by Locke arrive at the location of Jacob's cabin, but find the area deserted. Locke changes his course to the barracks, and uses Hurley to ambush Sayid, Kate and Miles. Kate is in a room with Sawyer they are discussing their reasons for wanting or not wanting to go home. Kate, realizing that she would be arrested for her crimes upon rescue, defects to Locke's group. Sayid negotiates with Locke to trade Charlotte for Miles, in order to get access to the boat. Locke tells him that wouldn't be necessary as Ben has a spy on that freighter, to which Sayid responds that the day he trusts Ben is the day he will have sold his soul.

At the helicopter, Desmond confronts Frank about the picture Naomi had of him and Penelope Widmore. Frank denies any knowledge of her, but Desmond nevertheless demands a place on a helicopter. At the same time, Sayid returns, with only Charlotte. While Frank accuses Sayid of being dishonest, he considered Miles a "pain in the ass," and agrees to fly him to the freighter. Prior to leaving, Daniel tells Frank that it is absolutely crucial to follow the exact bearing they arrived on, no matter what. Frank, Sayid, and Desmond depart from the island heading out to sea.

Flashforwards are centered on Sayid, who had since become one of the Oceanic 6. He is hired as an assassin, and courts a woman, Elsa, in order to get closer to her employer. After several dates, Sayid turns on Elsa, who reveals herself to be a counter-spy, unexpectedly shooting Sayid in the shoulder. Sayid is able to shoot and kill Elsa. As the episode ends, Sayid is treated for his wound by Ben, who gives him another assignment.

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"It's a secret..."


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  • Ben possesses a Swiss Passport which features the name "Dean Moriarty," who was a character in Jack Kerouac's novel On The Road.

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